The Greater Shanghai in the 1930s was mixed with fish and dragons. The various people gathered to this “adventurer’s paradise”. The park was full of various symbols -cheongsam and suit, month cards and civilized sticks, gangsters, Modin, modern Girl and foreigner. The famous American female writer Sai Pearl (she won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1938 with the novel “The Earth” described by the Chinese content) in Shanghai. Although Sai Pearl is focusing on writing China, she is an American after all, which inevitably has some deep distance and diaphragm with Chinese culture. As far as the Chinese books written by Chinese people are not too indulging in Chinese culture, they cannot extricate themselves, or they can dispel Chinese culture too much on the value system of Western culture. Coupled with the natural existence: those who know that Chinese culture is often bad or not good enough, and good English people do not understand Chinese culture or have no literary nature. Therefore, to find a good English and truly understand Chinese culture, and to write a book about China with accurate, smooth and beautiful writers, this is like a dream for the pearls. For this reason, she tried her best but could not do it as expected.

Later, Sai Pearl began to pay attention to the name “Lin Yutang” in the “Small Comment” column in the “China Review Weekly”, because Lin Yutang’s article was bold, fresh and accurate, fresh, natural and elegant, but at that time she had a name for this name. It’s relatively unfamiliar, often asking people: “Who is Lin Yutang?” Later, Lin Yutang founded the Analects of Confucius and became a pivotal figure in Greater Shanghai. His humorous sketches have a great influence in the literary world. Lin Yutang was determined to be a cooperative candidate he dreamed of. After contact, Sai Pearl found Lin Yutang, and the two agreed to meet at Lin Yutang’s house.


One night in 1933, Sai Pearl was invited by Lin Yutang to eat at home. When Sai Pearl talked about the works of foreign writers who were dissatisfied with Chinese themes, Lin Yutang said excitedly: “I want to write a Chinese book and say One said that I feel about our country. “When I learned that some of Lin Yutang’s thoughts were similar to myself, Sai Pearl was overjoyed, and said very enthusiastically and excitedly,” Why don’t you write? ” I can’t help but say the idea I hid in my heart: “I have been looking forward to it for a long time. I hope that a Chinese person wrote a book about China.” After some contacts, Sai Pearl decided to let Lin Yutang write this book. After Lin Yutang took over this writing task, he wrote for ten months, and finally broke the manuscript in Lushan in the summer resort. “My Country and My People” is a book about Chinese society, history, and culture. The author hopes to surpass the gap between the country and the nation and the language, so that more Westerners have a relatively objective and comprehensive understanding of the Chinese and their culture. In the preface, Sai Pearl said that this book “is the most perfect and most important book in China” and “the masterpiece of China, the book penetrates the basic spirit of the Chinese”. Lin Yutang claimed in the preface: “This book is not written for the great patriot of China ‘and the” Patriot “of the West, but just for those who have not lost their highest human value”. “

“My Country and My People” is the first English book in Lin Yutang to cause huge response in the United States. In this book, Lin’s frankly humorous pen tone and wise language told the Chinese people in morality, mental state and longing, as well as Chinese society, literature and art, and life. In this book, he uses his “two feet to step on the East and West Culture”. “This book came out, just as all the great books will come out, it meets all of the above requirements. It seeks truthfully and is not ashamed of the truth. It is wonderful and cheerful. The correct understanding and evaluation. I think this is by far the most authentic, deepest, most complete, and most important book about China. What’s more commendable is that it is written by a Chinese and a modern one, a modern, a modern, a modern, a modern, a modern, a modern, a modern, a modern, a modern, a modern, a modern, and a modern. The Chinese. His foundation has been deeply pierced in the past. His rich fruits are concluded today. “Whether it is for artistic considerations or business considerations, Sai Pearl has made the book of Lin Yutang vividly. Praise and recommendation. In the face of this profound analysis of the monographs of the ancient China, the United States “Saturday Literature Review Weekly”, which has always been heavy, also invited the famous critic Bomin to write book reviews. He believes: “Lin has a rich experience in living in Europe, the United States and other places, which allows him to comment on the cultural customs of the West in all directions with wisdom. He has a rich understanding and understanding of Western culture. It is the best masterpiece of English writing and the theme of China. “The reputation coming from the face has made” My Country and My People “on the hereditary list of European and American writers, and it is a best -selling book list. In just 4 months, the 7th version of the printing and distribution was created. It is in short supply around the world. William Heinemann in London published the book revised book in 1939, adding a chapter of “I see the Sino -Japanese War”. The book later became the famous work and masterpiece of Lin Yutang in the Western literary world.

