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Now is the season of wearing slippers. In summer, a pair of slippers are worn.

Comfortable, generous and casual


Essence The styles of slippers are also diverse, and the hair slippers in memory are worn in winter. Now it ’s up to fashion, hair and slippers in summer

The appearance rate is also very high

Essence The original small white shoes have been fell out of favor, this summer wearing “hairy slippers”, making fashion


Features of hair and slippers

Slippers with fur and hair decoration,

Gentle and generous

And the touch is delicate and comfortable, and it is very good to wear. Simple slippers style,

Casual temperament

It’s enough, no matter what color, as long as it is reasonable to match with the clothes, it will be that kind of


The taste, the street or hanging out are extremely suitable, and it is also a single product that most beautiful eyebrows like

Precautions for wearing wool slippers

Gentle, cute and revealing small fresh hair slippers,

Bring a girl attribute

, Casually matching is very freehand. It has both skirts and pants

Very high degree of fit


It won’t make an error when it is matched. And it is on the foot

Putterity is also very strong

, Fat and thin feet can wear free and unrestrained feelings, which is also a very comfortable

Fashion item


You can hold home at home

Recommended matching

1. Leopard print printing wool slippers

Leopard elements are elegant and elegant and emit a kind of

Frenzy and unruly attitude,

It is one of the elements that many fashion trendy women like. The designer applies it to hairy slippers to make it very

Beautiful and stylish

Essence With sports style casual trousers and tube top shirts, wear it


Because the body is white, it is finally consistent with this summer

2. Black hairy slippers

Every woman needs to be worn when she is wearing

Pay attention to the overall sense of coordination


If you don’t pay attention to the error of a accessories, it may cause the overall clothing defect. Although nothing is perfect, it is still not good to wear it on it. Black fur and slippers and classic edges, randomly matched with a strip nine -point straight pants,

Casual sense

, Black dew tight body coat,

Sexy style is also wonderful to the peak

3. Gray hair slippers


Women sometimes rely on their face value, but they are more based on figures. If both are not occupied, then you can only think about it on the choice of wearing a single product. Low -key gray -haired slippers,

Simple and elegant

, With white short -sleeved T -shirts, baseball caps, and this short jeans, formed together

Beautiful youthful


Leading, it seems to be deliberate and dedicated to the street

Youthful fan

4. Pink fur slippers

The pink tone hair slippers are indeed immediate

Age -reducing effect

Sweet and playful are also revealed between raising their hands. With cool porn jeans, it will not be as deliberate and rigid as light -faced jeans. The top is pierced into the jacket in the trouser body,

Extend the body ratio

It can still

Increase the waistline

It is a good way to get two birds with one stone. Favorite younger sisters have to learn according to it

Recommendation of hairy slippers

1. Mao, hair slippers+dresses

In this era of leisure style, casual hair and hair slippers are also the preferred items of many MMs. Choose pink color blessing, frozen age feel

Natural climbing

Essence With black and white contrasting white short -sleeved T -shirts and black strap skirts, the effect of one strap is compared to the design of the two straps.

More fashionable

Essence The oblique edge has a button decoration with an arc design,

Very novel

, Create the shape of a small waist

More Japanese -style white tube top dress,

Light luxury mature woman

There are also a lot of temperament. The crushing and waist treatment on the skirt body can not see your bucket waist at all. The long skirt swayed the body, fluttered at the ankle,

Very immortal and beautiful


, Coffee -colored wool slippers on your feet,

Full comfort,

The whole dress is not only good -looking, but also contains

Full of fashion

In terms of dress, some people also like to try some very different wearing clothes. Summer wind abacus is hot, but can also be used with a printed silk scarf to add the whole body.

