As soon as autumn arrives, it can be said that the mouth is dry and uncomfortable, and the spirit of the whole person is not very good. Not only that, it is easy to get angry in autumn, so it is suitable for eating some refreshing home -cooked dishes. At this time, eating amaranth is not easy to digest, and the intestinal pressure is relatively large. I wonder if there is any reason?


In our lives, bean sprouts should be considered a relatively common ingredient. It is rich in a large amount of high -quality protein and plant fiber, and also contains a variety of vitamins, calcium, zinc and iron and other elements. These nutrients are good for our body to our body. , Can help us improve immunity, moisturize and reduce fire.


For friends who lose weight in summer, bean sprouts are undoubtedly the exclusive ingredients in autumn. The calories of bean sprouts are very low. Frequent eating can promote the detoxification of the intestine, play oil and fat, detoxify and beauty, so it is also deeply affected by it. Female friends love weight loss ingredients.


However, some media once exposed some “poisonous bean sprouts” to ripen by using chemical methods. In order to make the bean sprouts grow thicker and beautiful, some substances that are harmful to the body will be added. Bean sprouts. I wonder if everyone dares to eat?

Obviously, everyone’s answer must be —- I dare not eat!

In recent years, with the continuous development of technology, an inventor has made real green food -enzyme bean sprouts targeting these issues. The bean sprouts he made not only did not have any additives, but also crispy and refreshing, as well as a slightly sweet flavor, it really feels like you can’t forget.


So what is the magical bean sprouts? According to the inventor, the bean sprouts of enzymes are bean sprouts made of enzymes. The entire process of making bean sprouts does not add any additives, such as rooting agents and root divisions.

And in the entire process of making bean sprouts, the whole process is intelligent control, intelligent dripping water, temperature control and other operations. It is not necessary to use the workers at all. You only need to put the soaked beans in. It’s okay.


The production of bean sprouts is not only simple and convenient, but also very high production efficiency. There are many types of bean sprouts according to the occasion and needs. There are 100 pounds of Nissan and 600 pounds of Nissan. In order to allow everyone to use, the inventor also made its dedicated bean sprout machine for special disabled groups.

This special bean sprout machine can be said to be specifically confession, which not only is simpler operation, but also allows them to feel the convenience brought by high -tech to them. It can also bring income to them, and at the same time show its value.

The “black technology” of poverty alleviation and wealth, fully automatically produced bean sprouts, and Nissan won the first prize. It is not only a slogan to get rid of poverty alleviation, but also to do practical things. The inventor proved this with actual actions and inventing the fan team to like him.

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