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When the man walked into the clinic, Orange White was preparing to push the needle to infusion to the grandmother of his neighbor. Although she was a senior student at the medical school, she was a novice in terms of formal needle infusion of the patient, so she was still a novice, so she was upset disturbed.

Sister Hua is another nurse in the clinic. Her name is Orange Bai hurried out to see. She came to help Orange Bai, orange white was relieved, and rushed out happily.

“Hello, I’m Lin Orange Bai, what’s the matter with me?” Orange Bai Gang got rid of what she didn’t like, with a clear sense of joy in his tone.

The man in front of him looked Zhou Zheng, revealing an elegant atmosphere all over his body. He introduced himself: “Hello, my name is Cheng Yanqi.”

After Cheng Yanqi introduced himself, he paused slightly, and then continued to explain, “I’m here to find someone. Is your grandma called Sun Runci?”

Cheng Yanqi said that she took out a very old black and white photo. The photos had been damaged, but they could still see that the above were two young girls. His hands were holding hands, just in the Cardamom years, vibrant.

Cheng Yanqi explained it. Orange and white probably learned that one of the two girls in the photo was Cheng Yanqi’s grandma, and the other was her small and girlfriend. They lived together when they were young. In this town, after Cheng Yanqi’s grandmother’s marriage age, he married his grandfather. Shortly after the marriage, he moved away from the town due to policy reasons. The two girls had never seen it again.

Cheng Yanqi was looking for someone to help his grandma this time.

Orange Bai did not expect Cheng Yanqi to bring such a story, and a inexplicable sadness was moved when he was moved. grandmother? She explained to Cheng Yan with regret: “My grandma is called Sun Runci, but she is gone.”

After listening to the words of orange white, Cheng Yanqi was full of disappointment. This time he came from thousands of miles. He thought that maybe Grandma Sun Runci married his grandma and left here, which caused him not to find someone, but never thought it was the ending of this.

When I was young, there was no news after many years, so people were no longer there.

In addition to regret, Cheng Yanqi told Orange Bai the reason why he came here.

“My grandmother always wanted to come back before I was sick, but we didn’t understand her desire. She was timid and no one couldn’t go out with a person. She was sick now, only remembering things in the previous year, so I was that I was that I was that I was that I was that I was that I was that I was that I was that I was that I was that I did Come and help her find. “

Orange White has experienced the illness and departure of grandma himself, so she is particularly sensitive to illness. Now this situation seems to be the worst result. She comforted Cheng Yanqi: “Will it be wrong? This photo is not my grandma, after all, people with the same name and surname also exist.”

Orange White tilted her head, and said seriously that Cheng Yanqi looked at her. The girl with good heart was cute, but the face that looked like the gods in the photo had explained everything.

Orange Bai also realized something, and I said it twice: “Otherwise, you go home with me, and there are some relics of grandma at home, hoping to help you.”

Cheng Yan nodded and agreed. He smiled at the orange Bai Dynasty and shouted at the clinic: “Sister Hua, I ask for leave in the afternoon, you help me.”

Sister Hua came out, agreed, and waved her hands with a smile, “Let’s go.”


Orange and White Family lived in not far from the clinic. In fact, it cannot be called an orange home. It is the house of grandpa and grandma. The orange and white parents have bought a house in the city very early. Living in the city, I used to come back only in the cold and summer vacation in school.

Orange -white grandfather is a traditional Chinese medicine medicine. Orange and white have been dazzled from childhood. They are very interested in Chinese medicine. When they were in college, they thought of applying for the major of Chinese medicine. To this end, Grandpa Bai was very pleased.

The father of the orange white did not agree, and believed that there was a future of Western medicine. Orange Bai was limited to the doctor. The orange and white father secretly changed his professionalism for Orange Bai when he volunteered to fill in orange and white.

At that time, Orange Bai was mad, and after thinking that he would not go to college directly, he studied Chinese medicine with Grandpa.

Don’t talk about this kind of thing. Grandpa Orange Bai was the first to disagree. Grandma followed her. In the end, Orange Bai went to school with tears, but after graduating, she would come back to the town to follow Grandpa to study Chinese medicine.

Who can think of the third year of orange and white, grandma left.

After graduating from Orange White, she came to the town as expected, but unfortunately Grandpa entrusted her relationship in the town’s clinic.

