Do you know that the TV series score also has a world record.

8 years ago.

A American drama on an authoritative media score website


The score of up to 99 (100 points), let it take it as

“The highest -scoring TV series in history” was written into the Guinness World Records and maintained to this day.


△ Source:

Do you know that our official stage has also issued trophy certificates to a American drama.

Still 8 years ago.

The leader was the big drug lord “fried chicken uncle” who was blew into a “double -sided person”.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know.

Because you must know


The most likely to surpass its work is surfaced.


Just in front of it.

It’s now.

“Sixth Season 6”

Better Call Saul Season 6

Not much nonsense.

With this scary Douban score (9.9).


And this scary stability (three episodes of the broadcast, almost half a month after the thunder, 9.9, Sir saw that Douban collapsed at the time).

It is worthy of a “god drama” title.

Why “God”? Where is “God”?

Talking about “Lawyer” cannot be separated from “Poison Division”.


From the name point of view, the two dramas are respectively






Looking abstractly, a representative


A representative


The two are like the yin and yang in Chinese philosophy. In the confrontation, integration and mutually exclusive stack of each other, a small piece of mirror fragmentation of a small piece of complex and realistic is reflected.


Sir has always thought that good works are “offensive.”

This kind of offense is not a high attack or disdain, but the “death after death” after taking you through the darkness.

Or say more “rudely”


When the two “big basties” are united.

It’s not just to hold you in this unknown world and feel the infinite chaos.

Even forcing you to rebuild

“Self -order”

(Note: This article is based on “Sixth Season of Lawyers”, running through the six seasons, and some “Desperate Poison Division”)


The devil is in detail

God of the Divine Drama, first of all


If you still remember -Sol in the play calling himself repeatedly.

SIR has tried it in person, domestic plus 001,

You can get through, and you will hear a message in Sol in the play after connecting.

Moreover, its regional positioning is the place where the story takes place in the drama, and the city of Albekki, New Mexico.

If you still remember -Sol had forged a church donation website for his bodyguard. Sir personally boarded it, the website was true, and there were really photos of this bodyguard participating in the church activities.


△ URL:

There is another place.

SIR not only remember, but still thinks about it still:

In the third episode of the fifth season, Lao Bai’s consecutive anti -drug policeman Hangke appeared for the first time. The camera deliberately left a few seconds of close -ups for his rear.

Is there a strange license plate number?

No, “Lawyer” can always be deeper than you think

Next to the license plate, a line of small characters in the corner of the screen.

△ Source: Renren Subtitle Group

The word here should be “


Interceptor “, which means

Police interception car

, But the three letters of “POL” were stumped and turned into “




Interceptor “.

“Ice poison Terminator”

(ICE is not a scientific name, but a “methamphetamine” in English).

In connection with the plot, the collapse of Lao Bai’s “ice poison” began in Hanke (shit at the old Bai family toilet).


Really high -level details are not only “fine”, but also think about it.

For example, the seventh episode of the first season of “Lawyer”, Sol drove the car to his brother Chake’s house, but at this time the focus was specially entered the door of the door.


Moth moth larvae.

What’s the meaning?

Ambiguous in the state of the moth (larvae), and the status of the people in the play is secretly connected.

At least two layers of meaning:

The larvae may be treated with “breaking cocoons”, which means that Chake is about to recover from “electromagnetic allergies”, and it will finally overcome psychological obstacles to the outdoor in the closed door. Brother’s rehabilitation suffered great blow and torture.

Not everyone (including SIR) can find these details in the first pass.


But once the key to deciphering the image, the “God Drama” collapses like a Domino in front of you, revealing the devil’s face.

The devil will bring out the soul of more devil.



What is “coquettish”?

I have never seen such a lawyer:

I want to settle the prosecutor in private, but what should I do if the other party does not give a chance?


Do not allow contact to create contact.

The prosecutor entered the elevator so “cleverly”, and Sol followed closely, and the elevator was so “clever”.

Then, Sols fought with the prosecutor to spend all 16 cases with the prosecutor, just 20 minutes, the fault was lifted, and the elevator door opened.

