“Now everyone sees the most familiar big banyan leaves in the microscope. You can see that there are some holes like” glasses “around many cells. Cell. “” Teacher, why is the banyan leaves under the microscope grow so different from the leaves we see? Strange! “This vivid biological course is exactly the graduate of the School of Biological Engineering of Jiangnan University, the No. 1 of Jiangnan University Teacher Yan Hao, a member of the 23rd Graduate Branch Teacher Yan Hao, and the biological knowledge science public welfare class set up by the members of his branch.

“As a living worker, I have the advantage in biological teaching. As a branch, I love the dedication of volunteer public welfare. I know that interest is the best teacher. From a multi -perspective After the knowledge is realized, they will recognize the knowledge in the textbook and be more interested in learning. With the help of microscope and other items donated by the college, the science popularization class of biological knowledge has finally begun. Seeing that the students are enthusiastic about their enthusiasm, I am also confident that I am full of confidence. Man, I feel so happy by my alma mater! “Yan Hao said proudly.

“Thanks to the microscope of Teacher Yan Hao for the first time, the world of microorganisms was so amazing and full of interest. I must study hard, supplement knowledge, and be a biological scientist!” Said Hu Hui Mangoko National Middle School.

It is reported that the opening and advancement of this biological knowledge science popularization class has been strongly supported by the School of Biological Engineering of Jiangnan University. 10 microscope equipment, several supporting experimental equipment, online interactive popular science courses, one -to -one learning counseling, and so on. Zhou Yunlong, deputy secretary of the party committee of the college, said, “The college has always adhered to the combination of discipline development and social services, normalized the” Public Science Day “activities, opened a column of popular science public welfare websites, and set up a masterpiece of biological science popularization. Combined, we are committed to cultivating fermented talents for the comprehensive development of morality, intellectual, physical and labor. “

Correspondent Sang Hongbo Yangtze Evening News Zi Niu Journalist Ding Bo


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Source: Zi Niu News

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