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Stills of the classic movie “Intern” in the workplace


The stills in the hit drama “All Good” appear on the inner page of the British magazine “Economist”, which means that the current status of China’s middle class is receiving strong attention from the world media. The continuous enthusiasm of the image of elite women, such as a warm discussion about professional women such as “Ode to Joy” and “My First Half Life”. At this level of how to create a fashionable middle -class woman, which items will be standard? What are these fashion that represent a certain class of consciousness? What people understand it?

Speaking of women in the middle class, we must not forget the image of the elite women in the workplace in British and American dramas. The high -level workplace wearing bodies derived from the characters in the play have been repeatedly pondered many times. The prosecutor’s wife Wendy in Billions, Jessica, Secretary Donna and Lawyer Assistant Rachel in the Law Firm in the “SUITS”, “House of Cards” (House of Cards ” First lady Claire, MAIA, Lucca and Diane of TheGood Fight, everyone has their own dress style that is in line with status and career positioning, add points to the plot and character characteristics, so that such workplace workplace The episode is even more popular in the British and American drama market.


“The Battle of the Bone” heroine Maia

The third season of “The Battle of Against Bone” just officially returned on March 14, and “Golden Lawyer” also announced the renewal of the final season of the final season two months ago. The importance of conveying the elite women in the workplace is time to let women get out of the disabled.

The third season of “The Battle of Against Bone” has just returned on March 14th. The workplace dress of the heroines has always been a hot spot for discussion.

Therefore, we have such thinking. If “It’s OK”, the heroine Su Mingyu is willing to enter Stanford for further studies. Maybe she will advance from the regional sales director of an industrial company to the political community or finance. In the circle, the place where the entry and exit are the Wall Street in New York, the Shangdong District, or the Ferli Villa in Los Angeles. I am very curious about such a woman who is not born to grow up and grows up at the grassroots level, but is a Gao Zhi Su Mingyu who has accepted the evergreen of Ivy.


The necessary suits and absent suit

Usually we think that as the current female elite in the workplace, the least item is more than a suit. Whether it is a daily entry and exit office or a formal meeting, the suit can be versatile without errors. In “It’s Out”, in order to show the identity and feminine power of the workplace, a number of suit styles have become the standard choice of Su Mingyu in the workplace. It will mix and match with leggings or jeans.


In the history of fashion, suits are one of the most successful examples of women’s clothing to borrow men’s clothing. The tough elements of men’s clothing into women’s wear leads a rigorous and cold elegance, and also represents the resolute and powerful side of women. In the text that expresses women’s power, an important way to show women’s conscious awakening is to let women put on Power Suits to liberate themselves. The heroines in “Billion” and “House of Cards” have repeatedly used the black suit to reflect their ambitions and driving power, setting off the independent aura lingering them.


The matching of dark suits can be more flexible. Use short skirts to expose skin or use long skirts to enhance sexy.

However, Su Mingyu did not realize that although she demonstrated the correct way to open the suit, the lady’s suit would still be particularly obvious in the category of power dressing as a symbol that was abused. The ubiquitous suits in the workplace seem to cover up Su Mingyu’s adequate charm as a charming woman, but to accurately summarize a business woman who has established a strong axis step by step to build a strong axis step by step.

Su Mingyu, who is studying abroad, can think of that Power Suits is not only pursuing equal rights, but also the awakening of her own beauty. She may choose the workplace elite women who graduated from Harvard in “Golden Lawyer”, the movie “Intern” in the movie “Intern” (Intern) Anen Hathaway is more commonly worn like that, with different shapes of skirts in the coat, and more prominent tops in the shape and material; Flexible, using short skirts to expose skin or a very immortal long skirt, which can also improve sexy.

The American drama “Golden Lawyer” is about to start in the final season

You can also refer to the private server of George Clooney’s wife Arille. This “most sexy lawyer in London” is good at using Jacqueline Kennedy -style short small tops with the same color A -line skirt to create a small skirt SKIRT Suits. It can also reflect the gentle side of women in a strong image.

George Clooney’s wife, Ameler, is good at creating a Jacqueline -style small skirt suit

Emperor’s neck scenery


In Su Mingyu’s workplace, it is not difficult to notice that she uses a variety of color and style silk scarves when she is equipped with a native dress, so her basic suit and shirts have become lively. Monocer, not to flow in the professional dress of ordinary people, either looks like an insurer or a sales customer service. She usually folds a small square scarf into a strip, and then knotted in front. And there is another kind of French casualness. Therefore, there is a saying that “the gap between you and Mingyu may really have only one silk scarf.” “Women without silk scarves have no future.” Elizabeth Taylor described the importance of silk towels to women.


