This moon cake can be broken, crispy and salty. The raw material uses the wife’s original fresh -flavored fresh -grade fresh soy sauce, the wife’s fresh chicken juice and sesame sesame oil, making the crispy crispy mustard fresh meat more salty and delicious, which is better than other sweet moon cakes. Each bite is full Full of happiness! The amount of 12 moon cakes below.


BY a touch of Xia Guang 666


# #

250 grams of pork (seven thin and three fertilizers)


100 grams of mustard


Mrs. Lierai Fresh Fresh Terrier Special Fresh Soy Sauce 10 grams

Mrs. Music Chicken 10 G

Mrs. Le Sesame Oil 15 grams


10 grams of oyster sauce


10 grams of cooking wine


3 grams of sugar

Pepper 0.5 grams

Ginger powder 0.5 grams


5 grams of corn starch

1 egg white

5 grams of green onions

# # #水 水


150 grams of medium tendon flour

50 grams of lard

15 grams of sugar


66 grams of water

#油 油

95 grams of low -gluten flour

55 grams of butter

Practice step


1. This big piece for mustard is used.

2. Slice the mustard for 20 minutes. Reduce salty taste and cut into diced.


3. Cut small pieces of fresh meat, grind the meat grinding machine into meat, (no need to add water), pour into the wife’s original fresh -flavored fresh soy sauce, oyster sauce, cooking wine. The chopsticks are stirred in the same direction. The faster the speed, the better.

4. Pour into the wife’s fresh chicken juice. Add sugar, ginger powder, black pepper, onion, egg white, starch, stir in the same direction.

5. The wife pour the sesame oil into the hot pot, add the mustard, and fry for a while (in order to control the water, but also to add the incense) and fry.

6. Pour into the meat stuffing and stir well, weigh 35 grams/piece, 12. Hands with both hands, round the left and right, and freeze the refrigerator for an hour to set the meringue.

7. Make the meringue part. Add all the ingredients of the water and oil skin to the cooking basin of the chef machine, knead it in the second gear to the state of no dry powder, and turn the fascia in the third gear. (My chef has been used for about 6 minutes)

8. Organize it into a circle. Put it in a bowl, cover the plastic wrap, relax for 20 minutes.

9. Make pastry. Low gluten flour and softened butter mix. Knead into a ball with your hands.

10. Roll it on the case board to delicate. Gently crush forward with your palms, repeatedly goes three times to delicate. Push back and forth with one hand like rubbing clothes.


11. The pastry is divided into 12 grams/piece, reunion, 12.

12. The relaxed water and oil skin is divided into 22 grams/piece, 12, reunion.


13. Wrap the pastry in the water and oil skin, place it down, and relax for about 10 minutes.

14. The first rolling system requires about 15 cm. Push from the middle to both sides.

15. The long strip rolls from top to bottom.


16. Close the mouth down, relax for 10 minutes, cover the plastic wrap.


17. The second roll is rolled, as shown in the figure, stretched, rolled into about 20 centimeters long.

18. Roll up from top to bottom, close the mouth down, cover the plastic wrap.


19. Take out the first volume of the dough. Close the mouth, put it on the chopping board, and roll the dough into a thin cake skin with thin edges in the middle.

20. The smooth surface is facing down, put the frozen meat balls, the tiger’s mouth is slowly tightened, and the other side uses the thumb to gently press the filling inside until the filling is completely covered.

21. Wrap it on the baking sheet paved with oil paper and cover the plastic wrap. Press a little with your hands. Cover the red meat red seal and instantly improve the feeling.

22. Preheat the oven in advance. Put the middle layer of the oven, fire at 180 ° C/180 ° C, bake for 30 minutes, then 200 ° C/200 ° C, bake for 5 minutes. Set the corresponding temperature time according to your own oven spleen.


23. Out. Eat while it is hot, blowing bombs can be broken, crispy and salty.

24. The layers are very good, and the residue is dropped as soon as it touches.

25. Put the box to send friends, the food must be shared with friends!


26. The finished product can refrigerate the refrigerator. The next morning the oven is baked for 10 minutes for 10 minutes, which is convenient and fast!




The corresponding time and temperature according to your own oven settings. Moon cakes can also be roasted and freezes and freezes. When eating 180 ° C, grill in 15 minutes. Of course, it is best to eat that day.

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