Relatively speaking, the difference between rubber may be more difficult to grasp more than the bottom plate. Some are not difficult, such as the various types of madness of red doubles. For details, please refer to [Elite Equipment] Red Shuangxi Popular Anti -glue Capital, which one is suitable for you at a glance!


In contrast, it is not easy. For example, the German set is basically ESN foundry, so even if each generation of ESN German sets are different brands, the gap between them is not large. But no matter what, the so -called like is emotional. And no matter if you like one person or one thing, it is often because of the cause of fate. You have never played this bottom plate or rubber, and naturally you can’t talk about whether you like it (although most of the well -known equipment, Dark Horse Jun really played. After all, I have written “Ping Pong World” for more than 10 years).

This article will write down: So far, the 10 most favorite glue (all anti -glue) of Dark Horse Jun. The list will still be that I think the actual combat is very sharp. Of course, there will be some personal colors, such as the first one is a astringent jacket, not a sticky cover. This has something to do with personal technical style. But the key may not be “what is the most favorite rubber in the dark horse”, but “why these things are liked.” It is worthy of our favorite reasons to cause our thoughts and help us choose.

Considering that before writing, they did not receive the “bribery and rewards” of each brand, so this would be an objective feeling.

No. 1: TENERGY 05


Everyone is curious, maybe: Why is T05 in front of D05? T05 is more likely to bring high rotation value under small and medium -sized power, and in the backhand position, it is obviously more affordable for amateur masters. Why is it a “master”? Because the level is relatively ordinary, it will feel that the T05 FX is more comfortable, and even better control.

T05 is suitable for the front and backhand. The backhand position is more stable and more prone to rotate than the T80 used by Black Horse. Power is also even more top.

In contrast, its powerful advantage lies in stable quality control. Some virtues will change the formula. Kaifeng’s new T05 is delicate and powerful in performance. It is a bad news that the glue surface is prone to scales.

2nd place: tall and upright 1Q

This piece of glue should be discontinued, alas. In 2012, he participated in the Municipal Unicom Cup for the first time. At that time, it didn’t take long to change from Kuang 3 to 1Q, and he gained a good state and easily entered the semi -finals. Make me aware that the astringent jacket with enough bite may actually make your play more stable. Because you will not be restrained by the hard feel and performance of madness 3 for a long time.


But the upright transformation series is significantly better. Officials believe that 1Q is not a product in the era of plastic balls, and it is a bit out of place. But in the final analysis, what determines its destiny is the same price as change and sales that are not as good as change. In the past 10 years, Black Horse Jun’s positive hands are mainly 1Q and T05. It was a short -lived until the first two years I found that the 1Q I could buy on the market was short -lived. (It is estimated that they have been inventory for a long time.) After a month, the inner energy decreased significantly, so I hugged T05 again.

I still look forward to a tight, high -speed, powerful, and bite virtue, even if it is exactly the same version, as long as it can last for three months, it is really good.

3rd place: Crazy Biao 3


For many people, the most god is still madness 3. I still remember that when I participated in the Guangdong Grand Games that year, I used the horizontal panel YE to stick to both sides. Crazy 3 is also my career, and for the first time, the definition of “magic gum” was given to the glue.

Segmentation, there are many kinds of madness. Star Kingdoms, Blue Kingdom Orange, Blue Province, and NEO, as well as universal. They all have a very amazing arc ability, as well as the excellent stage rate and comprehensive performance after the bottom. But it is necessary to irrigate, and the organic effect will be better than the oil, and the feel is clearer, which is troublesome!

In the cylinder era, it was better to fight than now. Now 40+ plastic balls, if you do n’t pour, are rotating, the speed is really not good, it is easy to pull people and be counterattacked.

No. 4: DIGNICS 05

The D05, which is more supportive than T05, is more powerful on the upper rotation, which is still very sprayed, and has harvested the favor of most star players, which is higher than the D09C. Compared with the two, the D09C rotates a little better, but the speed is less than D05. Compared with T05, the rotation of D05 is relatively general when the power is not large, but it is also quite good, and each board is drawn more, because the sponge is better supporting.

5th place: Blue Fire M1


Under small power, very delicate balls. So it will be used in the backhand. In the later career, Laowa put M1 on the right hand. For me, M1 is very easy to fight. Donick’s glue is indeed very good to take the stage without the threshold, but the bottom of M1 is relatively average and not prominent. The ball is very good.


Anyway, it is still quite comprehensive.

6th place: DNA Platinum Version H

There is not much time to hit it, just posted it on the Cyber ​​6. It is precisely because of the board of the Cyber ​​6 that it has not been posted on the conventional bottom plate to continue to explore the performance geometry of the rubber? But the feel is very favorite, and the speed is indeed not bad. Consistent with Monet Jun, this should be better than M1.

7th place: Change MX-P

What is the best parity substitute for T05? It is undoubtedly MX-P. Very close rotation value and speed. Even some golfers think that MX-P’s power is stronger than T05. But the shortcoming is that the glue surface is easy to spend, and the internal energy duration will be the month. It is difficult to fight after it can be consumed. For professional players, short life is not a problem. Boer changes one piece every time, and Mizutani is changed every day. Ishikawa Jiachun changes a piece of butterflies for about three days. I see, as long as you change it, in fact, the MX-P standard is quite high.

8th place: v> 15 extra

I started with this rubber, and I really learned “stable borrowing and collision of the opponent’s arc.” Put in the backhand, have brainless and super defensive capabilities. In the eyes of the former national leader, it has a very good rotation value. However, many golfers may feel that it is not enough. In fact, if the wrist is used well, the rotation can indeed be very strong. It just says that comparison of butterfly system always does not seem to spray enough.

Especially in the middle of the power, when you can’t borrow power, it seems a bit slow. But backhand tears, quick bands, unloading, and borrowing bounces, it really rarely makes mistakes, as stable as an old dog.

9th place: Blue sponge Pentium II

Close to the overall characteristics of Crazy 3, the internal energy, the best replacement, so far, it should be the blue sponge II. One speed will be better than the Crazy Biao 3, no need to irrigate, it will not foam or break the particles. The tension of the glue surface is not as good as crazy, but the stickiness is still very strong.

10th place: dynasty ZGR

I love it, even more than D09C. In the Dark Horse Dictionary, the lethality of speed is important. The ZGR of the dynasty was obviously sprayed than D09C, and the retreat was stronger.

The choice of “shopkeeper”

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“I like it, I have a sense of age. I like it, whether it is easy to use, it is two codes.”

No. 1: Red Shuangxi Big Character Crazy

No. 2: Donick F1


No. 3: Butterfly D09C

No. 4: Change EL-P

5th place: Fuhe -anti -anti -anti -arc 666

Sixth place: arrogant golden demon evil

7th place: Red Shuangxi 8 8 8 C8 long glue


8th place: Nitaku P1

9th place: Thor Tech

10th place: shore degree R48

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