Dress is definitely an essential item for spring and summer season, and it is also the favorite of fashionable sophisticated. It is elegant and gentle, delicate, and is a must for the travel of the little fairy. Perfect effect. Spring and summer’s “dress” dressing suggestions, good -looking colors and materials, you have selected you! If you do n’t match, you may wish to take a look at this period of explanation. I will share some practical styles for you, so that you will become fashionable in seconds. Interested sisters will continue to watch!


1. Advanced sensory dress

1. Intellectual little black skirt

There are many styles of dresses, but I always think that the simplest and most advanced level. All women’s wardrobes should have a small black skirt. It is really elegant. Black is the most inclusive color in many colors. There is no possibility of errors. After combining the skirt, it is evenly injected with a calm temperament. It is a must -have for a mature woman and an artifact for high -level sense. It is suitable for various occasions. You can also wear it when attending important activities.


2. Sexy red skirt


Red is different from black. It is the most eye -catching color among many colors and the easiest to absorb everyone’s attention. If you want to be the C position in the crowd, then you can try the red dress. It has an excellent white effect and you will have a full look. However, red also has disadvantages. If you choose the shape of ALL Red, it may cause visual fatigue, and it is easy to wear the vulgar temperament. Women with mediocre temperament should choose cautiously.

3. Shirt dress

The shirt dress is a relatively unique style. It combines the stand -up collar and version of the shirt, which combines it with the skirt, greatly enhanced the overall sense of formal sense, and has become the first choice for work to work. Pink is more girly, and it is more suitable for fair skin tone. If you are not confident in your skin tone, try milk blue shirt dress, it will well modify your skin tone, and there is no too high requirements for your body. Essence

4. Small fresh wind crushing skirt


In daily life, the solid color dress looks a little bit faint. Sisters who are pursuing fashion can try the small and fresh floral skirt. It has a romantic atmosphere of spring and looks beautiful. However, everyone must choose to choose The colorful scattered floral skirt is relatively uniform, so that it will not look delicious and old -fashioned, but also maintain the overall style coordination, and the high -level sense has been greatly improved.

2. Demonstration of Character Wear

1. Floral, bubble sleeves


If you want to show your cute girl style, you can choose to incorporate a dress with floral and bubble sleeve elements. These two are just small details. The role of the arm line and blocking the unicorn arm. In addition, the waist design is very important. It will divide your upper and lower body proportions, making your man look taller, especially suitable for small eyebrows.

The slightly classic style dress is also desirable. It can be combined with cheongsam element dress to shape the beauty of the country, and it can also show the elegant style of women in Jiangnan, especially suitable for a gentle and gentle little woman. It is recommended to try cheongsam element skirts with slender figure, so that it will not wear the effect of stepping on the mine.

2. Big floral


Little floral flowers are fresh and agile, and the large florals are elegant and elegant. Both have their own advantages and can be selected in conjunction with the actual situation. The following two dresses are quite worth starting. The former looks more complicated, but the hidden effect on the fat is good, suitable for slightly fat eyebrows. The latter is based on milk white, and the warm texture is injected, which will not make people feel pale and cold.


3. grid


The plaid printing is an evergreen tree in all printed elements. It is an absolutely not wrong choice. It will create a richer level and inject the beauty of the same way to the overall injection. The classic black and white plaid will form a color impact, which makes you look more mature and cold, while the age -white checkered age reduction MAX is more suitable for dating and vacations. It feels like a sweet girl.


4. Tulle texture

The texture will also have a greater impact on the overall style. If you pursue a sense of agility, try the style of the tulle texture, it will be accompanied by a certain semi -transparent effect, which can vaguely reveal your fair skin and show hazy beauty Essence You can incorporate floral elements in the tulle, so as to avoid the lightness of obstruction.

The above is the explanation of all the dresses. I wonder if you have found the style you like your favorite? The sisters who learn to act, after all, the heart is not as good as action, this spring and summer make us more beautiful together!

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