The sudden epidemic, unwavering.

ICU, all patients who are treated with one line; ICU is the line of rescue of life and “return to life”.

“The clouds floating in the hometown in the sky kept calling me to me.” On New Year’s Eve, Liu Ying posted a picture of the outlet in the circle of friends and attached this lyrics. She assisted Hubei with the Shanghai Medical Team and became an ICU medical staff at Jin Yintan Hospital in Wuhan.

On the third day of the New Year, the cold rain fluttered. Get up at six in the morning, Liu Ying rushed from the hotel to Jin Yintan Hospital. Put on the dense protective suit, put on a protective mask, and come to the ward. A patient seemed to know that she was a supporting doctor from Shanghai, thanked him, and warned him to stay away from him, fearing to be transmitted to her. She was particularly grateful, thinking: How can I stay away from you at this time? Since I am here, I am not afraid of approaching.

On the fourth day of the first month, “Warm Sun and Wind, saying goodbye to the drizzle of three days, the drizzle, gloomy and cold, assisting Hubei on the fourth day, and gradually entering the right track.” Liu Ying sent a circle of friends again.

Consumer the situation of the patient, counting the new bed, there are 40 patients in the ward, and the eight Chengdu is extremely critical, and the rest is also in severe illness. The treatment is difficult, and the patient’s psychological pressure is high. For Liu Ying, the difficulty of nursing is also increasing. The intensive ward should not work for too long. After a long time, the mask is wet, and the protective effect is lost. It is cold, you can’t turn on the air conditioner, you can be numb with your hands, and the heater dare not use it more. But Liu Ying was not afraid of difficulties. She knew that one minute and a second was running with time; what she did was about the continuation of life. Her hardships are nothing, she has only one firm idea in her heart -to do my best to rescue more patients.

On the eighth day of the first month, the rain is like crispy. Liu Ying’s group transferred to a patient, forty -four years old, with a serious condition. In the afternoon, according to the patient’s condition, the leader of the team and several ICU experts insisted on the operation of the tracheal intubation and ECMO (body oxygen) in the isolation ward for several hours. The irritating odor of iodine, two -layer opaque protective clothes, two -layer medical surgical mask outside the N95 mask, and blurred vision, make many work work a bit, wear such heavy protection equipment, sometimes after busy, they will be busy after busy. There is a feeling of heat stroke. But gradually, everyone adapts, this is the normal state of the fire line rescue.

Eighteen of the first month, the grass and trees are cute. Liu Ying saw a dawn: her first patient was discharged from the hospital today. “I’m just a hurry, but you are a turning point in my life.” The message on the bedside of the patient made Liu Ying feel relieved that all the efforts were worth it.

After finishing the class at 8 pm, Liu Ying participated in the “Battlefield Learning” for the first time. The director shared “The Diagnosis and Treatment of Respiratory Failure caused by viral pneumonia” with you. He summarized the experience of the patient’s diagnosis and treatment some time ago, combined with the views of other Wuhan first -line intensive experts and SARS treatment experience, formulated a set of plans. At the same time, it is emphasized that it is necessary to care about the patient’s physical disease, but also the psychological changes of the patient. Liu Ying heard it seriously, this is a valuable learning experience.

Twenty of the first month, the spring breeze is gentle. “Twenty days, I am safe and sound. Thanks to my parents for giving me a poisonous body, thank my partner …” Liu Ying sent a circle of friends for the third time. On the morning of this morning, an elderly man blocked the airway from time to time due to lung infection. If he did not suck sputum in time, his condition would worsen or even suffocate. Planting sputum is a very dangerous operation. Opening the airway will splash a lot of air -soluble gels. If the protection is not good, it is easy to cause infection. But now that she put on a white coat, she was destined to rush ahead without hesitation.

Three days later, the living characteristics of the elderly became better. The old man leaves a message: To you, saving the injury is the responsibility; for me, it is an unforgettable life -saving grace. Thank you, the hero who has never met!

Liu Ying admits that the new crown virus is a new type of virus. It is not afraid that it is false, and the medical staff is a bit embarrassed. However, when patients with respiratory failure, and non -invasive mechanical oxygen supply cannot work, it is necessary to use the intubation. Patients with life support, as medical staff, we must go all out.

Welcome to spring flowers, and the cherry blossoms are about to open, spring is here. Liu Ying took a photo of her long hair and took a photo, and made a wish: After the epidemic, I fluttered my long hair, and then look at Wuhan …

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Author: Duan Wei

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