The sweater in autumn is always gentle that people can’t move their eyes. Or art, or retro, elegant, or playful, its style is full of style. During the leaves of fallen leaves, women decorate women into a long poem. The soft texture sweater is a super single product that spans the age layer, so that women with very different aura have elegant charm at the same time, sparkling in the warm sun in the autumn.


Good -looking is not the biggest advantage of knitwear. Because of the material, the sweater is very tolerant of the body. Whether it is tall and thin, it can be treated properly by a knitted shirt. However, the affinity items will encounter another problem, such as insufficient momentum, seeming too much home, etc., and if you are not careful, you will be stuck and lazy, and it is difficult to find your position in fashion wear. There is a large distance from the “advanced” sense of dressing.


When it comes to advanced, it is inevitable that someone will think of the price of clothes. In all fairness, the price can indeed sieve a large category of clothes, and the expensive clothes also have their own advantages in texture, but if they do not match, even if the clothes itself is quite textured, it is difficult to break out in a fashionable dress. In this issue, we will talk about what we do with a “high -level” knitted shirt? The price is not necessarily expensive, it is the key to match it. Let’s take a look together ~

1. The sweater with a heavy texture

At this point in time, the temperature in many places has dropped, and the sense of sweaters has changed from light and light to thick. In the warm sun in the autumn sun, wearing a soft sweater, it is not pleasant. The thick needle sweater is everywhere, near the streets outside the house, far from the Paris Tower in France. Although the style is not selected, the thickness itself can pull out a sense of distance from people, and naturally it can be outstanding.


When wearing a thick sweater, fashion bloggers use the same dressing skills: exposing skin skin

Essence For example, the blogger in the figure below, her sweater is the style of the middle sleeve. When taking pictures, she also pulled the sleeve up with extra sleenwide. At the same time, the modified effect of enhanced the V -neck made the thick knitted sweater. Essence

If the sweater in your wardrobe is just a thick style, then


When wearing, pay more attention to the breathability of the shape


It will show more temperament with a large V -neck. At the same time, because the solid color knitted sweater and heavy texture are easy to make people look dull, don’t forget to add more embellishment to the shape, such as necklaces, rings and other jewelry, or to make a nails, which can enhance the overall sense of exquisiteness.

The sweater in the deep autumn seasons, if it is not convenient to expose the skin, then it can be


Emphasize the sense of hierarchy through the design of the hem

Essence For example, the shape of the figure below, although it is a high -necked style, but the cross design of the hem enhances the overall breathability, and also emphasizes the waistline in secret. The shirt brings a trace of sharpness.

2. Knitted sweater with decorative elements

Some beautiful women think that although the sweater is easy to wear, it still looks too monotonous. Therefore, in order to seek the novel sense of dressing, you will try a printed sweater.

In fact, the matching effect of printing sweater is often not as good as expected, because

The high -level sense of knitted sweaters lies in the texture of itself. If its texture is covered up, the texture will be greatly reduced

It is better to start from the version, such as adding a small side to the basic sweater to create a personality.


There is also a stitching sweater that uses solid color hooks on the side line, and embellishment with coarse patterns in other areas. This kind of knitted sweater looks more design than solid color models, but the effect of wear may not necessarily wear the effect. There is a solid color knitwear so durable.

Look at the two places in the figure below, you will understand. The picture on the left is a colorful knitwear, the picture on the right is a solid sweater. The matching of the right picture follows the law of the same color system, and uses the tight silhouette of Panasonic to construct aesthetics and easily win.

Therefore, the addition of design sense does not need to start with the color, changes in the version will be more practical


Let’s take a look at the dressing effect of the version details. The high -necked knit sweater has always been not flattering in the trend, and after adding the zipper design on the front, the round neck is transformed into a V -neck.

When wearing, pull the zipper below the collarbone, stretching the neck lines while soaring the fashion.


3. Color knitwear

If you want to wear a high -level and harmonious atmosphere, you want to wear a colorful sweater.

Pay attention to the rationality of the upper and lower body color schemes


Essence If the sweater is more eye -catching, there are two points to pay attention to when choosing under the selection.


first of all

Do not use eye -catching color systems to strengthen the conflict between the two

, Black or white can be used as auxiliary colors. Followed by

Control the proportion of bright color area

You can weaken the presence of knitwear by extending the method of the lower dress.


There is also a way to resolve the colorful color, that is, adding a touch of white

Essence When knitted sweater is used as a coat, it can be used as a transition in the inside. This approach is common in French style.

Do not forget the details when wearing fashion bloggers, and do n’t fall into the decoration of the belt.

If you want to highlight the retro style, it is a smart choice to replace the suspender shirt with a white turtleneck sweater. It is not enough, you can also add accessories such as brooches or sweater chains to continue to strengthen elegant gas fields.

Well, this is the case of “high -level sense” when wearing knitwear when wearing knitwear. Is your sweater wearing it like this? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to share your fashion experience, we will see you next issue ~ Elise



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