Wallpaper is indispensable in home improvement. Wallpaper can better decorate and beautify the wall surface. This phenomenon makes various types of wallpaper emerge. The common wallpaper in the home improvement includes PVC wallpaper and non -woven wallpaper. Woolen cloth? Let’s take a look at how to choose the living room wallpaper, the latest offer of non -woven wallpaper.

客厅墙纸如何选择 无纺布墙纸最新报价

How to choose the living room wallpaper

Wallpaper purchasing skills 1. Select the wallpaper to re -match. The decoration effect of the wallpaper focuses on matching: if it is properly matched, it will achieve more effort to do more with less.

Wallpaper purchase skills 2. Environmental protection issues are worth paying attention to. Ruibao selects natural plant fiber paper without formaldehyde, water -based ink printing pigments with water vapor with only water vapor and natural plant starch gum, which will not cause any harm to the human body.

Wallpaper purchase skills 3. Construction services that cannot be ignored. Due to the particularity of wallpaper products, it is difficult for consumers to paste themselves at will. At this time, the after -sales service provided by the manufacturer is particularly important.

客厅墙纸如何选择 无纺布墙纸最新报价

Wallpaper purchasing skills 4. Look at ingredients: The main ingredients of the product should be environmentally friendly pearl raw materials (such as women’s high -end lipsticks, eye shadows, nail polish and other products, the main production of pearl raw materials) can ensure the environmental protection of the product.

Wallpaper purchase skills 5. Look at water resistance and alkaline resistance, observe and verify the water resistance and alkali resistance of the product, good products should be waterproof, alkali resistance, and yellow for 20 years.

Wallpaper purchase techniques 6. Look at thick and viscosity: After stirring, there is no impurities and particles, and the paint is delicate and smooth. The liquid -type liquid wallpaper is dense, should not be too thin, and should not be too thick.

Wallpaper purchasing skills 7. Look at the mold: In the construction mold, the sensor pattern is clear and clear, the elasticity is moderate, the membrane surface is tight and firm, the silk mesh is uniform, and the membrane is uniform and flat. After construction, the liquid wallpaper can make the film in the wall for 2 or 3 minutes. The correct construction should not be flowing. After the wall of the liquid wallpaper is completely stable, wipe it with a wet cloth, paste the pattern and the wall surface paste Wipe tightly, and there will be no falling phenomenon.

Latest quotation of non -woven wallpaper

客厅墙纸如何选择 无纺布墙纸最新报价

Hi Elin can remove the living room sofa TV background wall sticker aesthetic large sticker T dandelion butterfly 29 yuan

客厅墙纸如何选择 无纺布墙纸最新报价

Fanya Space waistline Paste the wall corner corner corridor porch waterproof glass tile fence small grass post 1.2 meters 19.9 yuan

客厅墙纸如何选择 无纺布墙纸最新报价

Lemon tree couple tree living room bedroom wall sticker environmental protection wall sticker large -scale wallpaper sticker non -wallpaper 22.9 yuan

The above is how to choose the living room wallpaper and the latest introduction of the latest quotation of non -woven wallpaper. Now do we understand this?

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