someone said,

If she does not have the world, she will take her to appreciate the prosperity of the world;


If she goes through vicissitudes, take her to sit around the carousel.


I want to say,

If she reads thousands, she will take her to taste the initial experience.


In that quiet moment, his thoughts were surging.


Do you think of where you used to?


Do you remember the taste of the past?

Will you start a story?


Seem to know each other

Full of memories

A place that makes you forget and think of


Western food that used to be very traditional

Reserved her traditional taste

Once a delicious dessert

Now become more delicious

The dessert shop that year

Haven’t forgotten the western restaurant in Xiaoyang Building


Snail Mavericks today

Make you immersed in the ocean of flowers

And the taste in the memory of that year

If you haven’t forgotten the western restaurant in Xiaoyang Building


Here 丨


It will make you encounter the taste of traditional Western food again,

It will make the classic desserts more delicious.

Located on Heping District Rong’an Street,

There is a Western restaurant,

Name is “Snail Mowin Restaurant”



The window is bustling and flowers in the window.


Further, there is another world of flowers.

The layout here,

From the table to murals, from the screen to the ceiling,


Beauty like a 360 ° oil painting.

Come here, why not play a song in the sea of ​​flowers,


Let the elegance of piano songs help you?


The fragrant floral fragrance is full of houses,

Three -dimensional dining environment of visual, hearing, and smell.

“Snail Mc”


It is not blindly pursuing the flashy of flowers,


What is even more rare is the beauty of such a beautiful scenery,


You can throw all your troubles.

Looking at the fragrant mood with a smile,

Enjoy a good meal


Germany, law, meaning, Russia


Taste the traditional and improved dishes of Western food.

· Chef has more than 20 years of craftsmanship ·

Old taste Western & creative dessert


The deliciousness is not up to you


▷ Block your mouth with deliciousness, and use the aftertaste to dare to try.

Durian pizza


With the coming of Southeast Asian style, the durian flavor pizza quickly became the flavor of the Internet. The rich fragrance of the golden pillow durian, the brushes of the fragrant cheese, the crispy of the essence of Italian pizza, how perfect the combination of the three is.

Beef its mouth pizza


This is a Mexican -style pizza. Eat a bowl of beef in a pizza. In addition to feeling the tight beef grains, you must also carefully taste the beef mellow beef. The amount of beef’s deliciousness makes it unshakable in the pizza world.

Black pepper shrimp

Snail Mowin -made dishes, a dark dish. The shrimp skin is cooked crispy, and the fresh and tender shrimp is mixed with the black pepper flavor on the shrimp skin, and the taste is delicate.


Chef salad

Niuli ridge and chicken breasts are its protagonists and the essence of this dish. After baking and marinating, not only locks the nutrition and taste of beef ridge and the chicken breast itself, but also makes the taste more solid and the taste is richer. Eggs, tomatoes, and lettuce accompanied by this salad nutrition and healthy. The homemade seasoning sauce added a bit of sour salad.


Avocado chicken, rice quinoa salad


The name of the dish is very long, not easy to remember, but the face value hangs a lot of salads. Fruits, vegetables, grains, and meat are matched with rich levels. The smoothness of avocado, squeak of rice & quinoa, crispy cucumber & carrot, rustling of tomato & western blue flowers, the tenderness of the chicken, it tastes very happy.

Vanilla grilled chicken picking mushroom juice

The chicken legs are tender and tender, and the three or two vanilla will reduce the greasy meat and add a fragrance. When eating, dip the smooth and rich creamy mushroom sauce, which tastes super beautiful.

Fried shallots

The fried onion circles are so explosive, absolutely crispy and crispy! After frying, drain the oil without the feeling of oil condensation. The point is to choose

Fresh onion

The rich and unique fragrant flavor is very durable. The fried onion rings here increased several levels than many fried onion rings on the market. Even people who don’t like to eat onions will definitely like this snack.


Shaohua Church Classic

After years of precipitation, the classics can be refined, and the classics can be eternal.

Beef beef

This is the most famous cuisine of snail Mowin


The diners who have come here have lamented its name. This is a classic Russian dish. The Russians’ respect for it is like our obsession with Dongpo meat. The ribs should be marinated for more than 24 hours. If this comes, the flavor of onions, carrots, and vanilla penetrates into the texture, and the beef taste after stewing will be fuller. The outer skin on the jar is baked by the egg liquid on the meringue. The egg skin is crispy, and the beef is tender and soft.

Cream baked mix

A classic Russian -style cream cheese dish with chicken, pork, ham, sausage, mushrooms, cooked eggs, onions. The super -strong taste will make you fall in love with the taste of cream. It is more important than the taste of cream, so its cooking time and heat are very particular.

Leng Yan Shengjiao

▷ Cold food dessert is a welfare, and the darling of happiness through the tip of the tongue.

Yangzhi Mansa

As it is as beautiful as its name, it can be described as a stunner in the dessert industry. After cooking in coconut milk, put it in grapefruit and mango, and cool it. It is a great dessert.

Durian crystal bead

The top is full of durian pulp, and below is homemade durian ice cream. The taste is delicate and soft, and the unique fragrance of durian is permeated between the lips and tongue. The Q -bomb of the crystal bead will have a sense of blasting after bite, and it feels funny. Putting it in the ice blue glass, it seems that I have met the iconic fate, such a clever ice product is highly recommended to you.

The wind is not exhausted

▷ Love food, you always have all kinds of inspiration. The improved dishes can create more wonderful flavors.

Fried mushroom

French pork chop

Fried foie gras with blueberry juice

Bakery slices with cream mustard juice


Characteristic pasta

Red dish soup


Mango Simi


Matcha matcha tea


Crab -foot meat to fight octopus

Caesar salad

Golden Tuna Potato Salad

German villages baked potatoes

German sausage with sauerkraut and potatoes


“Snail Restaurant”

Come again, come back,

It’s a new one now


“Snail McMaine Restaurant”

Such Western -style deliciousness has gone out of Jincheng

The first chain store in Dali, Yunnan,

Continue to adhere to the beauty restaurant of the sea of ​​Huahai.

Dali’s style and natural flowers are integrated,

It is simply a fragrance inns on the tip of the tongue.

Yunnan Dali Garden Store


Taste authentic Western food,

Encounter the beauty of nature,

Please come to Snail Mc,


Let’s reflect on the taste of that year. Essence Essence

Business information


Tianjin Heping Store:

No. 93, Rong’an Street, Heping District, Tianjin

March Street, Dali Town, Dali Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province (800 meters upward), Dali, Dali, Dali Courtyard S3


Here 丨





Yunnan Dali Garden Store

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