This is the status quo of orange life. Cheng Yanqi seemed to hear it. Orange Bai originally wanted to ask him the situation, but he was already home.

Grandpa Bai’s house is an old -fashioned mudwater house. After the sun and rain, it was originally dilapidated. Later, the orange white father had paid money to repair it. The kind of Grandpa cursed him for this.

Grandpa’s house brought a small yard, and the yard planted some flowers, and herbs, and Cheng Yanqi recognized a few.

Cheng Yanqi walked into the house with orange and white. Orange and white told him to wait a little, ran out of the house, and ran out after a while to explain to Cheng Yan: “My grandfather is resting, and he is sad after his grandmother leaves. Over the past year, we have rarely raised their grandma in front of him. “

Cheng Yanqi blame himself: “I’m sorry.”

Orange Bai quickly waved his hand: “It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s much better.”

Orange Bai took Cheng Yan to pray to the other side of the house.

Orange white was not stubborn and brought Cheng Yanqi into his room.

The room is full of girls, pink curtains, floral sheets, quilts, white dressing tables.

Orange and white squatted to the dresser, turned the box and started to find things. He also told Cheng Qiqi in his mouth: “I remember my grandma gave me a box before I went to college. She said she was old. She said she was old. Not good memory, ask me to help her collect it. “

After a while, the orange white turned out a tin box, probably an old candy box, because the box was severely painted and could not be seen.

Open the box with orange white and hand it to Cheng Qiqi.

“Look at it yourself, I have any other things.”

Cheng Yan prayed for the box, and she immediately squatted down again.

There are not many things in the box. First of all, there are some jewelry that is reflected in the eyes. There are old silver mules in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China. There are also silver -building fonts engraved on the mules. There are also some earrings and rings. They are all old styles. Passing.

There is also a folded red cloth in the box. Cheng Yanqi picked it up and fell out a photo. Like the photos taken from his grandma, this one was updated. It should be preserved for a good reason.

“Orange white, don’t find it, I found it.”

Orange Baiwen stood up, but his heart was faintly lost.

“The person you are looking for is really my grandma.”


When Cheng Yanqi left Orange Bai’s house, he said that he lived in a hotel in the town. He and Orange Bai made an appointment with Orange Bai and would come to the official visit to Grandpa again tomorrow.

The next day, Cheng Yan prayed as expensive. He brought a gift, saying that it was the specialty of his hometown. Orange Bai looked at him to open it. It was a good tea. It should be brought over before.

Grandpa accepted politely and ordered orange white tea.

“Is your grandma okay?”

Yesterday, Orange Bai told Grandpa what Cheng Qiqi found, so he already knew it.

“Grandma is old, her body is not very good, her memory declines are bad, she is no longer remembered. When she was young, she remembered more or less.”

Cheng Yanqi sat opposite his grandfather, his body was straight, sitting upright, and answered Grandpa’s question carefully.

“People, live in this life, and go around, it is always unforgettable when she is young. Runci mentioned it when she was alive, saying that she had a good friend before marrying me. It’s your grandma, but she doesn’t say much, probably knows that there is no chance to meet again. If we used to be like you now, a mobile phone solves everything. “,”

Grandpa recalled the past, Cheng Yanqian had heard Grandpa’s nostalgia for his grandmother, and he was restrained for a while. Fortunately, Orange White came out with a teapot at this time. While praying for Grandpa and Cheng Yan, she asked the question of lunch and eased the atmosphere.

“Cheng Yanqi, let’s stay for dinner. I will give you a special dish for us. You finally come here for a trip. You must always feel the place where your grandma lives when he was young.”

After finishing the orange white, Grandpa agreed. He also asked Cheng Yanqi where he lived, luggage and other questions. After eating orange and white, he accompanied Cheng Yan to take his luggage to live at home. Finally, he ordered Orange White as forgiven : “You and Lao Li’s head ask for two days off and take a good stroll in the town.”

Old Li’s head is the doctor of the orange -white internship clinic and the old friend of the grandfather. As soon as Orange Bai heard this, her heart was full of heart, and she quickly agreed. She was a little proud, and even prayed to Cheng Ye to pick her eyebrows and signaled her pleasure. After discovering his rudeness, he glanced at Grandpa subconsciously. Fortunately, Grandpa was drinking tea and did not notice him and orange white.

