What is the spirit of blue? The spiritual spirit refers to freedom and unrestrained spiritual level. They pursue the most essential part of fashion, introduce them to life, and then build a new concept of life and let them become new fashion. And this is also the young people today -especially the life concepts pursued by the post -80s and post -90s. Today, this bathroom cabinet brought to you today is very blue and spiritual.


A touch of color, light up the beauty of the bathroom


The characteristic of modern minimalist style is to simplify the design elements, colors, lighting, and raw materials to the minimum level, but the texture of color and materials is high.

In these characteristics, the Blu -raising series bathroom cabinet reflects the fullest: the designer adopts the carefully prepared blue and black as the main color. The blue and black are low -key but full of fashion, highlighting the high -level sense of this bathroom cabinet; while the dragon head designer does not use slightly showing a little show The tacky golden color, but boldly enables brass colors. The brass colors have a sense of high -level sense, with both retro and fashion, filled with a strong fashion atmosphere; the rock panels use black and white matching, black and white matching There is no sense of impact as bright colors. At the same time as simple and generous, people feel elegance and tranquility from a high visual perspective, and this tranquility is exactly what young people need.

Natural material selection, from solid wood aura

Although the Blu -raising series bathroom cabinet uses a simple appearance design as a whole, it is “not simple” in terms of materials: using LED light bathroom mirrors, which can save users more convenient to use; The rock plate is not only safe and hygienic, but also shows that according to authoritative data, the anti -sterilization antibacterial resistance of the rock plate is as high as 98%, and the effect is unplugged.


The most commendable use of the Blu -raising Bathroom cabinet is the use of solid wood. As we all know, the home created by solid wood materials has the characteristics of natural, environmentally friendly, and pollution -free. The blue -tuning series of bathroom cabinets use solid wood as raw materials in the frame and tray. Make users feel at ease. At the same time, the surface of the solid wood is painted with a layer of paint to make solid wood furniture durable, and it has high patience for insect rot, friction, and collision.

A drawer to meet your storage needs

In the past, the method of storing debris in the bathroom was to use one or two miscellaneous racks to pile up bath products, beauty skin care products, towels, and washbasins in the corner of the bathroom. It often made people feel messy but helpless. What should I do? Fang Ban Banzun series bathroom cabinets have also made a lot of effort for this.

The blue tone series intimately divides the storage space into two, and the left side is also separated, which well meets the storage needs of a small home for bathroom supplies. Put it in one piece, and the other side of the large side can store large sanitary products. This reasonable and sorted daily necessities to make life more comfortable and convenient.


Although the bathroom is a relatively hidden place, people who have high requirements for quality life will definitely inject exquisitely into every detail of life. The Mei Mulfon integrates the blue tone into the design of the modern minimalist bathroom cabinet. It is simple and generous, exquisite and elegant, integrates practicality and beauty, and becomes the best choice for bathroom decoration!

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