“Trees” as one of the autumn and winter season, self-contained temperament and gas field, no matter whether men and women, there is no resistance to it. How do you choose so many windbreaker brands?

Speaking of the “windbreaker” brand, I believe that many people will first think of the names of the name of Burberry.

As the windbreaker brand list, it is taking into account high popularity and excellent strength, but the price is far away.

In addition to Burberry, what are the “cost-effective” windbreaker brands worth buying?


Next, it is recommended for everyone.

10 domestic windbreaker brands

, The first windbreaker in autumn, you can choose to pick it up ~


Designers have experience in Japan, and integrate Japanese trend elements into windbreaker style design, simple and unparalleled, no fashion, classic and wild. Tailor is also polarized, the plasticity is very strong, and the inclusiveness of the body is also very good; the price is very high in the price of more than a very high price, suitable for the student party.


Mark Fairwhale


As a Chinese original design fashion brand, Mark Huafi’s designer Mark Cheung cateres the trend of contemporary young people, the windbreaker is very fashionable, the version is also very fashionable, and also launched some neutral style windbreaker, men and women Can be easily controlled, the price is also very close.


Vishaman is a fashion brand specially created for women, and the windbreaker models are metone. Whether you are in a workplace or a casual party, you can easily control. Minimalistic design style, do not have to be a blossom of the blossom of the blossom, but to create a ropes and color, it can be said to be a conscience.



With a simple and stylish design style, you can create a young exquisite OL business dress, providing more choice for new generation of young workplace women, and the price is also very affordable. Most of the windbreaker is a solid color base, and the bible design plays a tightening of the waistline highlights the proportion of the body, which is in line with the Asian ergonomic tailoring, and the upper body is comfortable.



As the urban leisure young men’s brand, GXG is still self-contained in the product design, quite a style. Especially the windbreaker, the semi-legal design satisfies more occasions, whether it is a solid color or a style with a grilled element, fully catering to the aesthetic taste of young men, the student party and office workers can control.


Although Taiping Bird has the same marketing model like “fast fashion” brand, but in the product design, it is not horses and tiger, and the craftsmen have created civilian fashion brand. The windbreaker model seems to be simple but there is no shortage. It is suitable for daily commuter and workplace. The price of the people has the texture of the big windbreaker. It can be said to be “conscience Chinese goods”.



Five Plus is mid-end positioning, and the price of windbrackets is around 1-2,000 yuan, suitable for workplace women. The overall ignition is designed, in order to meet the demand for Asians, it is basically used to take a waist tailoring to achieve a better shaping effect. The foundation of solid color is exquisite detail, which can see elegant fashion taste from the appearance.


The small style design is not easy to hit, in line with the three-dimensional cutting of ergonomics, the gas field, the windbreaker color is found, whether you are a sweet, or the royal sister fan, can easily control. The price is in charge of 100 yuan to thousands of yuan, and it is quite suitable for the pursuit of small-style women.




As the “king of cost-effective” in the national goods brand, the price of the price of the 100 yuan can accept that in addition to adopting the basic style and foundation color, the windbreaker is mostly the medium and long version, and the small children can also wear temperament. And the gas field, reaching a highly slimming effect.


Handu clothing

As one of the “Hanfeng” fast fashion brands, the windbreaker of Handu clothing is based on Korean version of the cutting attribute, which satisfies the size of Asians and aesthetic tastes. The waist styles emphasize the position of the waistline, which has played a good shape, low saturation color, simple and comfortable, and can be able to control a variety of different styles.


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