△ Pay attention to Susana’s feet to take off the high heels, which reflects her torment at this time


I want to publicly question the local judicial agency, but the other party has long evidenced evidence. What should I do?

“Create” evidence without evidence.

Put his own client (defendant) in the countertop, put the substitute in the defendant, and let the witnesses identify.

Witnesses, prosecutors, and even judges, Tongtong was concealed by the sky …

Sol does “have no bottom line.”


But who gave the “bottom line”? How strong is it and how long can it persist?

“Coquettish” is the posture of Sol to challenge the “bottom line”.

The opposite is his girlfriend Jin.

When they first met, they both worked at the HHM Law Firm, and their goals were to become lawyers.

The starting point is very different.

Solis who wants to be a lawyer is to get the recognition of his brother.

Golden is the elite route

After graduating from a prestigious school, he is a top law firm. Even if he can only process documents in the receiving room, her goal has never been shaken.

The results of it?

When she touched the system in the system, upholds principles and majors, she did my best to achieve the “justice” she recognized with legal weapons.

In the end, I only harvested the ridicule of the wealthy people, and the sentence of the poor:


You are like them

What kind of lawyer do we need?


The phrase “man is the purpose rather than the means” quoted by Luo Xiang is correct.

But “Lawyer” has no intention of repeating the “correct”.

It chooses to face the more complex and unsolvable dilemma in reality.

which is

When the world is surrounded by the ubiquitous “means”, when we are with the purpose of “human purpose”, we are drifting away.

Do you want to be a “means” for resistance?


The overestimated “weapon”

Why is Sol “coquettish”?


He had to.

After several years of correspondence, after a few years of correspondence, and repeated exams, Sol got a dream lawyer’s license.


He told his brother Chakkuk as soon as possible.


After the other party was pleasantly surprised, he rejected Sol’s request to join his law firm, and Chake did not dare to tell Sol directly, but let another boss of the law firm refuse.


The surface is a high requirement for “occupation”.

In Chard’s view, lawyers from Solgo (and correspondence), a pheasant university, are not real lawyers at all.

When the dialogue is deep, the original shape is revealed.

Solgy: I thought you were proud of me.

Chake: When you changed from the new and receiving emails in the law firm, I was proud.

What Sol said is “proud”, Chake expresses it


But this still resign

The class has always been a tool. Its real purpose is to protect the selfish desires of some people cannot be violated.

What is Chake’s lust?


Chake’s ex -wife.

My younger brother had a meal to tease her forward and leaning forward; and when Chake was drawing a cat to draw a tiger, he tried to tell his wife a joke before going to bed, and the other party just smiled politely.

Chake’s mother.

At the time of dying, she kept thinking about Sol’s name, only Sol’s name, and even Sol asked if his mother left afterwards.


That’s it?



What really “wonderful” is Chake’s words:


Sol, who took the legal degree

It’s like a chimpanzee with a machine gun


Another meaningful metaphor–


“Gear Gun”

The gun is powerful and dangerous.

The recoil of the gun is equally powerful.

The difference is that the effect of recoil on the user varies from person to person.

“Gun” is a law.

The recoil is human nature.

Chake was jealous from beginning to end.

It is not the humor that Sol showed in front of his ex -wife, the unique and well -behaved in the mother’s heart, the smoothness of the outsiders …

Instead, Sol came from the bottom, which can almost resist infinite recoil.

Human toughness


“Lawyer” really wants to say, not law.

It is the “altar” where everything is not blasphemy.

The more mysterious and unable to approach the altar.


And this pass.

Still inlaid.



The undervalued “recoil”

Do not misunderstand.

“Lawyer” is by no means completely in the opposite side of “law”.

If justice is a circle that is always not round, then when we continue to use the “law” tool, we point out and enlarge those arc deviations that are easily overlooked.

Why is there a deviation?


for example

After the lawyer’s license was revoked, Sol was forced to participate in community obligations.

In order to escape from the work hours in advance, he threatened the supervisor with his back injury and sued him without letting him go.

Sol knows that he is “losing losses”, but the point at this time is—

Supervisor can’t afford it at all


The law is priceless, but the lawyer is valuable and the way to achieve justice is “valuable.”

“Price” is not necessarily money.

