Source: China Economic Network

Baby diapers are the “close partners” of babies. They have been in contact with the baby’s skin for a long time and accompanied the baby to spend the entire infantile period. In order to strengthen the consumption guidance of baby diaper products and guide consumers to buy correctly. Recently, the Consumer Rights Protection Committee of Nanhu District, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province conducted a comparative test on the commercial supermarkets and maternal and infant supplies stores that sold baby diaper in Nanhu District. All the test results were qualified.

It is reported that the experiments involved a total of 10 production companies and 10 batches. The main brands include Dad Bi Captain, BBU, British Guardian, Lu An Shi, Kobeqi, listening to mother’s words, new darling, curiosity. The test is based on the standards of GB/T28004-2011, GB/15979-2002, etc., mainly from deviation (full length), deviation (full width), deviation (bar quality), penetration performance (slippery seepage), penetration performance (penetration) performance (slippery seepage) performance (slippery seepage) (slippery seepage) performance (slippery seepage) (slippery seepage), penetration performance (permeability) Back seepage), penetration performance (leakage), pH value, delivery moisture, product sales logo and packaging, total number of bacterial colonies, total fungal colonies, colon flora, Golden bacteria, Greenworm, hemolytic chain, hemolytic chain 15 projects of bacteria were conducted for detection and research.

The Consumer Protection Commission of Nanhu District of Jiaxing City said that the comparison test was better. Consumers can pay attention to 3 aspects when buying baby urine pants products.

1. Select the brand and give priority to the high -quality products of large enterprises. Generally speaking, the production environment of large diaper companies is better, strict management, and strict monitoring of physical performance and sanitary indicators. Many of them have passed the quality system certification Essence When buying diapers, try to choose products of large enterprises and well -known brands. Secondly, pay attention to packaging and appearance. The appearance should be soft and clean. The product packaging should indicate the name, address, telephone, and product standards, health standards, production date, validity or shelf life, product quality level, etc. on the product packaging. Product specifications and quantity.

2. Looking at the appearance, good diapers are generally fluffy, soft and better hydrophilic. The absorption site is generally soft to touch, and it will rebound quickly after pressing. Because the baby’s skin is very thin, the diapers that are in contact with the baby’s skin should be soft and comfortable, and it does not contain an allergic ingredient. Otherwise, the baby’s soft and sensitive skin is prone to rash and produces red farts. When buying diapers, my mother carefully check whether the diapers contain a soft protective layer.

3. Comfort, try to choose a PE film diapers with good breathability. There are many small small holes on the surface of this diapers that can absorb the sweltering humidity on the baby’s buttocks and avoid the baby’s diaper rash. When selecting, choose the characteristics of the seasons, such as choosing a comfortable air -permeable type in winter, and the light breathable type in summer.

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