After dinner, Orange Bai followed Cheng Yanqi to the hotel where he lived and took his luggage.

Grandpa’s house has a total of three rooms. Grandpa and orange and white live in one room. Cheng Yanqi was arranged in another free room. The room was originally lived in orange and white parents, but after the decoration, they did not have Come back a few times, so I didn’t live a few nights.

The room has no time to live for a long time. I need to sort it out. Orange and white and Cheng Yanqi have made an appointment to rest today and go out tomorrow. Cheng Yanqi agreed very much.

Considering Cheng Yan’s praying car, she was very kindly borrowed to let her room rest for him. Cheng Yanqi originally wanted to refuse, but at first glance, Orange Bai wanted to show his enthusiastic hospitality, and finally accepted it.

The orange -white bed was a bit small for Cheng Yanqi. Cheng Yanqi was lying on it and couldn’t stretch his legs. He could only lie on the side and slapped into a ball slightly. The pillow cover has a faint smell of lavender. Cheng Yan prayed accompanied by floral fragrance and breathed slowly.

On the other side, Orange White was busy, and he helped Cheng Yan to clean the room wholeheartedly.


The time to bring Cheng Yan pray for playing is also the time for her own vacation for orange and white.

The town said that it was not big, and it was not small. Although Orange White has returned in the winter and summer vacations in previous years, she cannot keep up with the changes in the town every year, so she can only take Cheng Yan to pray to the place where she is very familiar, such as the old town gate, the river by the river Dam and so on.

The old city gate was left in ancient times. The middle school and elementary school in the town were on the left and right sides of the city gate. Enter from the gate of the city is a long tree -lined road. The trees on both sides of the tree -lined road are tall Mizutu. Late, like a green pagoda.

Orange Bai accompanied Cheng Yanqi into the gate of the city. Cheng Yanqi suddenly thought of something and paused.

“When I was a kid, I heard my grandmother said that her hometown had a dilapidated old city door, wouldn’t it be this!”

Not confirmed that Cheng Yanqi’s tone could not stop.

Orange and white were even more excited, pulling Cheng Yizheng’s hand without any fear to walk under the gate of the city. The orange white herself didn’t notice, but Cheng Yanqi was shocked by her sudden movement. After that, his body seemed to have a smooth current, and his heart gradually rose up a strange feeling.

“We go to find whether there is evidence or something, maybe the city gate has been repaired, so that the government will definitely set up a monument or something.”

Orange Bai said yes, there was a stone monument at the foot of the city gate. In spring, weeds were crazy, and it was covered up. Orange and white and Cheng Yan prayed to the weeds, and the stele revealed the engraved text. The text records the history of the old city gate. The idea is that the old city gate has collapsed, and the current gate is repaired and restored.

Orange and Bai and Cheng Yanqi found the uncle who had passed the road to help them take pictures. They were under the gate of the city and stood side by side. The uncle signaled that they were closer. Satisfied, shouted towards them: “Little couples are more intimate.”

Cheng Yanqi wanted to explain, but when he looked at the orange white with no heart and lungs, he could not refute him. He stretched out his hand carefully on the orange -white shoulder and grabbed her. The uncle pressed the shutter and the picture was free. The men and women in the photo laughed very brightly.

The trace of the grandma’s memory is very similar to the treasure hunt game. The sense of accomplishment in Orange Bai’s heart. She seems to be addicted, chasing Cheng Yan to ask his grandmother if he has mentioned other places.

All day, orange and white and Cheng Yanqi ran a lot of places. It was already evening when I went home. The afterglow of the sunset seemed to be in the sky, as if it was about to fall in the next second.

Orange Bai also maintained the initial excitement, walking backwards, while taking a prayer, “Where do you want to go tomorrow?”

In order to rush home, they followed the stones inlaid, potholes and unevenness. Cheng Yanqi was worried about orange and white into others for a while. After a while, she was worried about her fall. Go away, and couldn’t help but reach out to let her hold it.

“Tomorrow I want to worship your grandma.”

Because of the hot weather, Cheng Yanqi’s shirt rolled up a lot, and the orange -white fingers were directly held on Cheng Yi’s arm. Her fingers were warm, her palms were warm, and she brought Cheng Yanqi’s skin slightly. The burning sensation, the time of contact becomes longer, the heat is getting more and more obvious, as if to scal the process of praying in the process, leave a brand.