Perhaps status, origin, reputation, class …

Solk knows this.

That’s why, after Chake’s death, when the owner of the HHM law firm Howard invited Sols to join Sol as a partner, he hesitated again.

Howard is a good person and sincere attitude.

But his unknown hypocrisy, arrogance, and pretentiousness from the elite class made Solg, who was born at the bottom.

Sol has also repeatedly suppressed the impulse to disgust.


But when he saw the Howard’s luxury car license plate, he could not restrain the outbreak -the license plate was “NAMAST3” (near “Namaste”), which refers to Indians’ representative together.


△ Give Howard’s license plate lens many times in the play

Glory and decent armed to the teeth (license plates), and even the restraint is not known.

Just like Howard went to visit Chake was stopped by the fence, the suit pens tried to take a jump, stiffness and funny.

They are like a machine without emotion, instinctively and coldly to all the prices around them.

The more uncomfortable to see Soly.

At this point, the toughness is like him also collapsed

late at night.

Sol carried three bowling balls, picked up Howard’s courtyard wall, and smashed into his car.

Three bowling ball turned into a loud slap.

Dumping to the top floor of the “Sol” and unveiled it


Dual -layer face

In the fifth season, there is a detail.

Gold was given a briefcase to Sol, which was engraved with the abbreviation “JMM” of the original Solim (Jimmy M. McGill).

He had renamed Sol at this time, and it seemed a bit uncomfortable carrying it with this abbreviation.

So Solshun pushed the boat:

This can be the motto of my hits–

Justice matters most.

After a few days, the drug lord Laro gave the definition of “suitable “–


Just make money. (Earn money first)

The same three letters have the opposite meaning.

In SIR, this is a metaphor for reality, that is,

Under the appearance of the same world, there may be two completely opposite power

Order and chaos, preface and disorder.

The law is the representative of order, and the lawyer is the preface.

Ironically, these prefaces are finally breaking the rules and order.

Just as Sol came to the New Law on the New Law to become a partner, he saw a switch on the wall, which could not be turned off, but he had to try it out.


Drugs represent chaos, and drug dealers are disorder.

But they tried to establish order in chaos -the law cannot judge your good or bad, and the law can only judge whether you are guilty.

What judgment is good or bad?


Promise to a bodyguard for a seller who traded a black market. The buyer gave less $ 20 and the seller didn’t care, but the bodyguard Mike said no, it must be given, not too much or less.

But what are their results?

There is a very shocking scene in the first season of “Poison Division”.

Following the instructions of Lao Bai, the evidence was eliminated with hydrofluor acid.

Because you can’t buy a plastic barrel of suitable size, you can learn the slag powder and put the corpse into the bathtub, and then fill the hydrofluoric acid.




Hydrofluoric acid dissolves the entire bathtub and ceiling.

This is a metaphor that runs through the whole drama.


It depicts the butterfly storm that is eroded and then collapsed.

Due to the collapse of order, a loss of justice, and then creating new order and new justice, a new predation chain is formed under the gravity of interests, and circles.

Is this inevitable?

Did you find out?

Whether we mention “Poison Division” or “Lawyer”, we always mention a word, human nature.

Human nature is not reflected in the macro reincarnation, fate of the fable.




Individual struggle.

Poster of “Poison Division”

Two chemical elements in the drama box: bromine br is the flame retardant, and 钡 BA is mainly used to make fireworks.

One flame retardant, one burning.

“Leisure Pen” of “Lawyer”

Jin Zong will vent his wine bottle in despair.


The next day, she went downstairs silently to return the order.

And this struggle is not only between the two values.


It is more like a “humanity experiment” with continuous doses, a never -ending “dead sheep to make up”.

Put the characters in the real dilemma.

The audience naturally followed him to experience the expansion of desire until they were out of control.

When the drama reaches the end.

You stand on your shoulders on the cliff.

What shocked was not the abyss under your feet, but when you turned back, watching the nine songs and eighteen bends that were stretched out due to struggle, the “self” who stayed at the starting point.


turn out to be

After experiencing a short ten -hour story, you can be so far away from the “value” that you have adhered to.


This may be the value of the “god drama”.

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