Why do we accept a universal bedside table with four legs and a desktop? This is a potential field in your bedroom that expresses unique personality. And in addition to showing your personality more, some things have other purposes. Here are 10 suggestions that you can re -use the bedside table to ensure that you refreshed.

1. Antique transport box

The shipping box with wood is the memory of many people’s temporary furniture in college. However, this box is both casual and cool. The bright red wooden floor with vibrant slogans adds color to this neutral bedroom.

2. Industrial stool


3. Antique sewing machine

The antique sewing machine placed in the attic or garage can be used in your bedroom. This is also a good opportunity to show the long -awaited heirs. The carved metal base also adds visual interest, which is especially suitable for rural style bedrooms, as shown in the figure, but it is also suitable for traditional and modern rooms.


4. Old -style luggage

The old -fashioned boxes can be stacked with each other to become a beautiful bedside table. The height changes can be adjusted by adding or subtracting a certain part, and the suitcase itself can also be stored as storage of items that are not used.

5. Tool cabinet

A craftsman’s toolbox may be the most durable bedside table. Its steel structure, shiny red porcelain paint, the storage and heavy foot wheels of multiple drawers laid their durability. It is also one of the few lock -up bedside tables.


6. Desk


In addition to writing, the desktop can also be used as a bedside desk, which is another way that can save space and meet different needs. Most tables are about 29 inches high, and they are usually higher than the average height of the bedside table.


7. Wooden folding chair


Folding wooden chairs can become a perfect table, and at the same time, it can be used as a seat when needed. Because they are usually compact, folding chairs are particularly useful in small bedrooms. This light green chair adds a bit of charming color to this warm bedroom. If you are not satisfied with the color of the existing chair, milk or chalk is very easy to change the color and add pastoral colors.

8. Miscellaneous desk

This farm designer chose a small and simple table as a bedside table. It is very suitable for this plain and beautiful space-Shakel-style bedroom.

9. Hanging table


These creative bedside tables are made of galvanized steel plates and hung on two different height ceilings.

10. Bicycle wheel


Perhaps the microcosm of upgrading and transformation makes this bicycle wheel a bedside table with a sense of sporty and fun. The design of this turntable uses the old machine from the hospital. At the same time, the glass desktop is slightly smaller than the tire, making the rubber a natural bumper.

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