I don’t know if your home’s pillows have added color to you. Beautiful pillows can improve the overall product of the home. Although the small pillow is not very large, sit on the sofa paralyzed, and then hold the pillow, the sense of security and comfort instantly improves. So, is the question? How should I choose a sofa pillow? How to use the pillow to enhance the beauty?

The number of pillows?

The pillow on the sofa at home should not be too much. In fact, there is not much particularity in the specific quantity, mainly depending on personal comfort. However, there is generally a match guide in the matching world: “Single -order first”, which is also placed with three or five pillows to enhance the overall beauty and artistic sense.

Note: Too many pillows will make the sofa very cramped and narrow, hindering the practicality of the sofa.

The size of the pillow?


The square pillow is about 45cm, which is suitable for most home space;


Large pillow 50-60cm, you can create a lazy comfort;

The small pillow is about 43cm, suitable for small apartment sofas with a short back.

Pillows of different sizes are based on the principle of “near small and big”. Take the basic three pillows as an example ↓

Note: When choosing a pillow, be sure to pay attention to the size of the pillow.

The material of the pillow?

Mixed pillows with different materials can make the hierarchy of home space richer. Before matching, consider the material of the sofa and try to choose the material that is different from it.

▲ The velvet material sofa with a good touch, suitable for matching

Light pillow

On the contrary, the high glossy cortex sofa is suitable for natural rough texture

Linen pillow

, Or embroidery and weaving pillows.


Scales pillow

There is a shiny sensation, and even a single solid color can enhance the sense of layering.


The material of the pillow can be adjusted slightly according to the season, which can not only make the sofa more eye -catching, but also increase the level of home material.

Plush, weaving pillow


It is more suitable for winter use and it looks warm. However, it should be noted that the two materials of the pillows are not dirty, and they must be removed and cleaned when selecting.

▲ The pillow of the marble texture, with a smooth touch, the pattern and metal paint give people a smooth and cool material.


How to match?

1: Match with the sofa as the center


In fact, the combination of the pillow is closely related to the sofa. First of all, the color and material of the sofa must be considered as the main consideration:

① Choose two to three pillows with the same color as the sofa color to make the color matching more harmonious and beautiful.

The color of the sofa is darker, and the pillow with a bright tone in the same color system can be appropriately lit with the “low -key” sofa area in the home.


Note: The style of the sofa is relatively “grabbing”. You must choose a pillow with the same color and low saturation.

The blue sofa is paired with a gray blue pillow; the green sofa, with a few green pillows with high gray levels, the visual effect is instantly strengthened.

Note: The same color system is exactly the same! Avoid pillows and sofas “integrate”.


② Put a pillow that is strongly compared with the sofa, and draw the finishing touch.

The orange pillow in the warm color is lively in the green space. Even if it is “integrated” with the sofa, it is stunning because of its dazzling orange.

The blue sofa, with the red oriental oriental decoration, has a strong high below the betable that makes people look open and is instantly attracted.


2: Based on the hue of the living room

Generally speaking, we will use the main and sideline tones of the living room as the main point; the main color refers to the color of the wall and floor, occupying the main status of the entire space of the living room. If the color of the wall in the home is more special, then choose a pillow with the same color as the wall, and then a little pattern. With 1 pillow, you can achieve echo and prominent.


The same -color pillow as the wall paint is more suitable for the color of the wall color.

Most living rooms are white wall and wooden land for the main color, which echo the boring and boring; then, it can be based on the colors, that is, the large color blocks second only to the main color, such as the style of the carpet and curtains, to determine the pillow pillow to decide the pillow pillow Look. (The hue of the pillow should be brighter than the carpet and curtains.)

3: Based on home decoration


Determine the pillow style according to the most dazzling ornaments in the home space. This matching method is more suitable for home space with simple overall home style and less color.

The bright yellow pillow echoes the most eye -catching pineapple decorative painting, which not only makes the visual focus more prominent, but also the dramaticness made for the black and gray minimalist living room.


If you have an expensive and textured lamp, if you want to brush it, you can also use a pillow to set it up.

Whether it is a vase, hanging ornaments, or green plants, as long as you are the most prominent and unique small items, you can use a pillow that echoed each other to force it to expose it.


Safe home space can rely on small pieces of pillows to make the living room vividly.

“Three Matching Laws”

Step 1: Select 2 pillows and the existing colors, patterns or elements in the home space to create the harmony of home space.


Step 2: In the third pillow, choose the contrast and different elements of the large color block of the space, which makes the sofa area unexpected.

Supplement: Non -mainstream matching?

1. Self -made faction


Of course, you can also choose a regular pillow to make them self -contained, so you do n’t need to care too much about the method mentioned above. Comfortable!

Many natural enthusiasts also love to do this ↓, foreign plant element pillows do not need to be routine.


2. Throw it on the ground

If the coffee table in your home is small and convenient to move, you can prepare 1-2 pillows you like to throw it to the ground. Not only can it make the vision rich, but also the gospel sitting on the ground, especially suitable for families with children in the family.

3. Alien pillow

The pillow does not have to be square, and the alien pillow breaks the fixed thinking. Put on the sofa a little finished pillow, the effect is very brilliant.


Have you learned how to choose a pillow? Now quickly put down the phone and see if the pillow on its own sofa is not suitable for the overall space, and it is incompatible with the living room. Then follow the method mentioned above, immediately start with a pillow!

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