My daughter needs to buy a mosquito net to go to school. I think it ’s good to buy a convenient carrier and installation. It is recommended to buy an old -fashioned and simple one. Four corners are tied to one hanging. We used to go to school before. The child’s father thinks that you want to buy one better and more comfortable. He searched in the online store and compared it back and forth. He fancy a good appearance and needed a bracket to buy. On the first day of the daughter’s admission, both of us accompanied us. The most important thing in the bedroom was to help her install the mosquito net. The mosquito nets we bought must first set up a pile of stainless steel rods, which is more troublesome. Dad did more than an hour there, sweating, and hung up. In the same bedroom, some classmates’ mosquito nets, they wear two bamboo to wear, tie them, and do it. The key is that the sense of space inside is better than us. I laughed at my father and didn’t listen to me. It was so good to buy an old -fashioned simple mosquito net. He said that he bought it well. What is even more depressed is that two days later, the daughter re -divided the dormitory in the class, and the mosquito net had to be installed again. In the new semester, because of the rotation of the upper and lower shops, her daughter changed to the upper shop. The mosquito net was too difficult. She didn’t take it. The parents couldn’t go in to help. The daughter called back and said, she couldn’t sleep. I guess she is afraid of staying on the shop, and this guy has been brave. I suggested that this time she changed a Mongolian -shaped mosquito net without installation. It was safe to hold it with a mattress below, which is safer. I analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of this mosquito net for my father and daughter. Dad was ugly. My daughter felt good and finally bought it. After installing it, I came back and said that I would sleep well.

1. Hanging mosquito net

This kind of mosquito net is actually very practical. When we were young, we used this. It was good to wear two bamboo and one hanging. The disadvantage is that the style is not good enough. If you do n’t pursue good -looking, you can choose if you are not afraid of living on the pavement.

2. Broken mosquito net

There are many mosquito account styles, which look good. The disadvantage is that it is necessary to bring a bunch of tube and install trouble. Personally, I don’t think it is necessary, but if you are not afraid of installing troubles, you can choose.

3. Mongolian bag -type mosquito net

This kind of mosquito net is easy to install, basically no installation, open it, and press it with a mattress. Because the mattress is pressed, it is more secure. The disadvantage is that it is not very good -looking, the space is not good, but it is very suitable for timidity. Sleeping is afraid of falling down.

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