People teach PEP version of the fourth grade English book next -the third grade starting point, the list, and example summary

People teach the PEP version of the fourth grade English (third grade starting point) word list and example sentence exchange include 6 learning units and 104 words.

*Unit 1 (13 words)


He was the first person to cross the end line.

· First

Ying [fɜ: st] / n. First floor

He is the first one to cross the finish line. (He is the first person to cross the end line.)

· Second

Ying [əsek ]nd] / n. Second floor

Britain has droped from second to Third Place in the League.

· Teachers”office

British/ Teacher’s Office

Maybe he”s in the teachers”office. (He may be in the teacher’s office.)

· Library

Ying [ɪlaəbrˈri] / n. Library

The One Student are looking for some books in the libray. (A student is looking for some books in the library.)

· Playground

Ying [ɪPleʊgraˈnd] / n. Playground

We also have a big playground. (We still have a large playground.)

· Computer Room

Ying [kˈmupju: tə ru: m] / computer room

We have a new computer room. (We have a new computer room.)

· Art Room

Ying [u: T Ru: M] / Art Classroom

There”s an art room in my school. (There is an art classroom in my school.)

· Music Room

Ying [:mju: Zik Ru: M] / Music Classroom

In the music Room there a little piano. (There is a small piano in the music room.)

· Next to

British [nekst tu:] / prep. Close to; in … nearby

Canada is next to the united states.

· Homework

Ying [ɜHəʊmwk: k] / n.

It was late at night and he was strong working after his homework.

· Class

Ying [klɑ: s] / n. Class; Class

She is teaching class to his studers.


Ying [tfɔ: ti] / n. Forty

Congeratulation on Turning Forty Years Old!

· Way

Ying [we /] / n.

It was very different to see our way before of the fog.

*Unit 2 (18 words)

What’s for breakfast?

· Breakfast

Ying [əBrekf /st] / n. Breakfast, breakfast

What”’S for Breakfast? (What do you eat for breakfast?)

· English

English [ɪʃgl n] / n. English

I can speak English very well. (I speak well in English.)

· Lunch

Ying [lʌnt n] / n. Lunch; lunch

We had an exceedingly good lunch.

· MUSIC Class

Ying [:mju: zik klɑ: s] / n. Music class

They are having a music class.

· PE Class

British/ ABBR. Sports Class

We have a pe class today. (We are taking physical education today.)

· Dinner

Ying [ədɪn) (R)] / n.

I gave a dinner party for a few close friend.

· Get ​​up

Ying [ʌET /P] / getting up

When do you get everything? (When do you get up every day?)

· Go to school

Ying [:U TU: SKU: L] / Go to school

I go to school at 7:00. (I go to school at seven o’clock.)


Ying [əU h ]um] / Go home

I go home at 17:00. (I go home at 17 o’clock.)

· Go to Bed

Ying [:U TU: Bed] / Go to bed

I go to bed at 21:00. (I sleep at 21:00.)

· Over

Ying [rvə (R)] / adv. End

He jumped over the barrier easily.

· Now

Ying [na /] / n. Now; Current

What time is it now? (What time is it now?)

· O”Clock

Ying [ɒkl /k] / adv. (Represents the whole point) …

It”s a large clock. (This is a big clock.)

· Kid

Ying [k ]d] / n. Child

The little likes to play in the park. (This child likes to play in the park.)

· Thirty

Ying [tθɜ: ti] / n. Thirty

The cheat Thirty Years Old. (The chef is thirty years old.)

· Hurry up

Ying [iHʌri ]P] / fast point

Hurry up! The film has begun. (Fast! The movie has begun.)

· Come on

Ying [kɔm /n] / fast; come on

Come on now. You know you must be hungry. (Okay, come on, you must be hungry.)

· Just a minute

Ying [dəst ˈ iMinit] / Wait a while

Hey, just a minute! (Hi, wait!)

*Unit 3 (22 words)

I prefer the cold, snow -capped mountains than warm places.


Ying [kdld] / adj. Cold; cold

I prefer the cold, snowy mountains over warm places.


Ying [ku: l] / adj. Cool; cool

It”s cooland windy. (The weather is cool and windy.)

