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Brother Dao today talks about the must -have skill of today’s sister -catching dolls.


The knife friends still remember the following news.

This master of caught dolls, do you still lack your daughter in your family?

And your national husband Wang Sicong is demonstrating himself, alas, although the technology is not good ~

But recently, a female colleague of Dao Brother fascinated a mobile game -catching dolls online.


This game is not easy.


Download an app, you can catch the doll remotely, yes, manipulate it from your mobile phone.


Is it too monotonous to catch the doll? Then grab the lobster. It is not easy to make lobsters, and it is really miserable.


What to do if you caught the doll and mail it to you! Without the practice of leaving home and spanning time and space, people in the city really play.


More than 50 doll apps have been launched! Every week, new doll apps appear densely, how hot it is.

Starting from September and October, the blowout time is really golden autumn and October, and it is also a season for eating soil.

Falling up, it is bound to be profitable. So how much does the merchant make money? 10 million monthly flowing water, 60%gross profit margin may be true.

Of course, the capital market is also unbearable.


Many people say that catching dolls online has become a trend of Liaoyuan. So, will these three iron rods become a new outlet after bicycle sharing?


Doll machine+APP = 24 -hour non -stop banknote printing machine?

The online doll machine is a product of the combination of the intelligentization of the physical doll machine and the development of the Internet of Things.


From offline to online to offline process. The hardware facilities of all processes include doll machines, switches, cameras, Gigabit fiber, etc., as well as gifts, supply chains and logistics.

In terms of software, relying on adding communication components on the motherboard of the doll machine, it transforms the doll machine into a network of network products with a remote control, online, gift, coin deposit, background management and other functions through accepting analog pulse signals.

On the process of core technology+hardware foundation, many professional and technical teams or companies have provided a complete set of solutions, and there can be a lot of access to the Internet.

Sword Brother also contacted a panda grabbing the entire set to provide a team, and learned from there to understand the complete and clear operation process.

Not only the player can be remotely controlled remote control, the seller can also remotely manage through the background system.

You only need to replenish the doll machine that caught in time at the scene.

From this point of view, isn’t the online doll machine a 24 -hour not stop?

you can say it this way.

If the catastrophe platform has gathered a certain amount of traffic, then it does not stop running for 24 hours, and you can use the great advantage of online doll machines to surpass time and space restrictions. Participants can “lie down” without leaving home.



The demand is almost crazy? Don’t make trouble, pseudo


The price of catching dolls online is basically the same as offline. Under normal circumstances, it takes 2-6 yuan for each grabbing. The price is still accepted by consumers, but many netizens report that the experience is too poor. Including Brother Sword himself, he also experienced it.

Decisively unload × 1

After all, it is a remote control. The long -term operation of the machine plus the network impact will inevitably occur in operation stuck, screen delay, etc. This game that requires high timeliness, such a situation will undoubtedly affect the user experience. There are even no response. Uninstallation of × 1 decisively.

Decisively uninstall × 2


There is also the probability of successfully catching dolls. Now it is generally 20-30 times to catch a doll. When he grabbed the mountain, he had a lot of money, and he had an inexplicable Parkinson syndrome, and shaking the baby alive. The longest path I have taken is the routine of the doll machine!

Such a stable and fierce operation is still a small claw, letting the sword brother and the doll lose your arms. Brother Sword observed countless doll machine rooms and found that most players returned empty -handed. Doll machine, will your conscience hurt! Uninstallation of × 2 decisively.

Decisively uninstall × 3

Not only that, some netizens reported that they could not catch the dolls with the money they had sent, and in fact, they could not pick up a doll. The dolls of dolls are tangled by the dolls that are reluctant to catch them and do not want to pay postage or charge money. At the same time, some doll machines have been revealed that the quality of the doll is very poor. Decisively uninstall × 3.

The poor user experience has led to a high rate of user loss. It seems that the convenience has improved a lot and attracts users to catch the doll. In fact, the demand is not as great as imagined.

In addition, looking at the mobile game market, catching doll games is just a slightly niche -type game. It is difficult to form the mainstream of the game industry. The future living conditions are also full of unstable instability.


In the mobile game APP ranking, the top 20 have not seen any figure catching dolls. If the doll game enters the top five, let’s have a long history of landlords and eliminate joy? Intersection



Don’t spread money anymore!

Is it very hot to catch the doll app? There are many players?

How long will the capital army reach the battlefield?

Listen to what 5 investors such as Sequoia China and Zhenge Fund in “Investor Dinner” say:

Investors have two perspectives on the doll machine industry.

The first is to pay attention to offline traffic entrances. In the context of the difficulty of getting online traffic, offline autonomous devices including doll machines have become small air outlets. The online traffic is not fixed, and the flow of people passing through the offline section is relatively stable and more real than online traffic.


The second angle is from the perspective of entertainment and cultural and creative. The content of the doll machine -a doll with cultural and creative nature can extend to the anime IP and the design industry.

No, some manufacturers come to hold IP thighs!


Do you think it can win with the big V of the Internet?

It’s not God! A policy shuts you down!


The doll machine is speculative. If the value of the items in the machine is too high, it may be considered gambling.

This has a lively example,

In June of this year, the virtual clip doll game -Happy Tour Doll was suspected of online MLM and violated the rules.

For online dolls, there is no star project, and even if there is a large capital to enter the game, it is difficult to appear an industry giant.


Haven’t you seen the tragic end of the “Werewolf Kill” game?

Wolberry killing for a while has also passed the game of the game. The original niche games and social functions showed a state of explosive.

However, despite good data, many capitals rushed into each other, but in the end, it became a fiery scene that did not have expectations in the flash.


Looking back at the cost control, a look at the doll machine, and some very detailed costs are easily ignored by us.

For example, in order to ensure that the screen is not delayed, the platform not only needs to pay bandwidth costs like a normal live broadcast platform, and sometimes it is often necessary to buy real -time solutions for controllers claws. The cost is high.


Not only that, the marketing costs also account for a large part. After all, there are no giants for the time being, and many small companies will prepare for various channels.

Come on, entrepreneurs, big bosses, collect good money, don’t rush in blindly.

The hotness of the doll machine is not a time to take it for granted

Sprinkle coins also to sprinkle a place

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