The design of the bathroom is headache for many people, because the bathroom is filthy in our eyes. But do you know that such a bathroom is just because you do n’t design well. The design of the bathroom is not only dry and clean, but also without odor. So, I will tell you today

Taboo in the bathroom

Essence How to pay attention to the design skills in the design, let us better design the bathroom in our home.


1. You can’t put these things in the bathroom

1. Moisturizer

In fact, many families buy cleaner and disinfectant for the cleanliness of the family. These things are generally placed in the bathroom. Many volatile organic compounds added to these two items are easily volatile in high temperature environments. Coupled with the relatively small and closed bathroom, the longer the volatile chemicals remain in the air, the more serious damage to the human body.

2. Dirty clothes basket

People are more accustomed to changing the dirty clothes, mop, washbasin, etc. in the bathroom, and make the bathroom very messy, and in the high humidity environment of the bathroom, these things are not only easy to breed bacteria, but also extremely extremely extremely extremely extremely extremely very extremely very extremely extremely. It is susceptible to the invasion of harmful bacteria. Therefore, these items should be used as if they are placed, or in a ventilated storage room. Do not stack it in the bathroom.


3. Paper basket

Putting paper baskets in the bathroom is a common habit of people. Generally, people are used to use hand paper, sanitary napkins, etc. The scrapped paper baskets in the toilet will increase the chance of bacterial reproduction and bring hidden dangers to health. Sometimes the waste paper basket will even accumulate for a few days. This will contaminate the toilet environment and create favorable conditions for the reproduction of viruses and bacteria. If you put the paper basket, you can use a lid and clean up every day.

4, foam agent

It is really comfortable and comfortable to relax, but the bubbles commonly used in bubble baths are not healthy at all. It contains the fragrance agent that can cause inflammation and dizziness of the skin; lying in the bathtub for a long time to make the body contact the foam agent, and its harmful chemical ingredient “foam stabilizer” will penetrate the skin and breathe into the lungs.

5. Wooden bathroom cabinet

Bathroom cabinets are common bathroom furniture. There are common wood, plastic and stainless steel. Among them, although the wooden bathroom cabinet is beautiful and high -end, if it is a board cabinet, the glue will continue to volatilize and cause cancerous formaldehyde; Transformed.


Second, toilet design skills

1. The main point of the bathroom design


Instant a large mirror on the wall of the bathroom, which can wider vision and easy to dress up. The gap at the door of the bathroom should be changed from the normal ventilation to the top ventilation, so as to avoid a large amount of cold wind blowing on the body. A small wooden cabinet is set up at a higher place behind the bathroom, and placing something that can not be used without using it. This can solve the contradiction of insufficient wall cabinets in the bathroom.

2. The height of the main point of the bathroom design

The height of the shower device is between 205-210 cm, and the height of the pots (upper edge) is advisable to be between 70-74 cm, and the width of the standing space should not be less than 50 cm. The bottom of the bathroom wall mirror must not be less than 90 cm, and the top cannot exceed 200 cm. The width of the washing machine should not be less than 35 cm.

3. Make full use of three -dimensional space

For most families, the bathroom itself is not large, but it is a place with a very high frequency of use. Not only has various types of bottles and cans, but also a washing table, toilet, storage rack, shower, and even a bathtub. If the design is unreasonable, it will cause great trouble to life. To solve the above problems, we must make full use of the three -dimensional space.

4. Use a clever partition

If the bathroom has a partition, there is another separate space! Whether it is a hook or installing a shelf as a storage rack, it can be used well. And you can also design some creative shapes, full of fun.


5. The secret of the mirror

One of the culprits of the chaotic space is that the debris is directly exposed to the space, which is effectively storage, and the design of the cabinet is very important. There are active mirror storage cabinets that can meet different sizes and can meet different size and spaces. They cleverly combine the lens with the mirror with the storage function. It does not occupy the space. The items in the cabinet.

6. Do a good job of wet and wet separation

The wet and wet separation of the bathroom includes: the separation of the bathroom, the bathroom; the separation of the shower area in the bathroom from the toilet and the basin area. The separation of wet and wet is a more popular design concept in the design of the bathroom. Using traditional bathroom equipment, water vapor is always filled after bathing. The humid air has been stranded in the bathroom for a long time, causing the air to be dirty. The toilet is divided into two, and the dry and wet can be separated, and the grounds outside the bath can be kept dry and hygienic, and the overall and beautiful appearance of the bathroom environment can be maintained.

The bathroom is where we often use, so when designing, we must pay attention to

Essence If we want our family to be harmonious, we must pay attention to these small links when decorating. These five things should not be placed well during the decoration of the bathroom to prevent the health of our family and breed bacteria.

Taboo in the bathroom

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