· Warm

Ying [wɔ: m] / adj. Warm, warm

The weather cooled off, wo we made a fire to keep warm.

· Hot

Ying [hɒt] / adj. Hot; hot

It was a hot, humid summer day. (This is a humid summer.)

· Sunny

Ying [iSʌni] / adj.

I love sunny. (I like sunny.)

· Windy

Ying [dwɪndi] / adj.

It”s windy. (The weather is windy.)

· Cloudy

Ying [ʊkla ]di] / adj. Cloudy; cloudy

It”S Cloudy. (Cloudy.)

· Snowy

Ying [əʊsn /i] / adj. Snow (more)

It”s snowy. (Snow.)

· Rainy

Ying [iReɪni] / adj. Rainy, rainy

I don’t rainy. (I don’t like raining.)

· Outside

Ying [ˈaʊtɪsaˌd] / ADV. Outdoor

The birds will winter outside in an aviary.

· Be Careful

Ying [bi: ɛəklful] / n. Be careful

Be careful not to slip. (Be careful, don’t slide down.)

· Weather

Ying [ðəwe) (R)] / n. Weather

What”s the weatherlike today, dad? (Dad, how about the weather today?)

· New York

British/ New York

Hours Later We Reacked the Outskirts of New York. (We arrived in the suburbs of New York a few hours later.)

· How About

British [hau ubaut] / … how about … what?

Well, I enjoyed that. How about you two? (Well, I think it is great. What about you two?)

· Degree

Ying [dɪˈgri:] / n.

The boat is now leaning at a 30 degree angle.

· World

Ying [wɜ: ld] / n. World

This world has enough for every”s need. (This world can meet everyone’s needs.)

· London

Ying [” lənd’n] / n. London

These are symbols of london. (These are all signs of London.)

· Moscow

Ying [” məʊsk’] / n. Moscow

MOSCOW in the Winter Looks Like Something from a Fairy Tale. (Moscow in winter looks like a fairy tale.)

· Singapore

Ying [əSɪŋgɔ’Pɔ:] / n. Singapore City

Singapore and South Africa Have Established Diplomatic Relations. (Singapore and South Africa have established diplomatic relations.)

· Sydney

Ying [” sɪdn’] / n. Sydney

Sydney is in the soundHeTheast of Australia.

· Fly

Ying [FLAɪ] / vi. Put (kite, etc.)

The will geese fly from north to south.


Ying [lʌv] / vt. & Vi (enthusiastic greetings at the end of the letter) love you

I love looking after the children. (I like to take care of children.)

*Unit 4 (16 words)

I want some tomatoes and eggs.

· Tomato

Ying [təˈmɑ: t n] / n. Tomato

I want some tomatoes and eggs. (I want some tomatoes and eggs.)


Ying [pəˈteəʊt n] / n. Potatoes, potatoes

I want some meat and portatoes. (I want some meat and potatoes.)

· Green Beans

English/ n. Bean horn, four seasons beans

We planted green beans. (We also planted four seasons.)

· Carrot

Ying [əkær /t] / n. Carrot

Bring some carrots in from the garden, so we can cook dinner.




· Horse

Ying [hɔ: s] / n. Horse

The horse he painted is very lifelike.


Ying [kaʊ] / n. Cow; cow

A mature cow has horns.


Ying []i: p] / n. Sheep, sheep

Sheep are raised to Produce Wool.

· Hen

Ying [Hen] / n. Hen

The Chickens Gathered Under The Hen.

· These

British [zi: z] / adj.

I’m going to eat all of the. (I want to eat all of them!)

· Yum

Ying [jʌm] / int.

Seaweed and Tofu Soup! Mmmmm yum!

· Animal

Ying [lnɪml] / n. Animals, beasts

Every kind of animal webent on the boat.

· Those

British [az] / adj. (The plural form of that)

Is the boy playing with the those birds?

· Garden

Ying [dgɑ: dn] / n. Garden, vegetable garden

Let”s go to the garden. (Let’s go to the garden.)


Ying [fɑ: m] / n. Farm

I’m going to the farm. (I want to go to the farm.)

· Goat

Ying [gəʊt] / n. Goat

A Goat is difficult from a sheep. (Different goats and sheep.)


Ying [i: t] / vt. & Vi. Eat.

