If you renovate again, I will not choose gray tiles or matte tiles. What is the reason?

Now the mainstream style of decoration is black and white gray or cream tone. Tiles generally do not choose a little gray texture. If I renovate again, I will not choose gray tiles and matte tiles. Why?

Why not choose gray tiles?


Gray is cold -colored, and the other furniture of the home is black and white and gray. It is easy to look deserted and warm at home, and there will be discomfort in living.And if you are a low floor, then the lighting difference+gray tile will appear to be dim. My family is the third floor, and the gray tiles are selected. Basically, the lights need to be turned on all day.

Why not choose the Asian brick?

The surface of the sub -light brick is low, it is easy to reflect the dust, and a little dirty things can be seen clearly.


So if I give me another chance of decoration, I will no longer choose gray tiles and matte tiles. I want to look bright and live warmly at home.what do y’all think?

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