In the dawn coal mine innovation studio, the author saw that it is often commissioning the intelligent number-controlled dust collector. A simple overalls, a focus, half squats before the machine, alternate, carefully drilled, tested. This is just that ordinary to the work scene of no longer ordinary, who can think of this busy master is actually having more than 100 scientific research results, 10 national patents, 72 utility model patents, and many patents have been converted to a service mine Qualified products of safe production, and many times have obtained the honorary title of “Shanxi Jiao Co-coal Work”, and the model of Western Mining, he is the leader of the Dawn Coal Mine “Coal Mine Equipment Invention Studio”.

Study hard from veterans to hipster

As the saying goes, “Values ​​such as the mountains”. Detained from retired, is allocated to the comprehensive acquisition team. With a love of inventive innovation, he practiced the quality of unremitting, silent military quality in work, soon, from a veterans to reform and innovate.

He is strong from a small hand, as long as it sees the abandoned parts or equipment, the equipment is always encouraged, disassemble, installing, always wants to make these things out. The equipment was broken in a team. Under his drum, it was also miraculous, and he slowly became the “technical responsibility” in the team. If you have any questions, everyone is willing to ask him. He knows that no matter what work must have a hard business knowledge, only constantly learning charging can be better discharged. In order to make yourself follow the pace of the times, quickly capture technology information and use it in time. In addition, workers watched TV and played mobile phones, but he was looking at drawings, check data, do experiment, notes, and learning business technology.

Solidly drilling, transforming small leather small capabilities

Over the years, he and the coal mine equipment, based on the position of small reform of small revolution and technological innovation, aiming at safe, provincial, and efficient these keywords, surrounding the problem of safety production problems, a number of small reform of small revolution is safe Production solves a lot of stopper problems. The entire underground can have a good working environment, and he has been able to study the design of a smart CNC dust removing device. This set of devices not only achieve intelligent self-control dust, but also small, easy to install, achieve dust-free, dust removal on the source, reduces the workers being affected by coal. He has completed or participated in the small reform of the small revolution, which was 300,000 yuan for mineral production.

Creating nothing to achieve innovative

It’s not spring in a flower. The mine party has established a “common coal mine equipment innovation studio”, which is naming, has gathered a number of senior technicians, technicians, and electromechanical enthusiasts of all team groups, and created a work base. Related equipment facilities, specializing in research on studios. The establishment of the studio has determined his confidence and determination to engage in, invented, serving mines, always insisting on all innovation inventions for the safety production of mines, and put into the innovative research and development of mine equipment. , Take the lead in promoting new technologies, new processes, innovation results gradually by small to large, from simple to complex, extended from low to advanced, and extending over a broader field. Among them, the “no-rope intelligent bulletproof device” won the third prize of Shanxi “five small” competitions, often comrades received personal second-class work; “Intelligent Self-control Dust Dust King” won the first prize issued by the Provincial Coal General Commission; Comrade has won the honorary title of “Shanxi Jiao Coal Excellent Communist Party”, labor model.

“Thousands of Tao Wan is hard, blow up the yellow sand to the gold”. In the 19th year of the root, in the mine, dedicated to the grassroots, his footprints, every drop of sweat, every grade, truly recorded his no regrets for the cause. He used its own practical actions to showcase the silent dedication of coal mine workers in the new era, unique, courageous, and dare to take a good spirit! (Hu Xiaohong)

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