Kim Kardashian, who was known by the reality show, has now become the first -generation celebrity ladies. She is very good at showing herself to netizens, and she really has the ability to search for hot search. She almost unified the world’s definition of the “European and American posture”. The exaggerated buttocks ratio is her charming, and she is also a weapon for her gold. Kardashian created her own clothing empire in one hand and sold her personal clothes to the “around the earth. “Two laps” high sales. At the age of 41, she still worked hard to make her career forever. She is ambitious that she is studying law -related majors and prepares to inherit the mantle of Robert Kardashian, a well -known lawyer. On April 3, local time, Kardashian shared his recent state on social platforms.


In the photo, Kardishan is wearing a black one

Prada suit suit


With the same color, the same color high -heeled shoes, her hairstyle was also designed as a regular central score, and the whole person exudes the sense of vision of the pretty and pretty man of law. But no matter how formally wearing, Kardashian will not give up fashion. She is paired with the sky blue “kitchen gloves”, and netizens laughed: This glove is very good and very active, making the serious atmosphere more relaxed? , Completely lead the fashion. I don’t know why the goddess loves kitchen gloves, such as Faye Wong.

The oversized SIZE suit is also difficult to cover Kardashian’s upright posture


Just need to tighten a button, her bee waist is revealed, and she is fashionable without losing her career. Isn’t this the queen wearing Prada himself?


She took a narrow -frame sunglasses, holding her forehead with one hand, walking in the gray corridor, put away the state of hipping on weekdays, and suddenly put on a serious expression, making people feel a nervous atmosphere across the screen.

It feels like she is going to court in minutes.

When Kardashian first revealed that she wanted to be a lawyer for the first time, almost the entire network was opposed. I thought this was just a way she hyped her.

Already the mother of 4 children

There is no energy to do other things at all. In fact, in the past two years, she did have experienced three lawyers’ tests in the past two years, but she did not give up. Finally, in December last year, she passed the “Little Lawyer Exam”. This is a person who graduated from illegal law, and the lawyer qualification certificate was set up. Although this is only a small step on the road of lawyers, Kardashian finally finally finally It is a comfort zone that breaks through most people. After passing the exam, the formal Kardashian seemed to be a lawyer.

Although Kardashian also likes to wear a suit style, she is relatively rare in wearing a formal suit. When she was just preparing to step into the legal industry, she once wearing a full white suit to go to

White House

Discuss about prison reform. Now wearing almost the same black again, it can’t help but wonder if it is unexpected.

In addition to his career, Kardashian’s feelings are equally concerned. In February last year, she proposed a divorce application with African -American rapper Kane West, and it was just a legitimate single identity until last month. The end of the third paragraph did not disappoint her love. After turning around, she fell in love with her boyfriend Peter Davidson, who was 13 years younger than herself. Although the outside world is not optimistic about their feelings, they think that the economic strength and quality of life are too far, but Kardashian said in various programs more than once that Pitt is like his own antidote. He is divorced with Kan Ye’s divorce Save yourself in the case.

Kardashian was able to let go and let go, but Kan Ye could not accept the fact that divorce was for a while. He often abused Pete on social platforms, causing Kardashian to bluntly face Kan Ye. Not long ago, the source revealed that Kan Ye finally decided not to obstruct Kardashian and Pete, and let go of love. At the same time, he also said that he would go to see a psychologist.


Actively treat your emotions.

Grandpa’s obsession with love rivals, Pitte specialized in Kardashian. In order to support his girlfriend, he tattooed “My Girl is a lawyer” tattoo. Although Kardashian is no longer embracing a shy girl, it will still be very excited about the expression of leaving permanent mark on her body. She proudly shared with everyone in “Allen Show” with a sweet story with Pete. The 41 -year -old Kardashian goes to the throne of the winner of life. Now it is a good harvest of love career and has no delay.

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