As soon as the game of Diablo 2 mentioned the profession of Amazon, most of the players first thought of the gameplay is bow horses. The long -range attack is more secure and easy to operate, and a low -cost medium -level bow can be opened everywhere. And the standard horses have more restrictions, and the Magazine cannot be regarded as a simple legal gameplay. In addition to the requirements for related output skills levels, there are certain physical attributes, such as attack speed, blocking, etc. Consider survival and endurance factors.

Therefore, there are more attributes that Biansa needs to consider in terms of equipment matching, such as increasing electricity damage, reducing enemy electrical resistance, attack speed, back blue ability, and so on. In the later period, the matching of dark gold+blue, yellow, and orange quality equipment often makes some novices look aggressive! So in combination with the various requirements mentioned above, do you know what attribute gloves should Biama choose?


Blue glove

Blue -quality gloves can only appear at most two affixes. The two affixes with the gloves above are +3 target guns and spear skills and 20%attack speed. Speed ​​attributes, it is not difficult to obtain the time to brush the store (such as Anya Red Gate in and out of the refresh store items).


Bright gold glove

Liangjin -quality gloves can also appear suitable for the attributes of the horses, and there are up to 3 prefixes and 3 vessel attributes of bright gold gloves. For example, the specific attributes of the bright gold glove above are:

Prefix: +2 benchmarking gun and spear skills, 40 mana, 30%electricity resistance

Suffix: 20%attack speed, 3%mana absorption, 15 agile

In addition to providing skills and attack speed attributes, it has also improved the background capacity, and the remaining attributes are icing on the cake.

The above -mentioned bright gold gloves are also very suitable for marking horses. Its attributes are prefixes: +2 benchmarking guns and spear skills, 30%electric resistance, 30%fire resistance, suffix: 20%attack speed, 3%mana absorption, 15 strength.

Orange glove

In addition, orange -quality handmade products may also produce attributes that meet the needs of horses. It is recommended to use high -grade characters with blue gloves with higher items and levels as the substrate, otherwise many attributes cannot appear. The formula of the gloves of the figure above is:

Blue quality leather gloves/magic leather gloves/thorn finger gloves+9 rune+perfect ame+jewelry (arbitrary quality and attributes) = orange gloves with fixed 3 attributes and up to 4 random affixes attributes

The three fixed attributes are:+(random 10 to 20 points) of mana and mana recovery speed (random 4%to 10%),+(random 1 to 3) Points of magic power after killing an enemy (referred to as EK)


4 random affixes can be 1 prefix 3 suffixes, 2 prefix 2 suffixes, 3 prefix 1 suffix. For example, the figure above is a combination of 1 prefix and 3 suffix. The specific affix attributes are prefix: +2 benchmarking gun and spear skills, suffix: 20 20 %Attack speed, 3%mana absorption, 3%life absorption.


Of course, gloves similar to the above -mentioned bright gold or orange quality are not so easy to obtain. Go to the store to brush a blue glove before you do n’t have a better alternative. I am a Diablo, an ordinary player who loves Diablo 2. I have updated about Diablo 2 for a long time. If you like it, you can pay attention to thank you.

Bright gold glove

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