At present, it is Sanfu Tian. The weather in Guangxi is hot, humid, and the human body feels very sultry. In addition to air -conditioning, you can also sleep on a mat. How to choose several common mats now? Let’s take a look together!

Bamboo mat


Suitable for crowd: good cooling effect, suitable for young people who are afraid of heat, are not recommended for middle -aged and elderly people with arthritis and people who are afraid of cold.

There are two most common types of bamboo mats: bamboo strips and mahjong seats. The surface of the bamboo mat is smooth, with its own coolness, and the cooling speed is fast. Lying on it, it feels very cool.

The softness of the bamboo strips is better and the seat surface is smooth, so it is more popular than the mahjong seat. Although the mahjong seat has a fast cooling speed, due to the gap between the “Mahjong block”, it is easy to pinch the meat, and the hardness and the poor breathability have caused poor sweat absorption effects. In recent years, “popularity” has declined. Now Mahjong seats are often used in cushions.

Buying Guide: Try to choose a mat with a uniform and smooth color of the bamboo surface as much as possible. Some semi -yellow and half -black mats may be made of inferior bamboo. It is recommended not to buy. In addition, there is also a bamboo mat called the “carbon seat” in the market. The bamboo is placed in a high -temperature furnace to heat and forms charcoal. When buying a carbonized seat, you must smell the smell carefully. If you can smell the wooden aroma, it means that the quality is better.

Cleaning and maintenance: Wipe with wet cloth clean water, and the ventilation is dry.

straw mat


Suitable for people: cheap and good, suitable for patients, elderly, and weak people. It is not recommended to use infants and skin sensitive people.

The straw mats have a long history of use, and the “seat” in history refers to the straw mat. The straw mats are mostly produced in the south and are mainly produced by Ningbo. Most of the straw mats are prepared by yarrow, also known as yarn mats, which is a pure natural mat.


Because the price is low, the coolness is gentle than the bamboo mat, and the texture is softer, the straw mats have become popular in the market. The straw mats have a strong water absorption and have good sweat absorption, but because of this, its seat surface is easily damaged, durable, and is vulnerable to moisture. In addition, because the straw mat is a pure natural product, it is easy to breed mites. In recent years, market share has declined.

Buying Guide: Buy a straw mat with tightly weaving, flat stretching, smooth side edges, uniform color, and smelling grass fragrance. Because the straw mat is not durable, do not buy it from the unlicensed vendor.

Cleaning and maintenance: Pay special attention to moisture -proof, “sauna days” or during the rainy season, you must wipe it with water every day, dry and dry it. When drying, it is best to alternate the front and back sides to help completely evaporate the moisture in the grass mat.


Suitable crowd: moderate temperature, very suitable for the whole family, especially the elderly, infants and children, pregnant women, etc.

At present, the highest market share is the fabric seat, and the fabric seats are divided into iced, imitation rattan, linen mats and other materials. Among them, linen mats are most popular with consumers. The fabric seat is made of native, regeneration or synthetic fiber mixed woven. This material of this material has the advantages of softness, breathable, sweat absorption, humidification, and folding, and it is moderate and gentle, and it is a neutral cold mat. In the low temperature environment of the air conditioner, the fabric seat is slow to cool down; in the hot environment, its temperature return speed is also very slow.

Buying guide: Because most of the fabric seats have been stained, people with allergies are recommended to choose products with monochrome or color comparison.

Cleaning and maintenance: Bing silk seats and linen mats can be washed and machine washed; imitation rattan can only be wiped with wet cloth. It is recommended to wash it with water. After washing the water, dry it in the shade and dry the sun to avoid exposure. In the northern “sauna days”, it is recommended to dry the mats every day and wipe it once a week; residents in the southern region should dry more mats, especially in the rainy season, and pay attention to keep the matte cleaning.

Edit: Huang Lina

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