During dinner, Orange Bai talked with interest in a full day of playing experience. Grandpa listened happily, and Cheng Yanqi was still helping her to add.

After the grandmother left, they all hidden sadness and joy, and for a long time, they did not feel such a warm atmosphere.

The smile was strong, Cheng Yanqi’s phone ringing sounded abruptly, but the orange white didn’t care, and he still laughed with his grandfather. Cheng Yanqi quickly left the dining table and walked to the yard to answer the phone.

When Cheng Yan prayed back, Grandpa had gone to rest, and Orange White was packing the table.

She saw Cheng Yan pray and pointed at the teapot on the table. “Do you want to drink tea?”

In spring, the temperature difference between day and night is extremely large. At night, the air gradually cooled, and the coolness penetrated from the windows and the door, but the orange white was burning rice, and was washed and made of tea. The neat bangs were soaked. Small and white forehead. Cheng Yanqi’s eyes faced with her, orange -white eyes were deep, like deer in the forest, clearly clear, but Cheng Yanqi felt that he saw the rolled vortex in that, only one second was deep. Set in.

Cheng Yanqi remembered the call he had just answered. He returned to God and sat down to drink tea calmly.

“I have just made hawthorn tea, eliminating food, Grandpa has already drank it.

Orange and white picked up the tea cup in one hand, picked up the teapot with one hand, and made tea in one go.

Cheng Yanqi took a sip while the hot, sweet and sour. But thinking of words that are about to speak, my heart is very bad.

“Orange White …”

Orange Bai also continued a cup of tea for himself. He heard Cheng Yizheng suddenly called his name, and “um” in doubt.

“I will leave tomorrow morning, I can’t worship grandma.”

Sudden farewell, they were not prepared in their hearts. They were silent for a long time.

“What’s wrong?”

“The nanny didn’t notice, grandma ran out and fell out.”

“is it serious?”



At night, Cheng Yanqi was packing his luggage, and he came to knock on the door.

“Have you packed your luggage?”

Orange Bai’s hands behind him, like the leader who came to inspect the work, Cheng Yanqi flashed and let Orange Bai come in.

“Almost, my suitcase hasn’t been opened very much.”

Orange Bai thought for a while, and so, he just lived here for a night.

Orange Bai took out two photos from behind and handed it to Cheng Qiqi.

Cheng Yanqi took the past.

One of the two photos was a photo of grandparents, and the other was a photo of grandma and orange white. It was taken by orange and white before going to college. At that time, the grandmother had not checked the physical problem. Green.

“Is it for me?” Cheng Yan prayed surprise.

Orange Bai immediately grabbed the word and denied: “Of course not, it’s for grandma, I hope she can see it quickly.”

Cheng Yan prayed, smiled, and carefully put the photo into the bag.

It stands to reason that they only know it for three days. I don’t know if it is because of the relationship between the grandmother. There is an inexplicable relationship between them than normal people. White is the same.

Orange white unconsciously paced in the room, and Cheng Yan prayed to follow her.

Orange white asked, “Do you leave tomorrow early tomorrow?”

Cheng Yanqi nodded.

Orange Bai smiled at him, as if he was slightly guilty: “I sold fakes with Lao Li’s head, and I will go back to work tomorrow, so I won’t send you.”


“Then … you rest early.”

Orange Bai wanted to leave after speaking, but as soon as the hand was put on the door handle, Cheng Yanqi was called.

“Orange White.”

Orange white responded unconsciously.


“I will come, you wait for me.”

“Um.” A soft voice whispered lazily.


It has been a month in a blink of an eye, the spring is deeper, and the hot and cold day and night is alternated. The changes in the temperature difference in the morning and evening are invincible. The old Li’s head of the clinic has a severe cold one week ago.

The doctor did not do his own medical treatment. He found Grandpa Orange and Bai and the two old men sat together. Talking about the heavens, the old Li head was worried about the future of the clinic, the town was closed, and the young people were unwilling to come. He was old. He was afraid of the clinic. In this way, there was no place to see a doctor in the town in the future.

