When the mountain is hiking, no one is willing to endure, the constant friction and long -term oppression in the “hidden corner” of the body; no one wants to be sweaty and the thief at the end of the mountain.

Underwear is uncomfortable, only you know,@myopencountry

However, in reality, this hidden pain occurs from time to time, but it is difficult to say -you can’t take off and dry it at any time like your feet, after all, it happens in the underwear.

Many mountain friends think that “just cover a fart, the impact is not great.” The daily panties of the sleeve go up the mountain, so it causes the above distress; some people are suffering from being able to find more suitable underwear and have to be able to.

Outdoor stickers are even more worthy of your thoughts,@


No matter how small the underwear is, it is also outdoor equipment. When its fabrics and design are closer to outdoor needs, you can enjoy “hidden comfort”.

What role should I play under -panties?

In daily life, underwear can be guaranteed to be clean. However, in order to compete for the outdoor environment, as the most personal clothing in the “three -layer dressing method”, it must play more noodles and stronger characters:

Relieve friction-

A pair of soft and personal underwear can be held up with long friction from the outer pants and backpack belts.

Powerful hygroscopic sweating–

A relatively closed environment with sweat glands, folds, and secretions is also a paradise of sweat. Outdoor underwear cannot be the accomplice of moisture gathering, but an assistant to sweat and sweat.

Fast -drying / fast -drying

Drying is just outdoors just needed, especially walking long lines. No one wants to walk with wet underwear.

In this kind of weather, the underwear is fast is the king @Rei



Sweat, bacteria, and washing difficulties gathered, the taste is too sour. The outdoor underwear can be made, that is, the fabric is antibacterial, controls the smell, extends the frequency of the panties, and reduces weight for the backpack.

Adjust micro -climate-

An excellent outdoor underwear can make the fart dry and cool in the hot weather. A qualified outdoor underwear should at least make people feel cold when humid.

So you see, although the underwear is small, there are quite a lot of requirements. So what kind of outdoor underwear can meet the above conditions? First, of course, looking at the fabric.

Natural fiber vs artificial fiber vs synthetic fiber, who should be selected for outdoor inner pants?

“The underwear should be cotton, do not need chemical fiber”, “naturally better than chemical fiber” … This is the age consensus caused by “true”. However, with the development of the textile industry, the performance of chemical fiber (artificial fiber, synthetic fiber) has not lost to natural fibers such as cotton. Of course, beauty slave wool removal.

Natural fiber cotton underwear, outdoor refuse–

Cotton, “soft, humidity, heat dissipation, breathable”, this ancient saying is actually only established in the case of sweating in daily life. Outdoor, it is currently an unpopular material.

Cotton fiber pores, there is a middle cavity, containing a large amount of hydrophilic groups, so sweat quickly. However, it expands two more sweats, and the fiber is “fat” squeezed together. The panties are breathable and heat dissipation. The water vapor evaporation will take away the skin heat, sticky and cold, and get hard after washing.

Natural fiber’s beautiful slave wool underwear, the god of forever outdoor–

Contrary to cotton, another natural fiber: wool fiber, especially beautiful slave wool, is the most comfortable choice for outdoor:

It is rich in hydrophilic groups and porous scales such as wool scales, allowing wool to absorb and retain sweat, so as to keep the body dry. When it is cold, it can rely on the characteristics of natural curling to keep the air warm, so the four seasons are suitable.


The comparison of ordinary wool and beautiful slaves wool fiber, the latter is thinner, the hair scales are more fine, the surface is smoother,@theHIKINGAUTHORITY

Most of the water is “trapped” in the fiber body. Bacteria cannot be started. This allows wool underwear to have antibacterial function and reduce your frequency of changing your underwear outdoors.


Don’t worry about the beautiful slave wool underwear will itch or too thick. It has ultra -fine fibers, which can texture fine and soft fabrics. It has strong elasticity and has no sense of restraint.

Beautiful slave wool underwear is not heavy,@Walkingtheparks

But the price is expensive, and its durability is not as good as synthetic fiber underwear, but the blend of the two can balance this problem. In addition, it is best to avoid high temperature when washing.

Artificial fiber Modal/sticky glue/bamboo fiber underwear is better than cotton panties–

Artificial fiber is also called regenerative fiber, which mainly refers to natural cellulose

(Cotton, hemp, bamboo, tree, etc.)

For raw materials, do not change its chemical structure, only change the physical structure, so as to create regenerative cellulose fiber. This kind of underwear is better than cotton underwear.


Bamboo fiber underwear has also entered the outdoor market. It mainly includes bamboo fiber and bamboo pulp fiber. The former is natural fiber and the latter is artificial fiber. The former’s hygroscopic sweats and natural antibacterial properties are better than the latter. They are stronger than cotton

The reason is that it has the dual advantage of natural fibers and synthetic fibers. For example, Modal fiber, adhesive fiber, and bamboo slurry fiber in bamboo fibers, while belonging to hydrophilic fibers, there are single or more grooves on the surface, or irregular jagged sections on the cross section. Sweat ability is naturally strong.


