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Fast life



Everyone will be very excited in the early days of fish farming. I will keep watching the fish tank every day, and even in a daze. At the same time, everyone

Can’t control the number and dosage of fish feeding

Attention will feel that the small fish will be hungry, so keep feeding, this result will cause

Water body becomes fattened

, Condition a series of follow -up problems, so today I will explain to you how to feed ornamental fish.

1. The choice of watching fish and fish food

1. granular fish foods, most of them are sinking fish. Everyone choose according to the condition of the ornamental fish raised. This granular shape is generally more suitable for larger ornamental fish.

2. Fish fish, convenient feeding, balanced nutrition, suitable

Peacock fish, lamp family fish

Waiting for small fish is also a kind of fish food that individuals are more recommended.


3. Furious shrimp is a fish food with high nutritional value, especially right

The feeding of small fish fry is the best effect

Essence But it is recommended that you use it

Incubate by itself

The plan is fed, and the purchase of the rich shrimp eggs and incubation tools (very cheap) to allow the small fish to eat fresh and rich shrimp, because the hatching of the rich year shrimp

The highest nutritional value within a week

There is basically no nutritional value for two weeks. Everyone hatchs it by themselves, and then frozen to the refrigerator.

2. How to feed the ornamental fish

1. Small fry everyone can daily


Feed 4-5 times

It is best to set the time to help small fish fry growing quickly, so that small fish seedlings can better adapt.

2. Adult fish suggests everyone every day

Feed at most twice

, Once once in the morning, once in the afternoon, each time the fish eats, the small fish is in

Eat all in 3-5 minutes

Don’t overdo it.

Principle: It is better to be full at 7-8 points, and don’t feed it. There is no benefit to the small fish.

The feeding amount is too large, one is the food pollution of food, and the excrement of a small fish is also increasing.

The nitrifying bacteria of the fish tank filtration system brought tremendous pressure, which can easily cause nitrifying bacteria crashes, worse water quality, and the risk of dead fish

Third, whether the automatic feeder is useful

Automatic feeder

For everyone, it is a very high -end device, but in fact, when we raise ornamental fish, it is really not very useful. Some large fish tanks of more than 1 meter and large ornamental fish are barely used. Small ornamental fish are useless.

The working principle of automatic feeder:


After setting the time, the storage bucket rotates under the action of the motor. When the setting time is set, the ingredients are just down. The fish food inside will leak into the fish tank to complete the feeding.

the problem we are facing

The amount of small feeding is difficult to achieve, and it will miss more fish each time, and it is difficult to consistent each time.

The process of wearing ornamental fish feeding is also our greatest fun, so there is no need to buy automatic feeder and spend money in vain.

I will share this for you this issue. Everyone has any questions to leave a message or private message for me. I will answer it for everyone as soon as possible.

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