Grandpa Orange Bai didn’t have such a worry about his Chinese medicine museum. He was holding the mentality of closing the TCM museum with himself. The only thing he was worried about was Orange White. He wanted Orange White to interns well and go back to the city in the future.

Orange Bai didn’t understand Grandpa’s painstaking efforts. When he was working, he remembered why Cheng Yanqi didn’t return to the town. After a while, he regretted why he did not call Cheng Yanqi to leave a contact information. Later

Sister Hua saw her absent -mindedness and was quite worried: “Orange, what’s wrong with you, is you sick?”

Orange and white did not wait for Sister Hua to approach, and quickly shook her head and denied, “No.”

Sister Hua looked at her, and the orange white blushed.

Sister Hua seemed to understand something, and laughed at her: “Spring is almost passing, does the little girl start to think about spring?”

After listening to her, she blushed completely and was shameful. Fortunately, there was no outsiders during the clinic during this time.

On the day Cheng Yanqi returned, Orange White was pushing the patient with a needle in the last time. After the old Li’s head was ordered by Grandpa, Sister Hua listened to Lao Li’s suggestion to let Orange Bai practice it by himself, and only guided her next to her.

Orange Bai successfully completed the needle infusion, running out with a smile, Cheng Yanqi stood there, just like the last time, the dust was dusty.

“You are back!” Orange Bai Man was excited.

Cheng Yan nodded with a smile.

“Grandma is better? How long are you staying here this time? Last time I haven’t asked you to contact the information, you contact me first …”

Orange white, like a sparrow. Didn’t wait for Cheng Yanqi to speak, she shouted in the clinic again: “Sister Hua, I want to leave in the afternoon.”

When Sister Hua listened to the orange and white, she was afraid she would leave like she would like her. She hurried out and hurried out. “Your grandfather won’t let you ask for leave casually.”

Orange Bai Man didn’t care: “It’s okay, Cheng Yanqi is here, he must agree to ask me to ask.”

Cheng Yanqi was a little embarrassed as an excuse for leave by Orange White. He bowed to Sister Hua and apologized. Sister Hua watched the men and women standing in front of him, a warm and polite, a lively and pretty, obviously the male. In the appearance of talented women, she couldn’t stop it anymore, and waved his hand towards Orange, “Then you go.”

Cheng Yanqi still lives in the room of Orange Bai’s parents this time. He explained to Grandpa the intention to worship his grandmother. When he heard this, his grandfather’s expression was bland, but he cared for Grandma’s body. Cheng Yanqi answered the sentence, “It’s much better”, and he didn’t ask anymore.

Grandma Orange Bai was buried on the mountains of the town. The land was grandfather. Orange White remembered that there were peas before it. When it was spring, the peas bloomed, with white, purple, pink, blue, and very. nice.

Grandma’s tombstone is very large. This is the “decentness” made by Dad Bai’s father. Grandma was buried on the left and the right side of Grandpa was reserved on the right.

In the customs of the town, one of the couples left first, and the other could not go to the grave within three years, because the one who was afraid of leaving would “take away” the rest.

Orange and white do not believe in the theory of gods and ghosts, but they are extremely respectful of this custom. As the saying goes, it is better to believe in it, and it is unbelievable. Orange white strictly monitor Grandpa to abide by this custom.


When I came back from the mountain, the orange white mood was several degrees low. Cheng Yanqi spoke with her, trying to divert her attention.

“Grandma has already seen the picture you gave last time. She was very happy. This time she asked me to bring a gift, and I will give it to you when I go home.”

When I got home, Orange White was looking forward to the gifts that Cheng Yanqi said. Cheng Yanqi rolled out of the suitcase and handed a red box to orange white, orange -white, inside a jade pendant, and the red rope was tied. Words.

The jade pendant was delicate and small, and it looked valuable. The orange was shocked. He quickly stuffed the box back to Cheng Yanqi.

“This should be expensive, I can’t.”

Cheng Yanqi took the jade pendant out of the box, pulled the orange -white hand and spread it. The jade pendant placed on the orange palm of the orange white, and the orange white felt a cold cold.

“Grandma said that if she was in good health, she wanted to come by herself, but she hadn’t fully recovered yet. This jade pendant was originally prepared for my grandma to get married for your grandma, but they were separated when they were young. Yu Pengzi brings you to you, I hope you can save your grandma, this is also her wish. “

Orange Bai understood his words and asked curiously: “Then my grandma also gave gifts when your grandma got married?”

