There are many cross -stitch brands. How to buy cost -effective in many brands has become a topic that everyone cares about. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the cross -stitch brand before buying. Today, Xiaobian will tell you about the brand Cross Ending Ranking for your reference.


Brand Cross Ending Ranking NO1. QS Cross End

The QS line is the most beautiful of the cross stitch, the quality is very good, and the packaging needs to be strengthened. The cost -effectiveness is definitely ranked first in the cross -stitch industry.


Brand Cross Ending Ranking NO2. Royal Mona Lisa Cross

Royal Mona Lisa Cross Embroidery has the right to register and use the “Royal®” trademark registration. Well -known brands are reported by the Honorary CCTV as the first brand in the domestic cross stitch industry.

Brand Cross Ending Ranking NO3.DMC Cross End

DMC cross stitch: About 250 years ago, the 23 -year -old young artist, Dorphuz and his two business partners, Ma Le, and Keshland, combined art and industry. In 1746, in Milius, France The city jointly established an early cooperation company. They are committed to the production process embroidery line and printing and dyeing cloth. Thanks to Dorph’s talent, DMC has become the first textile company in Europe to successfully produce handmade printing and dyeing cloth in Europe.

Brand Cross Ending Ranking NO4.KEC Cross End

Zhejiang Haocai Crafts Co., Ltd. is a professional cross -stitching enterprise integrating R & D, design, production, and sales. Established in March 2006, the company was established in March 2006. With the advanced marketing concept and management model, it rose rapidly in the cross -stitch industry with the pose of dark horses.


Brand Cross Ending Ranking NO5. Sitic Cross Studio


Shanghai Sitic Jewelry Co., Ltd. has more than ten years of cross -embroidery practice business philosophy. In order to make the cross -stitch enthusiasts pay more perfectly, Sitic specially hired Korean professional designer to design patterns and import high -quality raw materials from South Korea (such as fabrics, beads, metal lines, and cotton lines produced by high -quality Egyptian cotton, etc. To.

Brand Cross Ending Ranking NO6. Imei Cross Stroke

Shanghai Yijin Industrial Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. It is one of the earliest professional companies engaged in cross -stitch research and development, design, and production in China. Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the business principles of “market -oriented and serving customers”. Through continuous and in -depth market research, it has been continuously promoted, filling a number of gaps in a number of cross -stitch markets.

Brand Cross Ending Ranking NO7. Cherish Cross Stroke

Cherish Cross Studiovisual first set up a cross -embroidery product design center in the industry. Each year, millions of special funds are allocated for new product design and application combinations of new materials to ensure that the super design capabilities and cultural connotation ability of the cross stitch are well excavated. The noble treasures of the European aristocracy in the past have become today’s consumers DIY leisure products, which are loved by consumers.

After reading the introduction of the brand cross stitch rankings, do you have more understanding of these brands? The broadening of the home vision requires the constant accumulation of knowledge in this regard. I hope that this article can help you choose a high -cost cross -stitch product.

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