No wonder this fabric is called “breathing fabric”. However, in terms of cost, durability, drying speed, lightweight, etc., it is still not as good as synthetic fiber underwear.

Synthetic fibrous underwear, a practical choice for outdoor economy–

With the improvement of craftsmanship, panties made of synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon, aminoly, and other synthetic fibers have strong water absorption and sweat, lightweight durability, high cost -effective

(Such as COOLMAX underwear)


The advantage of this fiber is that the processability is very strong. For example, traditional polyester do not kiss water? Can introduce hydrophilic chemical groups; poor perspiration? When spinning, use an alien spray hole to make the surface of the fiber covered with multiple grooves, and arrange a lot of “drainage channels” for sweat.

The chemical fiber has a strong processability, and various grooves can be processed on the surface

This modified synthetic fiber fabric does not pour into the inside of the fiber, but slides directly from the “drainage channel” to the surface of the fabric. The underwear made by them is fast and fast.

However, because water vapor is easy to gather on the surface, the comfort when it is humid is not as good as the beautiful slave wool, and it is easy to taste. You better choose synthetic fiber underwear for antibacterial treatment.

A piece of synthetic fiber underwear,@Patagonia

Therefore, you probably understand that in the outdoor Modal, sticky, and bamboo fiber panties are stronger than cotton underwear. However, the best choice is these two: do not care about the price, you can choose beautiful slave wool underwear; if you do n’t mind changing the wash, then choose synthetic fiber underwear. The two are the best performance.

For outdoor underwear, you have to think about the style after the material is selected.

Who should I choose for outdoor underwear?

Three -corner underwear, quadrilateral underwear, BIKINI, shorts of shorts, compressed pants … Who should choose so many styles? The general answer to this question should be: the underwear that is close to the buttocks is good underwear. Specific answers should be divided into men and women.

Female mountain friends-

Triangular underwear is the first choice for most female mountain friends, but if the area of ​​the hips is too small, it is easy to pinch the buttocks when you sit and one stop.


(Therefore Bikini should not be a good choice for outdoor)

Therefore, a triangle underwear with a close -fitting, medium/high waist, large enough on the rear, and wide crotch is more suitable for outdoor. However, if the hips are smaller, or the underwear wearing a narrow crotch is more comfortable, except.


Women’s various underwear, the bottom map is from @Rei

Finally, if you always have friction, you can try the flat -angle underwear.

Male mountain friend-

The choice principle of male triangle underwear is the same as above. However, the more popular is four -corner underwear, which is highly wrapped and the support effect of key parts is good.

The four -corner underwear here refers to a close -fitting style. The loose four -corner panties may be curled up in the continuous walking, and it will be affected without the effect of the skin sweat.

Men’s various underwear, the bottom map is from @Rei

If it is a hot season, you can also choose the style of shorts and panties: the appearance seems to be loose shorts, a built -in thin lining, which is very cool.

Similar to this style, mountain friends can also choose more comfortable beautiful slaves wool materials

There are also some mountain friends who choose to compress pants, but for long -distance climbing, long -term tightness is not a good experience.

In addition to fabrics and styles, mountain friends need to pay attention to some details.

Choose outdoor panties, pay attention to details


As the most intimate clothing, every detail of the underwear is about comfort.

Textile technology-

The perspiration performance of the underwear is also affected by the textile process. It is also a synthetic fiber, a thin and thin, net -eye designed underwear, which is more refreshing when hot.





One of the major troubles of personal clothes is the label. It is best to choose outdoor panties without labels to directly print and dye on the fabric. There is no friction when hiking.

The seams are smooth–

Flat lock joints, or integrated underwear without side seams, will not be abrasion or itching when walking.

Flat lock seam,@rei

Do not curl and twist the waist mouth–

It is best to avoid the design of large and loose band, or ensure that this wide waist mouth will not curl and twist, otherwise it will be “panic” under the pressure of the backpack.


If allergies–

A few people will be allergic to wool, even if they are Merrobine, or allergic to synthetic fibers, they can try this low -sensitivity fabric or blended panties of bamboo fibers.

At the end

In fact, whether for underwear or other equipment, we must use dialectical thinking to look at the problem.

Take the fabric as an example. From the last century to the present, the status of cotton panties has been shaken, and it has been continuously surpassed in the sports field. Today, the competition of natural fibers, artificial fibers, and synthetic fibers is becoming more and more intense. Even cotton has not given up its efforts to kill the sports market. Believe in the future, we will also have a new “privacy experience”.

But at least at the moment, the cotton panties we bought daily are to be put into the mountains.

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