Saying the old age and welcoming the new year, except for the old age, we soon ushered in the new 2022, and almost every year, with the change of clothing, the Internet began to fill the new vocabulary of 2022 in 2022. That 2022 What is popular in early spring, do you know?

In fact, the popular wear of early spring this year is very practical and foreign. This set of skirts+mid -boots, the western spirit is high, and the women of all kinds of figures can easily control it. As a daily match, you can receive unanimous praise when you see your elders who go home for the New Year!

Therefore, this new year does not know what to wear, you must try this look, you will definitely not be reluctant to take it off!

PART1: The correct thinking of short skirts with middle boots

①: Select the suitable skirt type according to your own style

As the core of wearing short skirts, its selection of models play a vital role in the aesthetics of the overall matching. Therefore, when choosing a skirt, you must start from your own actual situation. Do not follow the trend.

Under earlier, choosing the suitable skirt type according to your own style must be the least easy to make mistakes. It is recommended that women with sweet girls, playfulness, and youth college choose a short pleated skirt as a match. It is absolutely unsuccessful to easily create a sweet and good temperament; and a woman who wants to make it more mature can choose a tight skirt with hip design as a match. Such a version of the design can show that it can be displayed The curve feels, sexy and seductive; for women with neutrophils, a cool and handsome panties of Pick will never make mistakes.


②: Coordinating the color of the overall matching, highlighting the overall sense

One thing to pay attention to in terms of matching is that the color choice should not be too much, and the subtraction should be made appropriately. Do not exceed three at most, otherwise it will affect the high -level sense of the overall match.


Secondly, we must pay attention to coordinate the overall color. For example, the two sets of the left and right sets in the figure below show a strong overall sense. Select a light -bright color+light color/dark color+dark color to match, which will have a harmonious and natural effect.

③: Small girls try to choose a slightly shorter skirt, which is even higher

For young girls, short skirts can definitely be called gospel, so if you want to highlight the advantage more thoroughly when you wear it, it is recommended that the small girls choose a slightly shorter dress, such as the left to wear the left to wear It seems to be more proportional than the picture on the right, and it is higher to wear.


Part2: 2022 What are the popular boots?

①: Black mid -boots

Black mid -boots are also commonly known as small black boots. Such boots are classic and versatile. They travel in the fashion industry all year round. No matter how many years they wear it, they will not be out of date.

If you compare the wearing of the left and right models, you will find that it is also a basic and versatile black shoes. The middle boots are much stronger than the lines of the Laofu shoes, and the effect of modifying the leg shape is first -rate. Sigh.

If you want to make black boots more fashionable, in fact, you can easily achieve your wish just need a design with a design sense, but you must pay attention not to choose too fancy styles. Press a child.

The black boots design of V -port design below are both design and atmospheric. Such styles are not picky, and ordinary people can also wear a high -level sense, and because of the V -port of the boot mouth, the design is ordinary. The boots should be thinner, which is very suitable for winter.

②: nude mid -boots

Nude boots are much softer than the former. In contrast, it is more suitable for women with gentle and elegant style. Sweet girls can also pick this middle boot at will ~

However, it is worth noting that the color of nude boots is lighter, so it is not suitable for dark clothing. It will be more natural and harmonious to choose the same color or light color system.


Part3: How to wear short skirts+middle boots is more fashionable?


Style 1: Knit sweater+short skirt+mid -boots

The combination of knitwear and skirts can be said to have both softness and playfulness. It combines maturity with girls, and can easily wear a stylish matching template. The style, but it looks easy, has no sense of disagreement, is very suitable for women around 25 years old.

But it is worth noting that if you want to make the atmosphere of this style look stronger, Pick a hollow knit sweater+checkered half -body skirt will be more prominent.

Style 2: Shirt+short skirt+mid -boots

The matching of shirts+skirts can be daily and commute. It can be said that it is a set of look with a very high utilization rate. It is recommended not to be too constrained when matching these two items. Choose a slightly designed style. More age reduction.


On this basis, you can learn from the figure below. Use a tie shirt+pleated skirt to wear a sense of age, and the western style is just a must -have for the goddess!


Style 3: coat+short skirt+middle boots

The matching of winter must be a coat. It is very fashionable for the matching of the coat, whether it is long or short, but it is recommended to choose a short coat with a short skirt. Instead Weakened.

If a woman with flaws in the legs wants to cover the effect of covering, it is recommended that you keep the long coat from the middle boots to create a small sense of exposing skin, which will make it look more to wear more. Highlights are more breathable, and will not have the effect of pressing a child because of the strong wrap.

After watching this sharing, do you know what to wear in the spring of 2022? After mastering the tips of this issue, you will be able to master the traffic password of the New Year and easily transform into fashionable essence. We will see you next time!

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