She was eative a sandwich. (She is eating sandwiches.)

*Unit 5 (16 words)


I have begun weaving clothes for my baby.

· Clothers

Ying [kləʊðz] / n. Clothing; clothing

I have always started knitting baby clothes.

· Pants

Ying [pænts] / n. Pants

I bought sectral new pairs of pants. (I bought a few new pants.)

· Hat

Ying [hæt] / n. (Often refers to the eaves) hat

Several Styles of Hat Were Available.

· Dress

Ying [Dres] / n. Dress

Look at my dress. (Look at my dress.)


Ying [SK t: T] / n. Women’s skirt

I like your skirt. (I like your skirt.)

· Coat

Ying [k ]t] / n. Course, coat

She would a whole coat to keep warm in the winter.

· Sweater

Ying [əswet) (R)] / n. Sweater

She wears a yellow sweater. (She wore a yellow sweater.)


Ying [sɒk] / n. Socks

I bough a new pair of sock yesterday. (I bought a pair of new socks yesterday.)


Ying []: ts] / n. Shorts

I like your shorts. (I like your shorts.)

· Jacket

Ying [ɪDʒæk /t] / n. Jacket

My brown jacket is very extensive. (My brown jacket is very expensive.)

· Shirt

Ying [ /: t] / n. (Especially men) shirts

Put on your shirt. (Put on your shirt.)


Ying [jɔ: z] / adj. You; you

Are these all your? (Are these you?)

· Whose

Ying [hu: z] / pron. Who is

Whose Wallet is this?

· Mine

Ying [Ma ]n] / Pron. Mine

That was had his fault, it was mine. (That’s not his fault, it’s my fault.)

· Pack

Ying [pæk] / vt. & Vi. Packing (baggage)

He is packing his suitcase. (He is organizing his suitcase.)


Ying [we ]t] / vt. & Vi. Wait

The space must wait for prey to be ensnared on its web.

*Unit 6 (19 words)

My gloves are blue.

· Glove

British [GL ]V] / n. (Breakfinger) gloves

My glove are block. (My gloves are blue.)

· Scarf

Ying [SK f: F] / n. Scarf; towel

She tied a knot in her scarf. (She knotted the scarf.)

· Umbrella

Ying [remˈbrelʌ] / n. Umbrella; umbrella

Take this umbrella with you. (You bring it with this umbrella.)

· Sunglasses


I bough a new pair of sunglasses yesterday. (I bought a new sunglasses yesterday.)

· Pretty

Ying [ɪPR ]ti] / adj. Beautiful; exquisite ones

Wow, she”s pretty! Does she have a boyfriend? (Wow, she is beautiful! Do she have a boyfriend?)

· Expensive

Ying [pkˈspensɪv] / adj. Exarled, spend more money

The are so extensive! I can’e buy them! (Oh my god, so expensive! I can’t afford it!)

· Cheap

Ying [tʃi: p] / adj. Cheap; spent less money

They server breakfast all day and sold it cheap.

· Nice

Ying [na ]s] / adj. OK

Nice to meet you. (I am glad to see you.)

· TRY on

Ying [trai /n] / trial

I try on this beautiful skirt. (I tried this beautiful skirt.)


Ying [Sa ]z] / n. Size; number; number; number

It was made in the size of the clothes.


Ying [ɔːv k) (r) s] / Of course

It was, of course, within my right to do so. (Of course I have the right to do so.)


Ying [tu:] / adv. Too too; too much

The box is too small for his to sit in.

· Just

Ying [dʒʌst] / adv. Just right; just right

Her wedding raing fits on her finger just right right.

· How much

Ying [hau mʃt 多少] / how much money

How much are they? (How much is they?)

· Eighty

Ying [ieɪti] / num. Eighty

The old man is over Eighty. (This old man is over 80 years old.)

· Dollar

Ying [ədɒl) (R)] / n.

My mother gives me one dollar a week.

· Sale

Ying [se ]l] / n. Special price sales; big reduction price reduction

I’m at a discus for a speedy sale.

· More

Ying [mɔ: (r)] / adv. More

It”s obvious that you need more time to think. (Obviously you need more time to think.)


Ying [pS] / pron. We

It”s time for us to go. (We should go.)


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