Recently, the adjective of “Stepping on Shit” can often appear on the publicity page of merchants. “Stepping on shit”, relying on imagination can actually feel softness, but experts say that seemingly comfortable “stepping on shit” may be destroying your feet.

The shoes are not softer and better

Dr. Ma Ming, deputy director of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of Zhongda Hospital, explained to reporters that from a professional perspective, the sole is soft and the wearing experience will indeed be more comfortable, and there are no major problems in wearing in a short time. But once we wear longer, it will make us feel more laborious. This is because when the soles are too soft, our calf muscles will use more strength in order to maintain balance. In addition, wearing soft -bottomed shoes for a long time, the arch does not have a certain support, which will cause the arch to gradually collapse, suffer from functional flat feet, and then endanger the health of the bone joints. It may cause diseases such as half -moon plate injury and lumbar disc herniation. The soft -bottomed shoes are even more unfriendly to wear flat feet. Wearing soft -bottomed shoes for a long time, it is easy to cause the heel to turn, and the Achilles tendon is pulled, which suffers from Achilles tendonitis.

In addition, it is like it is difficult to stand on the soft cotton. Too soft soles will weaken our control of the soles. Soft soles will increase the risk of lame and twist feet.

“Flat shoes” must also be targeted

In summer, in addition to “stepping on shit” shoes, the flat shoes that are brisk and not tired by walking are also held on the altar, but some flat shoes and soles are designed to be thin and hard. Dr. Ma Ming reminded that this way, this way Try not to choose shoes.

Studies have shown that when we walk normally, the feet need to withstand the load of 2-3 times weight of the human body, reaching about 5 times the weight when running, and up to 10 times when jumping. The key to inferiority, and if the flat shoes are too “thin”, then the shock absorption function is usually not satisfactory. Wearing this shoe for a long time can easily cause pain in the soles and even ankles. Therefore, when choosing flat shoes, it is best to choose a soft and hardness style.

So, how can we choose a pair of really healthy and healthy shoes? Experts suggest to wear loose shoes as much as possible. If you can wear wide -headed shoes, you do n’t wear pointed shoes, and you can wear high heels if you can wear slope shoes. s Choice.

In terms of soles and hardness, Dr. Ma suggested that first of all, it is recommended to choose shoes with a slightly thicker sole and moderate softness. Consumers also need to choose shoes that support our arches to support the protection effect. You can touch the arch of the shoes with your hands to see if it is higher than before and after. The softness of the shoes can be twisted by twisting the shoes without twisting, but it should not be too soft. In addition, when buying shoes, choosing the most suitable in the afternoon is that in the afternoon is usually the most swollen feet in the day. When wearing new shoes, gradually extend the time of wearing. Put half an hour on the first day and one hour on the next day, and step by step to ensure that potential problems are found in time. Intern Chen Xujia

Yangtze Evening News/Zi Niu Journalist Yang Yan

Source: Yangtze Evening News

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