According to the monitoring of Bibi Whale’s swimsuit data, among the top ten brands in the sales of swimwear in the first half of 2019:

In the brand rankings, Li Ning ranked first with a share of 16.1%, with the second in Yumou, and Yu Ke was third.

From the perspective of the applicable population of the swimsuit, men’s swimsuit sales accounted for 44.2%, followed by women’s swimsuit, and the third is children’s swimsuit.

Men’s swimwear is mainly swimming trunks. Compared with the average price of women’s swimsuits, the average price of women’s swimsuits is relatively low. In different price range, as the price increases, the proportion of men’s/children’s swimwear sales declined, and the proportion of women’s swimwear sales increased.


Among the ladies’ swimsuit: Women prefer to buy skirt swimsuit, especially skirt -style swimsuit; in terms of whether the swimwear has a chest pad steel holder, the “chest pad without steel” swimsuit is the favorite of ladies; swimsuitIn the pattern, solid color, printing and stripes are the most popular patterns; on the focus, “conservative” is the most concerned, followed by “thin”.

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