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In the severe medical department of the Third Hospital of Xi’an, the family members of the patient Wang ** are agreed to whether he is hesitant to hesitate. It turned out that the elderly in their family had a diagnosis in the emergency department of the Third Hospital of the Municipal Hospital due to dyspnea, and were diagnosed with intensive pneumonia. Considering the severe condition of the patient, the doctor in charge of the in charge of the tracheal intra -intubation as soon as possible and the upper ventilator treatment. However, the family members were worried that once the ventilator was on, it would not be possible to get it, and for a while and a half, they couldn’t get my mind. The patient’s family does not understand the ventilator, and it is normal for doubt and worry.

So, is it really impossible to get it on the ventilator?

Patients have weakened respiratory function or even respiratory failure due to lung infection and other reasons. The oxygen supply in the blood decreases, and various hypoxia performance such as breathing effort, shortness of breath, general purple, sweat, and unclear consciousness will occur. Correction in time, the long -term hypoxia of various organs of the whole body will eventually lead to multi -organ failure or even death. The ventilator is an auxiliary breathing device that can help patients quickly improve the symptoms of hypoxia. If the ventilator can be used in time, the patient’s breathing is smooth, the hypoxia of important organs such as heart, brain, liver and kidney will improve Hope to survive. Otherwise, if you insist on not using a ventilator, the patient will soon die due to respiratory failure.

The ventilator is divided into two types: ventilator and non -invasive ventilator. Usually clinicians choose to use according to the patient’s condition. There are ventilators that need to be performed in the trachea before use. The treatment effect is good, but patients are not easy to tolerate, and usually need to cooperate with appropriate sedative treatment; non -invasive ventilator does not need to be intra -intubated in the trachea, and the patient’s tolerance is better. , But the ventilation effect is slightly worse, it is prone to leakage, and it is not convenient for nurses to absorb phlegm.

The upper ventilator is only for temporary treatment measures taken by patients with respiratory failure. After 3-5 days, most patients have gradually improved with lung infections. of. As a result, under the full communication with the patient’s family, the patient Wang ** after 3 days of ventilator treatment significantly improved, he successfully separated from the ventilator, and recovered after 7 days.

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医学科普 | ICU救命神器系列 —— 呼吸机

The Division of Severe Medicine of the Third Hospital of Xi’an City is in strict accordance with the charging standards of medical service projects in public hospitals in Shaanxi Province. The ventilator charges 22 yuan per hour, which has included various consumables such as filters, extended pipes, and circuit pipes, and oxygen fees.

Text: Initiated Medicine

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医学科普 | ICU救命神器系列 —— 呼吸机

Ke Yu Daihua

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