February is the peak period of the school test. Did art candidates worried about wearing what they were worn and how to wear it?

Don’t worry, Xiaobian tells you how to choose ~



1. Clothing selection


Shirt + sweater, NO! Intersection


Suites + leather shoes, there will be no errors!

Recommended single buckle, dual -breasted directly pass!

Single buckle is divided into one buckle, two buckles, and three buckles.

Recommended: two buckles. The first buttons need to be buckled, and the second one is generally not buckled.

2. Color selection

When choosing a shirt and a suit jacket, avoid: pink, yellow, green, etc.

Partial news broadcast category, optional:

Navy blue, gray and other stable colors

Entertainment relaxed class, optional:

Bright colors such as Khaki, beige, remember not to choose from blue and green!

Some schools of studios are royal blue or green. Don’t choose if you don’t want to blend with the background!

3. Fabric selection

√ It is recommended to choose a tall wool fabric to improve temperament and mental power.

× Avoid choosing cotton and linen too soft fabrics.

Girls wear guide

1. Fabric selection


Choose a straight suit fabric to avoid cotton and linen soft fabric.

2. Style selection

① The petite girl is more suitable for dresses.

②V’s neck is long, but you can choose carefully.

③ Both suit and dresses, you have to waist (with a waistline to have curves).

④ Girls with narrow shoulders or narrow shoulders can choose to put proper shoulders, and the vision is better.

⑤ Tailor -made, in line with your own body proportion.

⑥ Select a large V -shaped collar or new collar with a square face.


开 The inverted triangle face selects the lighter square collar.

边 Lingxing face chooses the collar or stretch of the lines of the lines.

圆 Long -shaped faces choose round necks, square collars, micro -arc collar and so on.


The skirt should be selected on the basis of a suit skirt, avoid exaggerating dress skirts or cute casual skirts.

If you have a good figure, you can choose a hip skirt. The pear -shaped figure can choose an A -shaped suit skirt.


Pants can choose both slimming models or wide -leg pants style. Do not be too hypertrophic.

3. Color selection

Seeing that many people choose red, orange, yellow, etc., I feel that the saturation is high and looks better, but these colors will look more earthy.

It is recommended to choose a slightly lower saturation, ginger, light yellow, light blue, meat pink, apricot, khaki, etc.!


The white suit may be too simple and can be decorated with brooch.

4. Shoes selection

× High -heeled shoes on the waterproof platform.

√ Choose a sub -light or fluff.

× Don’t choose “fish mouth” and “high heels”.

√ Try to choose solid color.


When choosing a clothing candidate for broadcasting and hosting art, you must consider your skin tone, face shape, and body proportion.

Wearing dignified, decent, professional, harmonious and comfortable, avoid flowers in flowers, avoid strange clothes, avoid casual or mature, and avoid being too exposed. Do not choose black and floral in color.

Tell me about your test tips


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