With the advent of the New LOOK era after World War II, the elegant feelings given by silk scarves have been popular in the 1950s and 1960s. Audrey Hepburn is a woman who is obsessed with silk scarves. She said: “When I put on a silk scarf, I never felt that I was a woman, a beautiful woman.” The women were on the silk scarf. The obsession lasted until the peak of the 1970s. Like senior fashion, the silk scarf can represent the identity and status of a person. In the eyes of people who know, the limited edition silk scarf has special significance, and this silk scarf is usually only provided to the most popular customers. In the workplace -themed TV series at home and abroad, it is not uncommon to match silk scarves, suits, and shirts, so the BBC also sets the silk scarf as New Power Symbol (new symbol of power women). The current workplace elite women’s dress.

Stills of the movie “Intern”

In fact, in “It’s Out”, Su Mingyu also borrowed another fashion culture classic “Pussy Bow” (Pussy Bow). This is not a way to play a scarf. The difference is that the design of this collar knot itself is part of the shirt. This cat bow shirt is also the favorite style of Mrs. Sachel, the former British Prime Minister. Last year, Swedish Standing Secretary -General Sarah Dannuel, who promoted the process of “#Me TOO” process, was to oppose the bad behavior of the literary community through the launch of the “bow shirt sports” on social media, so that the Nobel Prize in Literature was in The suspension was suspended in 2018.

The cat bow shirt worn by Su Mingyu in “Everything Good” is also the most favorite style of Mrs. Sachel


In the just -released autumn and winter 2019 garment series, major brands have made articles on Pussy Bow. Celine used it to repeat the classic image of bourgeois intellectuals in the 1970s. Burberry’s new designer Riccardo Tisci has incorporated this element in several series, and in Karl Lagerfeld’s relic of the CHANEL 2019 autumn and winter series show There are also figures on the court.

(From left to right) Burberry, Celine, Valentino


The 2019 autumn and winter series have been engraved in the 1970s, the classic wearing of women in the 1970s

Gao Zhizhong should never show weakness on the shoe bag


For strong women in the workplace, simple and practical big handbags are the best choices. Investing in a good -quality work package with the year -end award can not only reward myself for one year’s hard work, but also continue to be full of energy in the next year’s work. Regardless of whether the season is popular or plastic bags, it is finally found that the common appearance is always a category of briefcases with a strong appearance and a large capacity. Su Mingyu’s daily bags do provide a good model, which is worthy of reference for women’s middle -class women. However, you need to better understand the brand style and the creative spirit of designers, match your own professional temperament according to this standard, and make more suitable choices. Although the words in Su Mingyu drama are “what you want to buy and what, the sister is money!” The big -name classic models are the main color, but some of the colors are mainly in Quite large deviation.


Chloé and Gucci use the design of metal decoration and rare skin in the design of the spring and summer of 2019


例如出镜率最高的Celine 的鲶鱼包,是前设计师Phoebe Philo 的作品,那个时期Celine 最出名的极简美学,放在苏明玉这个略带尖锐的销售总监身上,就多多少少显得清汤寡水、 Over the birth.

Celine 2019 spring and summer new 16 handbags

The same problem also appears on the Valextra bags that advocate architectural contours and structured aesthetics. If Mingyu is the principal of a gallery, is it more appropriate to use them? In the spring and summer of 2019, there are many bags suitable for various types of workplace personality positioning. The more colorful is the new Celine bags designed by Hedi Slimane and a Peekaboo designed by various functional pockets on the outside.

FENDI spring and summer 2019 new GP series Peekaboo handbag (left)

And Loewe spring and summer 2019 new handbag (right)


In addition to handbags, you can’t ignore shoes. New middle -class women want to highlight the knowledge of knowledge, of course, they can’t buy anything. In “The Beautiful”, the Erjie Zhu Li almost owns the classic shoes of various big names, and the huge logo flickered and exaggerated. Imagine that Su Mingyu, who returned from studying abroad, should point out for Zhu Li that a CPA, who is a project leader, will this high -profile style of high -profile work style be impressed by the uninteresting customers? It feels better to do financial work rigorous and stable, right? Or is it too eye -catching to wear Valentino’s metal rivet high -heeled shoe RockStud in the hospital?

Therefore, new middle -class women are most likely to make mistakes on choosing bags and shoes. What you need to choose is never wealth or popularity, but a character that is just right from occupation and background.

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