好用到犯规的 16 款壁龛收纳,竟然让厨房、浴室,瞬间变大 5 倍

It is a groove design of the wall, which can be used to accommodate the items, mentioning the niche, will read the Buddha and the gods, but in fact it is much greater than this.

From the porch cabinet, living room storage, kitchen storage, bedroom accommodation to the bathroom storage, can reduce the use of practical design effects, and reduce the hurt storage cabinet, display stand, leading to the risk of collision injury.

Today, the MyHome design team organizes the various questions about the niche, as well as instances applied to home space, come see how “” is used!

01) # 龛 design # FAQ

好用到犯规的 16 款壁龛收纳,竟然让厨房、浴室,瞬间变大 5 倍

Q1: Can the wall can be any wall?

好用到犯规的 16 款壁龛收纳,竟然让厨房、浴室,瞬间变大 5 倍

A1: When planning the niches, you must avoid the load-bearing wall, so as not to affect the safety of the building structure, if you do not determine the stability of the wall, it is recommended to entrust the professional team to assess and construct, don’t mess with the wall!

Q2: How do you catch the depth of the niche?

A2: General niche recommendations should be 10 to 20 cm, such a niche is relatively convenient to place daily bottles, art, and the earthquake is not easy to fall, then the wall itself is at least 30 cm. The above, the planned niche is most suitable.

Q3: Can the niche have only small appendages? Limited specific space style?

A3: For small appended sides, the niche can effectively use the vertical storage of the wall, while the spatial space, the niche can be used through transforming distortion, so the niche is not limited by the area.

好用到犯规的 16 款壁龛收纳,竟然让厨房、浴室,瞬间变大 5 倍

In terms of style, the niche is quite neutral, wild, it can strengthen the indoor style, like a clean canvas, can add a variety of colors.

02) # 龛 design # Actual case


Xuanzong walls are surprised:

Usually, in the mysterious landing area, it is nothing more than a mysterious cabinet, wearing shoes and one-day wardrobe, and space allows, the storage room of the suitcase, the suitcase can be placed.

However, the porch storage cabinet can also combine the design of the niche, so that the niche is home to the key, leisure card’s clothing platform, creating a living ceremony, and even use the wall, the thickness of the cabinet, to bring the niche size Big, and place a hanger rod, lighting, and shoes chair, and form a complete functional entrance.


Dedicated to the living room: get rid of a monotonic life

If you can display TV cabinets, coffee tables, sofas and design single chairs, you can integrate the nicine design in the wall, and you can take the niche of a house shape, place TV, low cabinet. Go in, so that you will not only kick your TV cabinet, but also create a warm feelings.

The niche next to the living room sofa can fuse the bookcase storage and take more convenient when reading. The distortion space on the window can also use the nicine design to add abundant visuals to the living room.

好用到犯规的 16 款壁龛收纳,竟然让厨房、浴室,瞬间变大 5 倍


Restaurant & Kitchen Nest of Nest: Lost Storage Home Appliance Tea Set

好用到犯规的 16 款壁龛收纳,竟然让厨房、浴室,瞬间变大 5 倍

Restaurant, kitchen storage, is a lot of people’s own headache, a pile of pot bowls, cups, home appliances, how to put it very messy.

In addition to using a hanging cabinet, the kitchen is accommodated, the niche is quite practical, like the wall next to the table and the Sino, you can use the niche to consolidate tea sets, wine bottles, let the space are full of elegant atmosphere, or good Designed with a niche, an embedded electrical cabinet is designed, even planning the niches on the Said Island, making the kitchen area clean and neat, and the indoor area is used to the extreme.


好用到犯规的 16 款壁龛收纳,竟然让厨房、浴室,瞬间变大 5 倍

Bedroom niche storage: a highlight of room design

好用到犯规的 16 款壁龛收纳,竟然让厨房、浴室,瞬间变大 5 倍

At home, sticking people need to be space, while planning a short cabinet, you may wish to dig a few holes above, and the cushion can make the cat comfortable, or it can become a cat.

Take a space to create a high cabinet, the underlying cabinet can hide the automatic cleaning cat in the invisible, the above-mentioned combination layer is used as a cat jump; mixing the transparent material of the semi-arc to let the cat rest at a high place, let the owner to see Love cat but gives them a feeling of comfortable.


Bathroom niche storage: shower milk no longer put

The home is best for designing the niches, which is the bathroom space, the niche can be placed in various daily necessities such as shower milk, shampoo, hand milk, replacing the easy-to-rust-free storage iron frame, can also avoid the shelf for a long time The problem of falling, and the niche is also relatively convenient.

In addition, the pipeline of the faucet or wall-mounted toilet, usually needs to be buried in the wall, producing a certain wall thickness, at this time, it is possible to match the design, so that the wall space is not wasted.

好用到犯规的 16 款壁龛收纳,竟然让厨房、浴室,瞬间变大 5 倍

03) # 阅 阅 # 龛 收

In fact, it is said that the extension of the niche is used, and many smart housewives will know,

As long as you use 10 to 40 cm voids, porch, living room, kitchen can be doubled, not afraid of space, no collection …

好用到犯规的 16 款壁龛收纳,竟然让厨房、浴室,瞬间变大 5 倍

For example:

好用到犯规的 16 款壁龛收纳,竟然让厨房、浴室,瞬间变大 5 倍

01. 40cm below the ceiling:

40 cm down in the sky, arrange a ceiling or shelf, and a layer of easy suspension storage, not only does not occupy the ground, the space is not limited …

02. The kitchen table is 10cm:

In addition to the cabinet, the bottom cabinet, can also use the depth of 10 cm behind the countertop, the whole surface of the kitchen is the cabinet, every square meter is exhausted!

03. 10CM under the table:

好用到犯规的 16 款壁龛收纳,竟然让厨房、浴室,瞬间变大 5 倍

10 cm under the countertop, flavoring tank, measurement, dishwashing, etc.

04. Wall insulation 10cm:

好用到犯规的 16 款壁龛收纳,竟然让厨房、浴室,瞬间变大 5 倍

Spend in the wall, properly, to properly harder! Integrate with the wall, watching not only the flatness, but also sufficient function!

05. The bed adds 15cm:

More and more people have a cabinet in the bedside, arrange 15 to 30 cm deep storage, mobile phones, water cups, and even books can be harvested, and don’t get up, let you keep lazy Geyou lying!

好用到犯规的 16 款壁龛收纳,竟然让厨房、浴室,瞬间变大 5 倍

Wills share

Also hit the cabinet? Now make a wall, you can resist several storage boxes! High value high

好用到犯规的 16 款壁龛收纳,竟然让厨房、浴室,瞬间变大 5 倍

Wardrobe change season as long as 10 minutes? Japanese housewife rely on 2 recruits, clothes finishing

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