As a product photographer, I was shot in the shed all year round. I didn’t have a wind and sun, so I didn’t have much warm coat and jacket. However, this year, there were many rooms of many RV, which means that I need to go out to shoot.

But the plateau of this north, the climate change is incompetent, even if it is clear, the green trees are shaded, and the temperature will be much lower than other regions. I really can’t show it, I have chosen more convenient activities and have a good warm jacket in the warmth of outdoor.


With a friend, I chose the camel Camel, which looks more fashionable, and can effectively waterproof, which is really a great advantage for the photographer working outdoors.


Of course, keep warm windproof is not a problem.

This jacket uses DuPont Teflon coated fabric, imitation cotton and wear-resistant tear, simply wearing soft and more durable, which is an advantage for me to handle photographing equipment outdoors.


3D full perspective windsho hat, the wind and rain, the most important thing is that it can be adjusted, which means that the needs of different body types can be met. If you don’t have a hat demand, you can also remove it, turn it into a stand-up clothes.

In the cuff, it uses the horseshoe cuff design, as well as the tight control of the magic stickers, tightening the cuffs more warm, and resists the wind and snow.


Delivery design inside and outside, we can choose from different outdoor needs, only liner, jacket or two, three-in-one wearer can better deal with various environment and weather problems.


I prefer to wear only coats, which will be more thin, and it is more convenient for me, thanks to the stable technology waterproof fabric on the coat, even if I don’t wear the liner, I can get a good windproof and waterproof effect. Especially suitable for motorcycle riding.

This jacket’s pocket is very large, I can easily put down a camera in the outer inside pocket, if it is raining, I can put it into the pocket protection camera.

The outer pocket can put a mobile phone and other equipment, and the YKK zipper also has waterproof effects. I think that the next iPhone X is raining when it is raining.

The lined fleece is also very suitable for being worn alone, and the warmth is more favorable. The zipper design can also make the split simpler, and the position of the sleeve is also designed with a lanyard connected to the jacket to prevent the lining and jackets.


Looking back and getting along this jacket, I think the gray is still very suitable for me, it looks more sluggish, and more in line with the color matching of spring and autumn, it seems to be more spiritual. It is very suitable for the environmental needs of outdoor photographers, waterproof and windproof. When the motorcycle rides, this camel jacket can give me the best windproof effect. Love outdoor sports, travel friends, I special recommendations to start this equipment.

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