The two students of Huazi, in order to drink yogurt, are arguing about drinking yogurt. One said that drinking yogurt can supplement probiotics and promote digestion. Let’s comment, who is right?

Hua Zi said that both of them were not wrong and were not right. The types of yogurt are different, and the role of nutrition is roughly the same, but if you want to supplement probiotics and produce the effect of health care, you must meet several conditions.

1. Yogurt can be used for lactose intolerance

Yogurt is made of fresh milk as raw materials, which adds probiotics, and then fermented. In the process of milk fermentation, lactose in milk will be converted into lactic acid, which is the origin of “sour taste” in yogurt.

After milk is converted into yogurt, the content of protein and calcium in it has not decreased, and the nutritional component is almost the same as milk.


Some people lack lactase and are not resistant to lactose in milk. If you drink milk directly, it will cause abdominal pain and diarrhea. But yogurt does not contain lactose,

So people who are not tolerated by lactose can drink yogurt

Essence This is equivalent to drinking milk around a “small detour”, so as to obtain nutrition in milk.

Second, the yogurt that needs to be stored at low temperature is prestigious

Many people think that after drinking yogurt, they can supplement probiotics and maintain intestinal health. This idea is right, but

Not all yogurt can supplement probiotics


Essence Although yogurt is mixed when processing, it is necessary to add probiotic fermentation, but in order to extend the shelf life, some yogurt will be sterilized in the final link of production. The effect of health care.


Want to distinguish whether yogurt is an active probiotic. There is a simple way to see the preservation requirements.


Generally speaking, it is required to be stored at low temperature. Yogurt with no more than 7 days of shelf life contains activated probiotics

The yogurt that can be stored at room temperature and the shelf life is basically sterilized, leaving only nutrients.

3. Drink yogurt health care at 15 minutes after meals

Yogurt containing probiotics will only have a good health effect after 15 minutes after meals.


Essence Because the human gastric acid has a powerful sterilization effect, it is a barrier of the human body. Except for Helicobacter pylori, other bacteria will be killed by gastric acid regardless of whether it is beneficial or harmful.

And beneficial bacteria must have sufficient amounts to enter the intestinal tract to grow and reproduce in the intestinal tract, and then through the restrictions between bacteria, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, and play a health effect on the body. If you drink yogurt on an empty stomach, it will cause beneficial bacteria to be killed by stomach acid.

Drinking yogurt at 15 minutes after meals can mix yogurt and food to protect more beneficial bacteria to the intestine and play a role

Fourth, yogurt cannot replace the drug

Although drinking low -temperature preserved yogurt after meals can supplement beneficial bacteria and produce a health care effect, but pay attention, pay attention, it should be noted.

The role of yogurt cannot replace probiotic drugs

Essence People with intestinal flora disorders still need to be used by doctors to take probiotics to effectively treat diseases.

Also remind you,

Although the yogurt preserved at low temperature has a health care effect, it is not recommended to drink too much


Essence Because low temperature can cause stimulation to the digestive tract, it may affect the digestive function, and yogurt will add a lot of sugar in order to have a better taste, so that people can consume more heat and become obese. So if you want to drink yogurt after meals, it is recommended to eat less.

To sum up, yogurt is a nutritious food, especially for people with lactose intolerance. You need to choose a low -temperature -stored yogurt and drink 15 minutes after meals to produce better health effects. It should be noted that yogurt cannot replace probiotic drugs. If you eat too much, you will lose weight. I am a pharmacist, and welcome to follow me and share more health knowledge.


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