Are you all get the popular lantern pants this year? Its style is similar to wide -leg pants, but it is longer than it. Many fashion tide people are wearing its concave shape. Choose these 5 models to wear super thin ones!


The first, high -waist lantern pants

This year is so popular to wear this kind of lantern pants. It is a loose version of the design or a high waist. It does not pick the pants of the leg type. If you choose a short top to wear, the effect of showing the legs is thin and thin. Even more obvious, it is the pants that the little man must get.

Paragraph 2, nine -point lantern pants

In such a hot summer, many girls will choose cropped pants to be concave. This is a popular nine -point lantern pants this year. It is longer than ordinary cropped pants. The loose pants can be perfectly covered with incomplete legs. Type, the effect of wearing is naturally the most thinner.


Third paragraph, chiffon lantern pants


In the hot summer, you need to choose the cool chiffon material pants to wear it, so that you can spend a comfortable and cool summer Feel. This year’s popular lantern pants are designed with small feet pants feet, perfectly modified Your leg shape, the effect of wearing is super thin, the girl with thick legs come over, there are pants that are suitable for you to wear.


Fourth, fourth, side split lantern pants

This year’s popular lantern pants style is a split design on the side and put on it for concave shape. It is really too fashionable, too cool, or a loose pants design, perfectly covering your legs shortage shortcomings , The effect of it should not be too thin, or the bright yellow pants, look good.

Fifth paragraph, striped lantern pants

The striped lantern pants with classic elements are popular styles this year. They look so fashionable and good. This vertical stripe design will visually stretch the leg shape, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect Modify your leg shape and easily make you long -legged eyebrows. Anyway, it is super thin to wear it in summer.

The popular lantern pants this year, choose these 5 models to wear super thin, choose.

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