As the weather became warmer, everyone took off the original heavy down jackets and cotton jackets, and put their eyes on a thin coat. In spring, a delicate coat allows us to experience the fresh atmosphere of the spring. We also began to work hard to fight for the most shining star in spring.

If a tall girl wants to have a stronger aura, then naturally a long coat is needed to create a queen’s general image.

Exclusive, long coat is domineering

Many times the addition of details and accessories can make the original flat jacket more interesting, which is probably the charm of decoration.


Many people’s first impression of the black windbreaker is rigid. In fact, otherwise, the H version of the jacket and straight pants coincide in the design, especially the casual jeans, and the fabrics with a lot of drape feel. To create a sense of randomness and collide with the coat, the black and white scarf randomly matched at the neckline of the shirt looks extraordinarily elegant. At this time, a golden brooch is used as a decoration, and the single sense of black was weakened immediately.

The use of silk scarves to match the trench coat is the most daily and elegant shape. The classic khaki trench coat will not look abrupt in any age, but it combines leisure and delicately together. The color of this silk scarf is particularly fresh, and the white and green colors can be dull and dull. The belt can be tied up casually.

If you are tall, you may choose the length of the ankle. Such a trench coat can also maximize the sense of black domineering. White knitted tops can be used as inside, which can also retain the gentle image of women and tie the jacket into the waist of the trousers. Combined with the version of the trousers, the display of a good figure is particularly natural.


The suit hip skirt is tailor -made for professional women. It not only has the three -dimensional sense of the suit, but also can naturally reveal the women’s style. It is very suitable for middle -aged women. The small V -neck is also a beautiful representative. If you want to make the shape more workplace, a three -dimensional black bag is essential.

If the long jacket is more refreshing after the upper body, then the short jacket is obviously more suitable for daily life, and it can easily create a casual shape.

Leisure and exquisite coexistence, short coats in spring


Whether it is simple or exquisite, it can be achieved through the choice of clothing items, and different pursuits for fashion and different pursuits will be reflected in different styles.


No single items can reduce their age like jeans and be full of casual sense. This is why many middle -aged women choose it to achieve anti -age effects. Turn the legs of the trousers as lazy. Methods, the gray short knitted cardigan is particularly low -key, and after adding the printing element, it is full of elegant charm.

Middle -aged women who wear leather clothes seem to find their own time when they were born with a three -dimensional feeling. After the three -dimensional body of the leather coat, there was a special kind of gorgeous girl in the upper body of the leather coat, and naturally matched with black sunglasses. Unlike the close -up version of the jacket, the black printed shirt inside is obviously more relaxed, so it will also be more comfortable. The jacket is shorter than the inside. Body can also be modified very well.


If the suit pants symbolize the workplace, then the denim short jacket is a representative of leisure. The combination of the two items can meet the requirements of the get off work, and it will not look too deliberate after work. The pants are particularly clear in color. At this time, if you want to be more domineering, black bags and sunglasses are particularly important.


Even if people reach middle age, they still have the right to pursue beauty. Some bold women will choose leopard elements. The textured texture of caramel is complemented in the three -dimensional suit jacket. Thunder hat can be described as the ultimate collision to the extreme, especially the irregular necklace, which not only becomes the finishing touch, but also full of characteristics.

Presumably no one can refuse the charm of red. In terms of setting off good skin, red has other colors that cannot be replaced. Especially when Zhu Danhong and golden button are combined, the whole person is filled with retro flavor. It uses the color of the pants to maintain the overall unity. Now that the metal necklace is selected to create a punk style, the three -dimensional locomotive boots can naturally be more consistent with the overall style of the shape.

If you choose the suit shape, then you must work hard up and down in the modification ratio. With the short coat without a belt, the pockets on both sides can also achieve the effect of highlighting the waistline. Optimize the S -shaped curve through the fishtail skirt, even if people pass the middle age, they can still be tens of thousands of style. The charm of women always comes from details. Silver brooch and woven hat with their own silk elements show the elegance of French style.

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