I told you a few standing jackets in spring. I wonder if the little fairies have been worn recently? Whenever the classic jacket is the first choice, sometimes I feel lack of new ideas. But this year, the long denim jacket is even more eye -catching. Combined with the practical length of the fabric and trench coat of the jacket, the changeable denim blue has increased the change of shape a lot. Look at these actresses, I have been worn for the first time ~~

Yang Mi

Yang Mi appeared at the airport earlier. The long denim jacket was worn with a white striped shirt. The refreshing feeling of spring was self -evident, and the simple match was also very strong. Seeing a lot of girls are boasting this set of beautiful sets ~~


Song Jia


Who said that the denim jacket must only be worn with leisure occasions. Song Jia used a delicate belt not only to get out of the waist, but also the denim jacket also wore a high -level sense. The formal occasions such as attending the event can also support the air field.



Naza puts out a playful girly sense with a light blue denim jacket, with 9 -point jeans of the same material, and the light -colored Tee inside it highlights the layering of the shape. Effect.


H -type long denim jacket


The H -shaped tailor -cut denim jacket can be said to be the basic model of stretching. This extended effect can modify the problem of excessive width of the crotch and buttocks, making the whole person look longer. Because it is an upgrade of the basic model, it will be well controlled.

Waist long denim jacket

The long denim jacket with a belt design is more intimate, especially for short children, the tall waistline can be satisfied. It highlights the waist and the leg proportions are stretched. Out of.

Loose long denim jacket


Right now, the street wind is so hot, and the long denim jacket also has a loose style, wearing a lazy and casual street style. Similarly, she is also a denim jacket that is easy to make. It must be learned by the law of simple and upper Panasonic tightly in order to avoid the painting style of its hypertrophic style.

You can put it like this



Long denim jacket+wide -leg pants

The high -level sense of long jacket and wide -leg pants has always been loved by mature women. The long coat replaced by denim will not disappoint you. Women in the workplace use it to break the daily uniform suit and trench coat. It is not uncomfortable to go directly to the party when we wear it to the party. It is worth reminding that the short girl’s wide -leg pants should be matched with a pair of simple high heels as much as possible to reduce the sense of weight in the lower half of the shape.


Long denim jacket+small foot pants


For long coats, the tight matching rules of upper Panasonic must be. Take high waist and small pants to emphasize the waistline. Don’t worry about not wearing long denim jackets to become Hobbit. Light and water -washed blue denim jackets will not be very picky on the color of small foot pants, but the color is different as possible, and it is more layered to match. Dark long denim jackets are paired with dark pants as much as possible, which will be more harmonious and thin visually.




Long denim jacket+skirt

If you are a mixed control, you can also try to mix and match with a denim jacket. The Tom Boy style will also become more attractive because of adding some soft elements. Mix and match dress, the length of the skirt must be paid special attention. The long skirt of the tulle texture can be selected to the length of the ankle. Mixing the half skirt, remember to expose the waistline, otherwise it becomes five short figures in minutes.



Long denim jacket+belt


Frankly speaking, long denim jackets are really not friendly for short children, and learning to save themselves with a belt is also an essential skill. You can choose a windbreaker -style long denim jacket and use your belt to present a bumpy body. You can also mix and match the popular style belt to strengthen the curve. Personal belt can also be a small highlight in daily wear.

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Did you find it? From the long coat to the current long denim jacket, the longer the more and more sought after. Of course, it is also a big test to expose personal fashion. Susan first goes to lose weight.


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