In the words of the medium vein sales staff, the middle pulse beauty underwear has the functions of “detoxification”, “weight loss”, “preventing and treating breast hyperplasia”, “maintenance of the uterus”. However, the reporter found that on the product introduction page of the middle pulse official website, the product of the underwear series only shows the “shaping” effect, and does not show the prevention and treatment of diseases in the spokesperson. The relevant person in charge of the Zhongmai Council cannot provide effective proof documents for product efficacy, and the mid -pulse beauty underwear is not in the direct sales product category of the direct -selling business license in the middle pulse. In addition, if it becomes a direct seller of the midcai beauty underwear, consumers need to buy a certain amount of products first, with 40,000, 80,000, 120,000, 160,000, 200,000, and 240,000. Different discounts corresponding to the amount. The subscription of 40,000 can be held at 6.8 % off. The subscription of 80,000 or more can be held at 3.8 % off. To subscribe for 240,000, it can join the club. Is this pyramid structure, MLM or direct sales?

Creating all diseases

Nanjing Zhongmai Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhongmai”) ​​was founded in 1993. The business involves three areas: health food, health supplies, and health services. enterprise. According to public data, in 2016, the middle pulse achieved revenue of 12 billion yuan, becoming a domestic direct sales company after Quan Jian. In 2016, Quan Jian topped the list of domestic direct sales companies with a performance of 19.2 billion yuan. However, in 2017, the revenue of the middle pulse sharply dropped to 8 billion yuan, a decrease of -33.33%.

The middle pulse has brands such as the middle pulse, the middle veins, the middle veins, Yixin, Yijing, the only food gang, and the body underwear. Among them, the body underwear is a “more popular” product series in the middle vein, with two series of golden energy and black energy. Ms. Zhang, a mid -pulse directly seller from Hubei, told reporters, “Compared to other products in the middle pulse, the body underwear is outstanding because of its outstanding effects. In addition to weight loss and shaping, it can also maintain the uterus, prevent and treat breast diseases, uterine sagging and other symptoms. Well -welcomed by customers, the single volume is very high. “

The WeChat public account of the middle pulse beauty underwear shows that the purchase of the body underwear can be purchased through the middle vein’s body marketing personnel and went to the club to buy it. Up to now, more than 1,000 clubs have opened in the middle of the Midai Maiyou underwear. “Mid -pulse clubs are mostly joined, with a minimum investment fee of about 1 million yuan.” Ms. Zhang told reporters. “While developing new customers, they will also introduce the product knowledge of Zhongmai Meiwang underwear to the surrounding relatives and friends, and invite them to the clubhouse to the clubhouse Experience. About 90 % of customers are friends who have a good relationship with themselves. “

Ms. Chen, 58, is one of many friends Zhang. A few days ago, Ms. Chen was talked about by Ms. Zhang. She bought a set of body underwear worth 6,510 yuan in a midpoint club in Honghu, Hubei. The reporter went to see the transaction with the scene.

Brainwashing marketing

Throughout the transaction, a customer tried on the debugging underwear. In this session, Ms. Chen, who interviewed above, needs to expose her naked and body teacher (that is, the staff staff of the club) in a closed environment. Management figures can cause remarks such as a series of diseases, accelerating aging, and threatening physical health. ” After the comment was completed, the body teacher Fang tried to penetrate underwear for Ms. Chen and introduced them to the various effects of the body underwear, such as detoxification, dampness, weight loss, shaping, the treatment of breast hyperplasia, treatment of uterine sagging.

Ms. Chen described the above process to reporters. Ms. Chen told reporters that before trying to penetrate underwear, she did not decide whether to buy it and had doubts about the actual efficacy of underwear. But when the two reviewed their figure, they unknowingly believed that their words and the treatment effects of the body underwear were convinced.

In this transaction, Ms. Chen purchased three products: short -dung breasts, hip pants, and waist back clamps in the golden energy series of mid -pulse beauty underwear. The unit price was 1880 yuan, 2250 yuan, and 2380 yuan, respectively. When paying, Ms. Chen’s hand was not enough to pay for the consumption of the 6510 yuan. Ms. Zhang took the initiative to help her pay for the remaining costs. Ms. Zhang told reporters that it is common to help padding by herself. Because of a 6,000 yuan order, you can get 50%of the retail sales, about 3,000 yuan as a commission.

MLM or direct sales?

Ms. Zhang, who interviewed above, told reporters that she was convinced that she had the effect of treating diseases in the body of the body. She had arranged her husband and parents over 70 years old to wear it one after another.

However, the reporter found that on the official website and public account of the Mai, the body underwear only showed that it had shaping effects and did not show that it had the treatment effect. At the club, when the body teacher described the therapeutic effect of the body underwear to the reporter, when the reporter proposed to check the effective proof document of the effect described, the other party did not respond to the reporter positively and only introduced the brand’s brand performance to the reporter. The mid -pulse experience club was opened in the United States, Paris and other places, and invited Guo Fucheng and Carina Lau as spokespersons. “

It is worth mentioning that on the official website of the direct sales industry management of the Ministry of Commerce, in the details of the mid -pulse direct sales products, the recorded products that have been recorded are the mid -pulse far red series, and the middle pulse beauty underwear is not listed.

In addition, Ms. Zhang told reporters that becoming a direct seller of the midcai beauty underwear needs to buy a certain amount of products first. There are 40,000, 80,000, 120,000, 160,000, 200,000, and 240,000. Different discounts corresponding to the subscription amount. The subscription of 40,000 can be held at 6.8 % off, the subscription of 80,000 or more can be held at 3.8 % off, and the subscription of 240,000 can join the club. After subscribing to the product, a certain fee is paid every year for training and learning, the cost is about 1,000 yuan/time.

According to Article 14 and 18 of the Direct Sales Management Regulations, direct selling companies shall not pay fees or purchase goods as conditions for becoming a direct seller. Direct selling companies conduct direct sales officer business training and examinations and shall not charge any fees. Is this move illegal? In response to the above issues, the reporter contacted the middle pulse by phone. As of the release date, the company did not receive a response from the company. (Produced by thinking finance) ■

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