Cheng Yanqi nodded affirmatively.

Yu Pengzi waited for a while in orange and white, and slowly had temperature. Orange and white promised: “I will keep it well.”

“Um.” Cheng Yanqi looked at Orange Bai with a smile, and silently took a picture of the photo, “And this photo was given to you.”

After listening to Cheng Qiqi, Orange Bai smiled deeply and took the photo.

The photo was a little boy and a couple who was on the age. The little boy wore a yellow sports suit and a football with both hands. It looked like playing football and kicked half of them.

Orange Bai has recognized Cheng Yanqi’s grandma, and simply guessed that the little boy was Cheng Yanqi, and then the rest was curious about the gentle and elegant male in the photo.

“Is this your grandpa?”

Orange Baixi laughed and praised without hesitation: “Your grandpa is so handsome!”

“I do n’t know if handsome or handsome. He was serious. He used to be a teacher. When I was young, he beat me directly with bamboo whip.”

Orange Bai now thinks that Grandpa Cheng Qi is very handsome, and of course he is eccentric, refuting Cheng Yanqi: “It must be that you are naughty to hit you.”

Cheng Yan shook his head and laughed helplessly.

However, Orange Bai had to admit that in fact, Cheng Yanqi was very similar to his grandfather’s temperament, but his grandfather was a little more rolling than him. The formation of temperament must be accumulated over time, and orange and white sincerely like the feeling of them.

Cheng Yanqi was clear this time, and he came to worship and worshiped Grandma White. Since things have been done, he does not intend to stay more.

Orange Bai knew that he was unhappy after he knew that he had a trace of thought in his mind. If there was something suddenly, he could delay Cheng Yanqi, so that he would stay here for a day.

It seemed like God’s help. The next day, Cheng Yanqi did cause something that caused him to go because he had a fever.

Orange Bai got up early to call Cheng Yanqi to get up and found, because Cheng Yanqi was going to catch the plane. Obviously, Cheng Yanqi also said that he would leave early in the morning, and saw the time passing silently. The room of Qi still had no movement, and Orange Bai had to knock on his door, but no one answered after knocking for a long time, and Orange Bai broke in.


Cheng Yan prayed for a high fever, 39 degrees, Orange White hurriedly cools for him, and then quickly took him to the clinic to infusion.

Cheng Yanqi’s hand bones were clear, the blue tendons were exposed, and the orange and white made a series of preparations before the infusion. Before the official start, it was suddenly timid.

Looking at Cheng Yan’s uncomfortable appearance, Orange Bai’s heart was extremely guilty. She regretted that she shouldn’t have such an idea last night. She would rather leave Cheng Yan’s healthy health and leave without nostalgia.

Cheng Yanqi thought that Orange Bai was afraid to give him a needle, and comforted her gently: “Don’t be afraid, I’m not afraid of pain, you can tie up again. “,”

Orange Bai was amused by his words, and he laughed with “噗”. Just now the extra thoughts in his mind were left behind, and he took the needle to infusion for him.

Cheng Yanqi was ill, and Orange Bai had to continue to ask for leave.

I do n’t know if it ’s because of the sick Cheng Yan praying as a sheep like a sheep. Orange and white seemed to be flooded with love, and it was porridge to drink porridge, which was to supervise him regularly.

Fortunately, after the infusion, Cheng Yanqi retreated steadily. The illness came fiercely and walked fast. Orange Bai saw Cheng Yanqi recovering his spirit and finally let go.

Cheng Yanqi re -booked the ticket, the next day.

When Cheng Yanqi told Orange White, Orange White was helping Grandpa picking gold and silver flowers in the yard. The honeysuckle was picked up before flowering. This was specially instructed by Grandpa. After the gold and silver flowers are picked up, they can be dried. You can make tea and drink it.

Maybe there was a previous two times that Cheng Yanqi resigned to her. Orange Bai heard the news of Cheng Yanqi leaving again. Although she was sad in her heart, her face was not shocked.

She took a straw hat on her head and stood at Cheng Yanqi back, and was busy picking gold and silver flowers.

“I’ll send you tomorrow!”

The orange white language was happy, Cheng Yanqi could not see the expression on her face, and could not judge her mood through this. He seemed to not understand the orange -white reluctance, and directly rejected the orange white off.

