Source: Great Wall Network

Great Wall Network · Jiyun client reporter Gao Yannan Meng Tianzheng

“Xixin! There was a Azerbaijan reporter on the mountain, and the symptoms of warm frostbite had occurred, and the translation was urgently needed!” Come on! “

On the morning of February 6, the linguistic service volunteer of the Genting Ski Resort of the Zhangjiakou Division, Lin Yixin, immediately moved to the scene after receiving an emergency phone call. After seeing the frostbite of Azerbaijan, the frostbite and the trembling of both feet and his feet.The 20 -year -old girl who was only 20 years old completed the translation calmly, and has always appeared in Russian to appease the foreign friend.Under the careful care of the medical staff, the feet of the reporter’s friend had returned to health. He was very moved and said that he would make this matter as a special news in the local media of Azerbaijan.

At present, Lin Yanxin’s deeds have been reported by local media in Russia.Like her!

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