If you are familiar with my little cute, you will know that I love to wear all year round



, Not only because it looks good, versatile, but also because of it

Can cover my thick muscle calves.

Wearing too much, I feel like welding on me,


Become my synonym

, General Companies who want to buy a skirt will let me recommend it.

The skirt is not good, it must be a long skirt, whether you are

Large PP, thick thighs or legs are not straight, or muscle calves like me

, Tongtong hides you!


Is it even thinner to wear a long skirt and the whole


(Cra.red@q a t)

Among the long skirts, I recommend everyone to start a pleated skirt,

Especially pear -type figure

The highlight of the pleated skirt itself is its layer of folds. It is easy to attract the eyes on the body, and there is a gap in the folds.

It doesn’t feel tight and uncomfortable, but also very good -looking


Who can not love!

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The folds of pleated skirts are very particular,


Do you really choose?

Such as this



, Most fabrics will be chiffon or yarn, this fabric

It is easy to appear elegant with human movement.


Wearing style will also be more youthful and vibrant girls,

I usually have an afternoon tea with my girlfriend

, Pleasant and beautiful.



What if the folds are widated?

Do you feel at once?

A lot of formal

Even with a white T with a strong sense of leisure, you will feel elegant feminine charm.

(CR.RED@cigarette is not a cigarette)

If you like to expand a little or a little A -line version, you can also choose this style of two wrinkles.

A very wide part of the middle was left out,

Looks more design

And after the upper body, the fluffy feeling around is obvious, there will be no one

Sticking to the body is not delicate.

Like me, choose a half skirt,

High waist is my first choice.

We know that we are not a model figure, and the proportion is not so superior, so

It also needs some small designs that can optimize the proportion of the figure.

This is what I have been telling you all the time,

Choose pants and skirts, do not buy low waist if you can buy high waist

The effect of stretching the lower body visually is obvious.


This summer’s high -level sense,

It is contracted by it!

The older you are, the more you need to pursue the quality.

Don’t make your life anxiety.

Many cheap things can also make high -level texture and make satisfactory details.

By the way, I have n’t bought the bottom of my belt for a long time, but this skirt has it, and I love the leather and design of this belt.

Not only can highlight my small waist, but also a small retro,

There is no sense of disobedience to match my other clothes.

Magnify the details of this fabric. Can you pick out the problem?

After I got my hand, I had been hanging in the warehouse before I ironed it, but I took out the upper body to try on and took pictures two days ago.

Unexpectedly, this version was still quite wide.


I thought I used a very thick fabric to let it support it. In fact

The material is the kind of breathable, skin -friendly

I was too tired to collapse for the afternoon. I still felt that the weight of the lower body was very light and there was no burden.

And the design of this small pocket, do you like me like me, you like it.

Like me, I usually go out and lose three or four.

Draw some headphones, keys, ID cards.

And the side pocket on the side is very fitted with the skirt, which is invisible on the appearance. Even if you install something,

It happened to be in the position of the folds, and it would not be drumless.

Even if you put a glove into your pocket,

The version of the skirt will not be destroyed

, Still so wide and smooth.

Don’t worry about the skirt will have extra folds, this

The material is not easy to deform

It won’t be big because of frequent hands!


The color is varied,

Everyone can be a fashionable essence for walking!

I first started black on this skirt. Later, I felt good. When I came in contact with the manufacturer, I realized that there were four colors:

Rice apricot, black, green, yellow.

In my opinion, these colors are very good, basically

You can include different styles.

For example

The apricot color feels like a very gentle and elegant temperament sister, black is more formal

It is right to choose it like some serious and serious occasions.

Green and yellow are the colors that are biased towards spring and summer

, Even the newcomers of the Student Party or the new workplace can be controlled well.

I personally recommend that the little cute people start with a yellow trial. When the weather is cold, a small incense wind is set. In the summer, casual white T -shirts are particularly white, and the crowd is absolutely dazzling.

The magic of the white is that it is not the main material or as an auxiliary material. Looking at a piece of white skirt alone will feel full of gas, there is no bright spot.

But it can naturally blend according to the top of your match, which is also a chemical reaction to wear.

If the top is this pink light color system,


The low saturation of one body will feel that this person is very close and get along well

If you are dating a male god, this body is a good choice.

(CR.RED@小 (stu)

If you need to be dignified, then with a dark color top, you can press the large area of ​​white, which makes people’s temperament calm down.

There are no complex accessories at this time, even if


Black shoes and bags are not wrong with black, and it is suitable for any occasion.

(Cra.red@rouqiu meat ball)

If it is a sense of free and free atmosphere, we can use neutral color to match the top. This set


It’s very suitable for daily work to wear

There is no aggressive but not harmless little white rabbit. It looks very personal.

(CR.RED@Blue Blue)

Both yellow and green are the bright colors that are very attractive.

Although it is not easy to make an error with a light -colored top, it is also difficult to make a lottery.

The suggestion of the grain is that when the color of the large area is rolled out, it is necessary to suppress it with another large area.


At the same time, there are some embellishments in the same color.

For example, this green half skirt is the main tone of wearing, so on the black lantern sleeve black shirt,

You can choose this green wave dot or stripes

It plays a role in the corresponding up and down, and the firming feel instantly improved!

Let’s have a big curly hair again, just have it

French elegant women’s wear feel

, Those who like this style can be copied directly!

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