Fashionable sense of wearing

Essence Silver tube top dress with

Strong futuristic

, Yellow Printing waist package encourages leisure style. And orange -yellow hair slippers,

Gentle full


This kind of wear is also a more alternative


The most common standard in summer is the simple straight dress, the clip of the vest,


Essence And the fat and thin figure can be worn,

No one at all

Essence The stylish and beautiful print is embellished in the skirt, bringing the appearance of highlights, with a pair of wool slippers with Bohemian style, let you every day


Essence Take away the baseball cap, sunglasses and sunglasses, and the protection measures to go out are also pretty good.

2. Mao, hair slippers+jacket

In order to break the dullness of the black jacket, the design inside chooses the white dew waist shirt corresponding to it, and the contrast is worn


Very strong

Essence The shoulder of the clothes is a bubble sleeve design,

Very three -dimensional feeling

, Black casual trousers of the lower body tight design,


Visually thin legs


Essence Black hair slippers on your feet again

It will not look cumbersome

, Small rivet bag on the back, this dress is also very foreign

The faint pink hair slippers are the love of many women, and the sweet girl’s heart is completely sprouting. With casual straight jeans, don’t be so beautiful, okay,


Age -reducing


The feeling of feeling is together. The white shirt and suit jacket on the upper body does not exclude the formal sense of the suit.

Beautiful and beautiful

The contrasting jacket jacket,

It’s the spokesperson for youth,


It is also the example of the sports style, and the multi -color stitching is not the single nature of solid color. The jacket -type stand -up collar is paired with zipper plackets. It is comfortable and convenient to wear, which does not affect the aesthetics of the body. A pair of black tight casual trousers, a slender leg shape, and black original

Lamous effect


So slightly fat MM can also control. Printing cotton socks and orange hair slippers, while adding comfort, while

It looks very casual again

Black hooded sweater,

Youth and vitality

It is very appropriate to go shopping every day, or going to date with the beloved male god. The black body looks a little dull, so convert the inside to the inside to

Classic striped small shirt,

To exclude this feeling. Lower body

Printing tight casual trousers


It seems tight but comfortable to wear. With red and white stitching hair slippers, don’t be too comfortable when you go out.

3. Mao hair slippers+small shirts


Black round neck short -sleeved small shirt with a little slim -fit version, wear it

Comfortable and generous

Under the lining of the sun, it looks like

More fair


Essence The casual jacket that is the same color as the pants can be tied up in the waist to cover the flesh of your small abdomen. Vigorous trousers,

Full of casualness

With a pair of gray hair slippers, it is too beautiful to go out of the street. The girl you like can be used as a reference

Ordinary and classic striped elements, thin vertical stripes are embellished on the white underwear, and the stripes are used

Blue decoration

Blue and white have a vast taste of the sea. The body straps, long sleeves and loose version of the body are a bit

The feeling of small freshness

Essence With white straight casual trousers and a pair of pink hair slippers to interpret the careful machine of summer,


Summer season dressing

Don’t be too monotonous

, But suffering from some girls can’t stop the color of the dark color, then it is better to create highlights on the shoes. This yellow hair and hair slippers are the focus of the whole body, black long -sleeved sweater and tight casual shorts,

Upper Panasonic

Design, the whole shape is still

Very eye -catching

Essence I have my favorite messenger bag, and there is still it on the street

Very popular

Choosing a small area printing to break the single sense of black T -shirt is also a more popular method.

Playful and cute

The cartoon pattern is also very frozen, wear it up

Seeing young

Essence The loose version is also unlimited to the shape. With black tight casual trousers, the hem has just passed the hips, and girls with thick thighs wear it

Covering meat is thinner.

Apricot fur and slippers on the feet,

Cool and comfortable

Little black boots are over the season, the hottest this summer is “hairy slippers”,

Fashion, elegant and playful

After reading the wearing of these hair and hair slippers above, what do you think of the fashionable eyebrows? Randomly matching trousers and skirts can be pretty good, easily creating different ones

Trend’s sense of breath.

Whether it is shopping or leisure to wear, it is very delicious, creating a different kind of

Summer style

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