The book “My Country and My People” is divided into ten chapters, which are the virtues of the Chinese people, the Chinese people, the minds of the Chinese, the ideal of life, the life of women, social life and political life, literary life, artist life, life, life, life, and life I see the art, the Sino -Japanese War. The author shows people in the eyes of a cultural scholar in the eyes of a cultural scholar with an overall pen. The fine description of its aspects makes people know a great country again. Judging from the content of the book, its painstaking description and careful evaluation all make people feel the influence of the book “The Quality of the Chinese” written by the Americans Ming Enyu. In fact, the book “The Quality of the Chinese” has become a gaze in accordance with the discourse of the Chinese nation, and all related narratives cannot be avoided. Lin Yutang’s “My Country and My People” cannot be avoided. However, this does not say that “Our country and our people” lacks unique recognition value. Although the author looks at China as a whole, it still contains the author’s personal understanding and unique insights, such as “Art of Life”. In this chapter, the author will fully convey the lifestyle of Kuang Huaida, the Chinese lifestyle of Tao Qingxing, and the romantic and elegant oriental sentiment. “The model is welcomed by Westerners.

When I read the tenth chapter “I Seeing the Sino -Japanese War”, I have an unspeakable sadness. Chinese writers are indeed inseparable from the perspective of Chinese reality. This also shows that the problem of Chinese issues must face the actual situation of China. The romantic writing that ignores the reality of China can only become a refinery that can only become text, which has nothing to do with real China. Although “My Country and My People” described the light of Chinese culture as the main body, with chapter tenth, the kind of worried heart came out of the world. However, the influence of “My Country and My People” in China seems very small, which is related to the position of Lin Yutang’s “talking about Chinese culture to foreigners and talking about foreign culture to Chinese people.” Westerners praised “My Country and our people” because they were too strange to China and everything was interesting. But we Chinese may think that the content of Lin Yutang wrote is unpredictable, and everything is always old. Lin Yutang’s daughter Lin Taiyi mentioned this problem in “The Biography of Lin Yutang”: “The Chinese version of this book is very poor, and many wonderful text translators have not understood it.” There may be a reason for the translation, but the real reason for the real reason, but the real reasons for the real reason, but the real reason for the real reason, but the real reason for the real reason, but the real reason for the real reason, but the real reason for the real reason, but the real reason for the real reason, but the real reason for the real reason, but the real reason for the real reason, but the real reason for the real reason, but the real reasons, but the real reason for the real reason, but the real reason for the real reasons It is not the reason for translation. As far as I personally read “My Country and My People”, I really feel that what I wrote in the book seemed to have known each other, which is very similar to many aspects of Chinese life and culture. , And just the surface writing, most of the chapters are basically introduced text, and they are not found and surprised. “My Country and My People” let us know that knowing China is not an easy thing. In fact, the thick “Our country and our people” is no more helpful to our understanding of our country and our people than Mr. Lu Xun’s essays.

But sometimes the problem is not so simple from our perspective, it does not mean much. However, for Westerners, this is a very important book. “Our country and our people” let Westerners know what “Chinese civilization” is. In fact, the West has always been a “China view” from imagination and real doping. This kind of “China view” believes that China is a completely degenerate “alternative” and is a deformed of civilization. “The Chinese make all rituals fine and complicated, but they are stupid. Change the shape, those weird things cannot be found in reality. What’s more, they are more stubborn than any other nation in the world. In today’s Beijing, every day’s eclipse and moon eclipse, people still go to the street to knock on the gong. It is said that they want to scare away the vulgar dragons of the sun god or moon god. So far, and refused to repent, reject all new knowledge. “(British writer De Quinusi) and Lin Yutang’s” My Country and My People “provides Westerners with a healthy and true Chinese image. From this perspective “My Country and My People” can be said to be an extremely important book, and no matter how high the evaluation is.

Text: Park

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