The cover is very common in life, but people know more about it when they choose, today we will come to understand the cover, and I will hurry down.


What is a fabric?

The covering fabric is a fabric that is mainly used for sunlight and ultraviolet occlusion, has a good light shielding effect, non-toxic, tasteless, soft, sound, insulation, waterproof, fire, anti-UV, protect human health. The covering fabric is now widely used in the sputum, the roller blinds are topped.

1, material


The main material of the covering cloth is polyester, that is, polyester fibers. Polyester is a fibropolymer obtained by excited or ester exchange and polycondensation reaction in severe terephthalic acid (PTA) or dimethylene terephthalate (DMT) and ethylene glycol (EG). – Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and then fibers made of spinning and post-treatment.

2, classification

The shading cloth on the market is currently divided into the following categories, coating covering cloth, woven shielding cloth, flame retardant covering cloth, embossed covering cloth, printed cloth, jacquard covering cloth, etc.

Characteristics of visor fabrics

(1) insulation

The visor fabric has a very good heat insulation, although all curtain products on the market can reduce the heat radiation of the sun, but the curtains made from the shading fabric are the best in many curtain products.

(2) Decorative

The visor fabric also has different styles and styles, which can be applied to various indoor decorative renovations, so the decorative properties of the shading fabric are quite good.

Advantages and disadvantages of covering fabrics

(1) Advantages

The advantage of the covering fabric has been described in detail, and the main advantage of the cover fabric is insulation, and the other is decorative.

(2) Disadvantages

The maximum disadvantage of the light-shield fabric is that the quality of the product is uneven, because the light-shield fabric adds various dyes, additives, finishing agents, etc., to improve the anti-wrinkle resistance, waterproof, etc. of the product, so the product Quality issues cannot be well guaranteed.

Shading fabric use

The main purpose of the visor fabric is to sunshade, because the shielding fabric is usually applied to a plurality of resins in which the color paste is applied thereto, to achieve the effect of barrier light, heat, and ultraviolet rays.

Shading fabric fabric use and cleaning maintenance


(1) The light shielding fabric can be placed in soap water so soap and then brush the layout of the dirt. It should be noted that the use of a washing machine should be avoided because the shading machine is easily damaged. To dry, you should choose to dry or dry it, you should not use force to twist.

(2) You can use alcohol or gasoline to gently wipe it. Do not twist the throw, you can use both hands to remove water or let it dry naturally.

(3) You can first add the heater washing of the soda, and then wash twice using mild laundry powder or soap water, and finally rinse it. Finally, put them on a clean table or on the frame.

The above is about the related knowledge of the covering cloth, hoping to help you.

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