“No, you go to work tomorrow, because I have asked for so many days off, and when I leave, I’m afraid my grandpa will scold you.”

Cheng Yanqi said this, Orange Bai’s movement turned around, she pursed her lips, as if to say something, but then sighed heavily and said discouragedly: ” Okay, you go all the way. “

After speaking, turn around and continue to work.

Cheng Yanqi suddenly realized his rushing, wanted to explain but didn’t know what to say, and thought for a while before looking for a topic.

“Do you want to leave here after graduation?”

In June, orange and white are going to graduate from college. To be honest, the problem of this question asked by Cheng Yanqi has never thought about the purpose of learning Chinese medicine with Grandpa at first. It’s right. Now, even more selfishly, after the grandmother left, Grandpa was alone, and Orange Bai wanted to stay with him more.

“I want to stay here for the time being.”

Cheng Yanqi nodded thoughtfully, as if understanding the idea of ​​orange white.


Cheng Yanqi left again. The last time he left the promise to return to Orange Bai. This time he walked quietly and did not leave a word.

After the days, the life of the town was light and light. Orange and white returned to school a few times in the middle. It was going to prepare for graduation.

Orange Bai’s father also called her several times, saying that she had asked her to find a job for her in a large hospital in the city. Orange Bai refused several times. Later, he simply asked him to help him cope with his father. Grandpa has his majesty, and the effect of dealing with his father is very good.


In mid -June, Orange White officially graduated, and she sneaked back to the town while her father came to her.

With the help of Sister Hua, the working orange and white in the clinic have been familiar with, but the state of Lao Li’s head is not very good. Since the severe cold in the previous scene, he has been sick intermittently. he.

At the end of June, Lao Li’s head convened Hua Sister and Orange Bai to his office. Lao Li’s desk was leaning on the window. He was paralyzed in a chair, and he looked tired and announced sorry: “I’m leaving. There will be new doctors to take over in July. “

Suddenly, Sister Hua cope with it calmly, and told Lao Li’s head very concerned: “You must raise your body well after you leave. Health is the most important.”

Orange white is a bit sad, and he doesn’t talk down with his head.

Lao Li’s head comforted her: “Orange white, there is no feast in the world.”

When Cheng Yanqi left, the orange and white understood that there were many parties that could not stop the parting. She only hoped that one day, they could meet again.

“Well, old Li, you promise me, you have to live well, live to a hundred years old.”

“Haha, dead girl, I don’t know if I can live until the age of one hundred years old, but I will definitely live longer than your grandpa. Hahahahaha …”

“Huh, my grandfather must have been able to die for a hundred years …”

The new doctor who replaced the old Li head was very timely. He was a young man, a little bigger than orange.

Sister Hua gossip, I have known some of his affairs, for example, he is still single.


Orange White knew these things after half a month, and it was heard from an unexpected person.

It was the evening of July in mid -July. I was busy at work during the day. After get off work, I washed the clothes and took it in the yard to dry. The wooden door of the yard was pushed away. Drop the clothes in your hand and run over.

The person who came was Cheng Yanqi. He carried a backpack, dragged a suitcase in his hand, and wore white short sleeves and jeans on his body, like a college student who had just stepped out of the campus.

“Why are you here?” Orange Bai Man was surprised.

Cheng Yanqi was full of vitality on his face, and he couldn’t see the tiredness of long journey.

“This time you need you and Grandpa to take me again.”

Cheng Yanqi pretended to be pitiful, orange white was proud, “How long will it take for you?”

“a long time……”

Orange Bai later knew that Cheng Yanqi was here to teach. He taught in the city before. He just needed a teacher in the town. Cheng Yi’s school had a place. Cheng Yanqi signed up. It was also contacted by Cheng Yanqi. They once met with students when they took students to the medical examination.

Orange Bai remembers Cheng Yanqi on the day of the town again, the sunset was beautiful, and a large number of fires appeared on the sky, red. The memory of that day seemed to be shining, so that in the later years, it was all shining, which was impressive.

Because of the memory of a grandma, they will also create a period of memory that belongs to them in the future. (Work name: “I Coming from Memory”, Author: Riding a donkey to play lanterns. From: Read the story app every day, see more exciting)

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