As a mature woman, Qin Wei’s wear is very good, she is very good at wearing high-level feelings from the ultimate simple, this is what we need to learn, this time she is wearing


Pink printing shirt



Black leather jacket


Unveiled, the following is


Light blue small feet jeans

In addition, she is also in the neck of the neck.

Red ribbon

, Do the same time, it is a fashionable dress that everyone can go.

Highlight 1: Pink Shirt


Qin Hao chose a full of pink shirts that were full of bloom. This is a featured single product. After incorporating red printing, it will become more trend, it will make your daily more fashionable, pink is close to your skin color The requirements for skin colors are not high. After combining with big red printing, it will show a colorful manner and create a rich level.

Highlights 2: Putting and Accessories

After all, it is daily out. We have to break the original dull and serious through some practical details. Qin Hao has explained a few new buttons, which can show her white skin, and man created a small V-collected It is a role in modifying face, which can be used as a necklace with a style of a ribbon, which can also be educed with a shirt, greatly enhancement.


Highlight 3: Slim jeans

The upper body’s shirt uses a relatively loose tailor, so it is good to cover the full shop of the printed, will transfer everyone’s visual focus, which will naturally play a lot of roles. In this case, everyone can take the slim jeans according to the “Panasonic Tight”, which can show your slender calf lines, will also show a bit of a variety of youthful vitality.

Highlight 4: Black Leather


Qin Wei also took a black leather outside, and it was very practical to bring a leather jacket everyday. She took offline easier. When she didn’t use it, she was very trend in her hand. If we put it, Not only can you play a good warm role, but also let you have a cool and full temperament, which has a certain gloss, which can also give you a full turn to a certain extent.

Qin Yan is really trend, although she is 42 years old, but her wear is absolutely worth learning from young girls, she will not wear the feelings of the old feelings. This is the strength of Qin Wei, the woman does not have a “shelf life”, as long as we wear Even if you are 60 years old, you can live a girl’s posture.

Let’s take a look at the other wear of Qin, easy to wear an elegant goddess:

[Girl’s wind full shirt match]

The shirt is almost a single item, and the people who have more people are easily wearing “bad street”. In order to avoid this, we can get into some outstanding small details, such as


Show your favorite color pattern on white shirt

Just like this orange flower shirt on Qin, as long as

Matching the same color

If you can call the overall style and create a strong girl.

Everyone can also use the solid color match, such as choosing a light green denim short skirt as a bottoming, combined with white shirts will give people a simple and refreshing temperament.


[Strip of the knit vest]

Autumn is coming, everyone should prepare a few sweatshirts, everyone can unlock some trend of wearing, such as stacking,


The sleeveless knit vest is taken as an outer, laminated some solid color dress, shirt

This can create a rich level, and it will also bring very warm role.

Sleeveless tailoring can expose long-sleeved ports

Such a mix of particularly girls.


[Classical warm cheongsam]

if your

Good figure, small skeleton

If you have to try the classical cheongsam, this is a single product that starts from the Republic of China.

Maximize the soft lines of wearing a victim

As long as you have a exquisite body, you can choose it, it is very high for your body.

If you have too much abdomen, it is easy to raise.

That will be very embarrassed, I want to create a good thing, you can


With a small cloak, it will be more attractive.

[Highlight the tube top dress]

If you need to attend some more important activities, try some dress skirts, the most common style is



It will show out your exquisite clavicle and round shoulders, which has a strong role in the body, if you

The skin is white and has a straight shoulder

You can choose to choose, of course, it is not suitable for too fat sisters, especially


It is even more difficult to wear aesthetics.

These styles are completely different, you have to choose according to your own preferences, everyone can not stick to the rules in the wear, and try to inspire their unlimited possibilities.

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Early autumn fire a piece of shirt, called “Qin Wei” blouse shirt, with leather clothes wearing an international style

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