In the entry -level sedan review last year, we have mentioned one many times, the name from the European car market -Corsa. This entry -level product that originated in Europe and also carried forward in the United States brand, and eventually returned to Europe completely, has now become a part of the French Auto Group PSA. We don’t want to introduce the history of this nameplate again. In simple terms, it is the European version of Buick Saio and Chevrolet Saio. After selling the European business of Obress and Walkerhore, it has become a pure European five The door of the door, but as the sixth -generation product, it has been produced from the general SCCS platform to the Peugeot Citroen CMP platform.

From the recognition of a European steel cannon


We can still call it the EUS -Europe Rule, because Chevrolet Saou 3 in the domestic market has stopped updating sales in China, and all current sales statistics come from the export end.

The current Walker Huru (UK)/Obress (Europe) Corsa should be a work that allows many small steel sports car fans. Why can it be called “work”? Because the personality recognition, moving avant -garde, and functional practicality of a hatchback and five -door hatchback are all available. Let’s start with the impeccable design of the vehicle.

The new generation of CORSA, which was originally exposed in front of consumers, is a pure electric version, and CORSA, which is now driving testing, lets us see fuel vehicles and the possibility of going forward in design.

In the current market, there are very few entry -level cars, which will use tomahawk -style headlights. This is largely because it will affect the vehicle’s aerodynamic structure and shape. And Obao not only has not abandoned the structure, but also re -processes this popular design. By combining the triangle with the Tomahawk lampshade, the new lamp group that is closer to the side wing panel has become a guide to guide the front airflow of the vehicle front airflow. One member.


The same attracted our attention, as well as the lighting structure inside the lamp group. Although the Toyota Zhixuan and Volkswagen POLO we saw also provided an independent interval to wrap the fog lights, but this vertical treatment, we are still more compact in compactness. See in the hatchback. The closed processing is doomed, it will not get the air -cooled support for the braking system in the standard model, but this makes Corsa’s simple front face look more sunny.


It is directly connected to the Tomahawk corner, which is the vertical triangle diversion hole. It has an independent wrapping fog light. It is still different from ordinary models. With Tomahawk headlights, they gave the vehicle a distinctive personality recognition as soon as possible.


No kit, the sports style is born, come from


Even Ford Fox and Mazda 3 have obtained large -size air intake grilles. Isn’t it a small steel cannon grille? Nothing! Does the public still maintain a family -style horizontal barriers in the most well -known and best -selling hatchback -golf car?


In addition, Spain’s Seat Leon, French Meriga, Italy’s Fiat OTTIMO Zhiyue, etc., also maintains this traditional grille. After so many pads, the same is true of the new generation of Walkerhohr/Obress Corsa in our lens. The main grille where the lightning shape is located is very small, and the main air intake is given the auxiliary air hole in the bumper below.

Unlike the traditional honeycomb mid -net, the line -shaped mid -network shape adopted by Obress Corsa will strengthen the recognition of the light group and other interval. It will render a sense of motion for small steel cannons.

Although not first -line steel cannons such as golf and Fox, there are sports kits prepared by large factory engineers, whether it is the bulging fascia of the front or the sports spoiler treatment of the standard models, these are enough for CORSA to get started The hatchback market has a natural motion aura.

It can also show more details of the vehicle movement, such as the high -level spoiler rear wing on the top of the car tail lid in the lens.

这块高位扰流尾翼,采用了与车身顶端相同的黑色喷涂,虽然我们在每一款两厢五门掀背车上,都能够看到这样的高位扰流,但其采用的上翘处理方式, It is unique in a large number of hatchbacks, and it will surround the tail to surround and cooperate with the tail end of the dynamic driving process to bring the gain effect.


Comment at the end:

No one will say that Obress Corsa looks ugly, just like once GAC Fickfyat Zhiyue has experienced in the Chinese market, it is not uncommon for applauding. Whether the model will exist in the “Dongfeng Obao” in the future (PSA also signs an expansion cooperation agreement covering the possibility of new brands with Dongfeng Motor after merging with the FCA), glowing and heat, we will be quiet, everything will be quiet Wait for the decision of Shenlong.

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