Dad’s old T -shirt should not be thrown. Baby conjoined tailoring picture sharing

A friend asked privately and asked about the old T -shirt of the father at home. The fabric was very good, and it was a pity. Ask if you can change it to a small clothes?


Today, I will share with you a piece of tailoring of the baby’s jacket. It is the most suitable to change the old T’s old T


Let’s take a look at the style first

Such a small clothes are not wasted at all with Dad’s T, and the length and width are just right.


I ’m the most favorite for baby clothes on the crotch conjoined. Do n’t worry about the baby’ s belly. It can be worn in spring and autumn. It is also good to make air -conditioned shirts in summer.

The child is fast, and basically you have to change the new clothes every season. Then this kind of jacket is just right, and the child is comfortable to wear.


If you can’t wear it a few times, you will feel a pity. So the old clothes of Dad will not change this way. How can the baby come comfortably, isn’t it?

Baby body clothes, front



73-yards cutting pictures sharing, 67-73cm tall, babies with six to nine months are the most suitable.


If you need other numbers, you can push the board according to the file difference of 4cm length 7cm.

Below is the drawing drawing.

The red line is the latter, and the green line is the front film. A total of 4 pieces before and after.

Wrap the neckline. The position of 5.6cm from the hip line is the position of the rear crotch.

Baby’s dressing process and process commentary


Selection of fabrics: Cotton knitting is the best choice. Choose a baby fabric of class A

Create the shrinkage before cutting, wash and dry it

After cutting the diagram above the tailoring drawings above, plus the appropriate amount of sewing edges can be typed on the fabric

Tailor the tablet at the position of the pocket of the front film.

Start sewn. After the mouth of the bag is rolled, the shape of the pocket with a clean version of the pocket is scalded. Sewing with the method of buckling seam.

The following is the effect of pocket stickers


Sewing front and rear shoulder sewing —- Swipe the sleeve and the body-the suture sleeve bottom sewing front and rear suture

After the sewing mid -stitching to the rear open space

The front film adds a dark placket and suture the front midfather

Sewing the inner crotch seam, the neckline is used with horizontal fabrics as edge

The cuffs are 1.8-2cm in the cuffs.

Is it particularly simple

Okay, that’s it for today’s sharing.

If you like it, you can try it. If you don’t understand, you can leave a message or a private message in the comment area.

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