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There is always a strange operation on the Internet for some time,

Now, foreign net reds have begun to become popular with the “nails” method to “DIY orthodontics” …

Its specific practice is simple, that is, the places where the teeth are unevenly smoothed with the scrub surface of the nail. ↓↓

Don’t look at it as a “earth method”, and there are real -time effects.

Netizen @miadio has taken a video of molars with nails, and has more than 50,000 views.

In the video, she said, “My teeth are not perfect, so I plan to grind my teeth with my nails” and show everyone her teeth.


Well, it is indeed a bit uneven:


Then she started to pick up my nails to grind her teeth …

I can see it for a while, and the teeth are a lot more neat than before.

Another netizen @Kaybrazzzz also shows the process of using nails to grind teeth.


She took out the nails,

Show your unsatisfactory teeth (in fact, it was also good–)


Open on the teeth …

Improve the details again …


Put on the braces … you can do it!

In the video, they are all cool and relaxed. In addition, people can’t help but think: It is really useful! Intersection


Looking at more and more young people, dentists can’t sit still.

They stood up and said,

This will not only cure the standard and not the root cause, but also cause permanent damage to the teeth, becoming extremely sensitive or even dental victims! Intersection

Chad Evans, a dentist in Texas, has two daughters. He said that the popularity of this brainless operation in young people makes him worry:

“This is completely different from the nails. You will come back tomorrow.

But the teeth are irreversible.


“Basically, this is to shorten the life of the teeth. The teeth are composed of many layers. If the enamel on the teeth is squeezed, it will never grow again.”


After the teeth are grinded, it will cause irreparable damage and damage. “

“Your teeth will gradually become extremely sensitive, and may even cause dental victims … It’s just a matter of time.”

Orthodontic dentist Benjamin Winters also said in a INS video,

When he saw this video with nails, the whole person was stunned:

Benjamin said:


“Don’t sting your teeth yourself! Dentists or professionals who understand the teeth structure and anatomical structure can clearly know how many enamels will not damage the teeth, and only they can help you flatter your teeth safely and harmlessly.”

Another dentist Suhail Mohiumdin also said that this method does not cure the standard,

“You smoothed them, and it looked beautiful at the time, but you did not solve the original problem. When they started to be uneven, you had to continue to grind …

A few years later, your teeth are grinded more and more, what else can you do?

(Dentist Suhail Mohiumdin)

Suhail Mohiumdin also said that although it seems to save budget with nails to grind teeth, it will actually pay a high price in the future.


“Once you cause dental bad, you need to spend high dental treatment fees for your lifetime to maintain your teeth.”

(A netizen is using nails to grind his teeth)

Well, countless people think that they have a “teeth beauty tips”, but they actually hurt their teeth and hurt their wealth …


I am afraid that the young people who have invented or follow the trend of follow -up, I am afraid that I have never thought about what kind of price they have to pay …

https://nypost.pom/2020/09/17/tiktok-users-reshaping-Teeth-with-nail-files-tentist- Horror/


Hua AOMM: I feel sour in reading text alone

I just eat a melon passersby: there are also tooth orthodigers on Taobao. I think that everyone’s teeth are different.

Ning Yan Tong MM: So simple can be done, what do you want to do, what do you want to do?

I am tired and want to go back to be a fairy:? Intersection Intersection I have talked about the damage of the enamel in the middle school biological class. Is there no common sense at all?

Grapefruit Terminator_: How much dipped in NT

I love to drink peach juice:? Intersection Intersection I have encountered a god who brushed my teeth with a steel ball before. I advise him not to do so.

Waitinginuit: It seems that these people have not experienced the thrill of killing nerves …


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